He will be missed

I had just finished teaching my seminar in Houston when my wife called me with the news that Steve Jobs had passed away. While I was talking with her, my iPhone lit up with text messages from friends around the world sharing the same sad news, but when I went to Apple’s home page and saw this, even though I had already heard the news, my head hung and my heart sank.

This is a real loss for our country. This is a real loss for the world. He was the father of personal computing and his products and innovations changed all of our lives in a very profound way. My prayers are with his family and friends. He will be missed.

P.S. Our friend and Photoshop Hall of Famer Dan Margulis wrote one of the most eloquent and moving tributes to Steve I’ve come across. If you have a moment, it’s worth a read. Bring tissue. Here’s the link.

  1. I have never owned anything but Apple products from day one when they came out, a mazing time and an amazing man will be missed by all who ever touches these products. Truly a sad day, Thanks Steve for everything you did!

  2. I’m reading and writing this on my iMac, of course (it was 20 years ago this month when I got my first Mac, a IIfx), and I cannot look at that Apple logo in front of me without some sadness that he’s gone too soon and wonder what other innovations might have come from him, and might still come from his influence.

  3. I never post to blog comments, but this one just hit me with a ton of bricks. As I was writing my journal I was wondering why I felt the way about Steve Jobs as I do. I don’t know if it is his life that I’m so connected to or connected through him with such a great device that I can’t seem to give enough praise to. You know, it is an amazing and chilling feeling one gets from some body who isn’t a family member or close friend. I guess that is it, if feels like a close friend.

  4. Thank you for posting about this talented and gifted man. One cannot go through the day without experiencing Steve Jobs impact in our lives, and in that way, among others, he is always with us. Much gratitude for his life and his contributions to ours, bringing us closer in some ways in this growing world. Blessings to his family and friends.

  5. Scott,
    I was fortunate enough to be able to attend your seminar yesterday in Houston. Thank you for the great information and probably one of the best workshop seminars I have attended. I am still unsure of the time Steve Jobs’ passing was announced by the media to the public yesterday but I am surprised that there was no talk of it from the hundreds of attendees during our break sessions. Truly a loss to many individuals on many different levels. My condolences and payers are with his family.

  6. Thanks for highlighting Dan’s piece. I’d recommend people go and have a look. As I’ve written elsewhere, I’m amazed at myself being so moved by the passing of someone I’ve never met nor been within a proximity of several thousand miles. But he did change my life. And those of many others. And he will be missed.

  7. R.I.P., Steve Jobs. Though I don’t own a single Apple product, its quality and ubiquitous nature has made people all over the world beneficiaries and I’m grateful for that. Quality is quality and brilliance is brilliance!

  8. Although he is no longer among us, but his idea, his thought, his way, and his lessons to people around the world is always alive.
    It’s more than six years that I’m using and I’m enjoying of Apple products, and I owe Steve for every bit of my happiness.

    Steve is always alive in our heart.

    Thank you Scott for your nice post.

  9. I agree, Scott. I am bit uneasy with Gates being around without Jobs in this world, to be completely honest. Steve Jobs was one of the greatest of our generation. He saved us from all the dell…uhm, dull of the world and gave us a future with many options and much freedom in both the creative and programming arenas. He paved a way of work for countless people. He was more than inspiration, he was a culture. He was more than a legend, he was the real thing from start to finish. He left us something that will endure for a long time. To me, only Tesla compares, in the scope of contribution of a single human of modern time.

  10. Sono molto triste , l’umanità ha perso un grande uomo che ha cambiato il nostro modo di vivere , ha avuto un grande successo ma ha mantenuto un grande cuore ed una grande umanità.Grazie Scott Kelby per avere condiviso

  11. Indeed one of the most influential people to come along in our life time. CEO and over 300 patents to his name. It’s hard to imagine… And not to take away from Mr. Jobs incredible contribution to the way all people do their work daily.. but.

    I would like to take this chance whilst we’re recognizing people for things given and accomplishments to 2 other people.

    I have owned every version of Photoshop since version 1 for apple computers. Maybe it’s my age, maybe it was just a hard concept to grasp for me, I can’t say which. But I have never really been proficient or felt it added to any work flow (design or otherwise) until 2 years ago. It was then that I found these 2 chaps. Frank Doorhof and Scott Kelby.

    As a network engineer by trade, I’ve had to deal with software and administration complexities that one could not even imagine, but Photoshop still eluded me. In the last 24 months Mr. Kelby and Mr. Doorhof have had a larger influence on my day to day, quality of my life, self-satisfaction, work flow, more than any other people I’ve ever met or worked with in over 18 years of computer work.

    Scott’s way of explaining things, step by step with his own brand of humor and style have made the impossible… Possible for me. Frank has taken my creativity to levels beyond my dreams.

    My point here is this..

    It all depend on what side of the fence your standing at a particular time in your life as to just what effect people have on you at a given time. Becoming proficient in Photoshop was the most important thing to happen to me personally in 18 years. And I don’t think that would have ever happened without Scott, his hard work and complete dedication to education of the masses, and Frank’s unique ways of seeing the world and having the ability to express that ( second language notwithstanding ) in ways I UNDERSTOOD.

    So in as much as I am saddened by Mr. Jobs death and the loss to his family….

    I am very greateful for other great people that ARE here, make a difference everyday in people’s lives.

    Thank You Scott and Frank….

  12. Please, everyone take this time to reflect on those closest to you and let them know how you feel about them NOW, while they are here to hear it. Steve’s passing is painful for an entire generation and a planet that he no longer walks. Let those you love and admire know that, and make your world a brighter place.

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