Group Photos From Photo Walks Around The World

Here’s a compilation of Group Photos from around the world, sent to me by group leaders and photographers who participated in my World Wide Photo Walk.

I have to tell you, I get a big smile when I see each and every one of these. I try to imagine what their walk was like, and how much fun it would have been to be at that walk I’m looking at. Everybody looks so happy  in these group shots and it just really tickles me each time I see one.

You can see them larger over at my Google+ page. Here’s the link:

If you have a group photo, and haven’t sent it to me, I keep updating this Google+ album as they come in. I hope you’ll send in yours because I already know it’ll make me smile. :)

NOTE: Because some folks were having issues uploading their photos for the competition (Web problems on our end), we’ve extended the entry Deadline until Monday. :)

  1. I’m in the same boat as Darlene. I did not get any notice about the original deadline let along the extended deadline I’m afraid.

    As a result of not receiving this information, I am not aware on how to upload my group photo either.

    If this could be clarified I’d appreciate it.



      1. If we hadn’t read this post how would we know? As leaders the deadline or time remaining isn’t shown to us. One of my walkers happened to see this and asked me if I had “sent” the group photo. Only then had I seen this.

  2. Awesome group photos! I particularly like the one where there were only three people in it (maybe 4 total picture taker or tripod?) – reason why, you don’t have to have a large group do partake in a Photo Walk & if you love it enough, a small group will do. :)

    Scott the WWPW rocks – thanks!

  3. We had so much fun! I think for next year if you tell us where to send the group photos (other than the flickr site where I uploaded it the same day) that would be awesome.!
    I also sent a reminder out to my walkers that the deadline was today and one of them informed me of the deadline extension. I feel a bit foolish and would have appreciated an e-mail from the organizers to tell me that…
    if that link doesn’t work please let me know how to send one directly.
    thanks! looking forward to next year!

  4. As a leader, I got no notice (email or otherwise) that the deadline was extended. I checked my walk’s page and the WWPW home page and there is no indication that the deadline was extended. I had one of my walkers tell me of the extension. Disappointing.

    That said, here’s the group image of the photo walkers in Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY:

  5. This seems to be only place where it was announced that the deadline was extended to Monday – good thing I follow all these pages. The Worldwide Photowalk website has a blog – please use it – that’s where most people would login for details.

    Thanks! We do love participating in these walks and appreciate all the hard work you all put into it!

  6. Hi Scott – I looked at each photo, and I can report the following Gear Census:
    Canon – 64%, Nikon – 30 %, and the dreaded Other – 6%.
    (Margin of error: + or – 2%).


    J. O.

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