Help Us Welcome “The New Guy” at KelbyOne, Julio Aguilar

Hi gang, meet Julio. He’s a little shy in the video above (after all, it’s just his first day), but he’s an awesome guy (we’ve been working with him for about a year – he helps out on complex shoots and assists the instructors that come here with location shoots and stuff while they’re taping classes for KelbyOne). He’s an event/portrait photographer himself, and he’s joining our team full-time as chief editor, fancy-pants blog specialist, and big kahuna of content on the just-launched KelbyOne blog, where you’ll find him every day bringing’ the love.

Julio’s job is to make the KelbyOne blog incredibly awesome! He’s going to make it packed full of cool content on Photoshop, Lightroom and Photography; he’s going to tell us what’s going on in the biz each day, he’s bringing cool guests, breaking news, reviews, whatever’s going on â” he’s totally going to be on top of it. Plus, he has really awesome hair (rivaling the finely-tuned fro of Jared Polin, which is not an easy thing to do).

If you get a chance, stop by the K1 blog, or just leave him a shout-out here.  Thanks for helping us welcome Julio (you can follow him on Twitter at @julifro) and we look forward to him sharing his hair care secrets his freshly starched ideas with us all.

Have an awesome Tuesday everybody, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow for Guest Blog Wednesday.



P.S. Joe McNally is our in-studio guest tomorrow at 4pm live on “The Grid.”  

  1. Welcome to the KelbyOne family! You’re going to find this team to be one great group! Call on me anytime I can be of help! Congratulations again and a very Merry Christmas! Good call Scott!

  2. Great news. Julio will rock this. He is one of the most helpful people I have ever met. Always willing to jump up at a moments notice and get stuff done. Good call on having him as part of the full time team.

  3. Julio — whether it’s become apparent yet. You have won the employment lottery.

    Yes. You are the Grand Prize winner! (Now tell him what he’s won Johnny….)
    One of the most personable people on the planet with a camera Scott Kelby bust’in yer chops all day long. The entire talented crew of RC, Pete, (drum roll) — Corey Barker. And everyone that laughs through their days in the KelbyOne offices.

    This has got to be a step up from the assistant dance gig ;-)

    Best of luck moving forward. And yes, Santa is REAL… and this is the living proof.

  4. Scott; great hire. I met Julio at a workshop after PSW in Vegas. If his personality translates to the blog, the sky is the limit. Julio best of luck, and looking forward to reading.

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