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Yanik, over at Yanik’s Photo School has put together a plan to help raise $3,000 this month to help save gulf wildlife affected by the oil spill through a fund raiser for the National Wildlife Foundation (NWF). Here’s how Yanik describes the plan:

“I’ve created dynamic series of cool photography designs and launched my Zazzle store! Until the end of August, 100% of the profits made by the purchase of any of these products will be donated to NWF! My objective is to raise $3000 by the end of the month but to do that I need the help [of your readers].”

Here’s a link (Here’s the link to my blog post explaining the fund raiser in detail: to the products (shown above), and for more details, follow this link ( to Yanik’s blog where he explains the fund raiser in greater detail. :-)

  1. Great idea. I live in Italy, but I have my work in a gallery on the Mississippi Gulf Coast as does my wife who is an artist. We too thought that sending some money their way to help clean up birds and wildlife would be appreciated. I wanted to hold a raffle or lottery for a few pieces, but the gallery owner informed me that BP is throwing so much money at the problem and there are so many people hired to clean the birds, that there is nobody who is interested in accepting donations.

    At first I doubted her word, but she assures me that this is the situation. Can anyone confirm that the Gulf Coast birds and other wildlife are being properly cared for and that money is the least of their problems? It’s hard for me to believe.

  2. I live in the Gulf Coast Region. Dont trust BP to do it all, there is alot that they will never get to no matter what they say. The NWF is a great organization to support and the people and the animals need more help than BP will be able to give.

    BP taking the blame and throwing money at the situation doesnt mean all problems are solved, I think this is a great opportunity to help and I commend Scott for using this forum to help our area

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