10 Tips to Help Photographers on Google+

Matt, RC Concepcion and I put together a short Kelby Training Online class with some handy tips for photographers on making the most of Google+, and we hope if you’re on G+ you’l find it helpful.

The two part online class is FREE (you can watch it here), and although it’s named “10 tips” we actually snuck in a bunch of other “mini tips” within the main topics. This is really aimed at photographers who are new to G+, but even if you’ve been here a while I hope you pick up a tip or two that might help.

Also, we did a special Part 2 of this class (above), where we did a live Google+ Hangout with some of the most popular, most interesting, and most successful photographers on Google+. You’ll hear from +Trey Ratcliff +Mike Wiacek +Catherine Hall +Alex Koloskov
+Scott Jarvie and +Brian Matiash

Really insightful stuff and it builds on what we covered in Part 1. They cover everything from how many times they post a day, to what kind of posts they do, and their tips for photographers on using G+. Really a great session.

  1. Some relly good tips there, Scott! I’m trying to reorganize my pictures that I’ve posted already. I’ve set up different folders, but it appears that if I try to set them up for sharing, I’m posting them again to everyone in my circles. Is that how it works, or is there a work-around for that? I wish I could copy and paste photos from one folder to another, as well.


  2. Hi Scott –

    Both G+ videos were really helpful. The hangout, cool! Great way to show G+ features and hear such useful perspectives. Also… Having been “introduced” to the work of Alex Koloskov in your hangout, I’ve got yet another amazing talent to follow and be inspired by!



    ps. G+ Hm, is the web “blog” space as it was pre G+ going to fade? Curious.

  3. Hello Scott,

    I would like to see 10 Tips to Help Photographers on Facebook, not on Google+.

    I am on Google+ but only a few friends and clients are also on Google+. And all my friends and clients who are in Google+ are also on Facebook.

    Only about 10% of my friends and clients are on Google+ but 90% are on Facebook. So to be honest with you Scott, I don’t really care about Google+.

    So could you write 10 Tips to Help Photographers on Facebook? I think, it’s will be way more useful to all of us.

    Thanks for all your great advices,

    Dennis ;-)

  4. Really great idea, but I wonder if Google Plus will have a significant success. Even if it’s well tought and that we can find good ressources there, I feel it won’t be seen as much as it should, juste because it’s on G+ and not on FB.

  5. I use blogger.com for my blog, I have a google+ as a profile page, but frankly do not see the use in it.  Heck, I just answered something on Facebook posted from a guy on google+  I mean, if it was on google + I wouldn’t have seen it.  I really fail to see any reason to spend any time on google+ when there is Facebook.   Who knows, but I would not bet on google+

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