Hey! I’m in Elinchrom’s New Print Ad Campaign

You guys already know that I’m a huge fan of Elinchrom’s strobes (they’re the only strobes I use in the studio), and in particular their BXRI’s compacts. So, I was really psyched when Elinchrom asked to use some of my images for their new print ad campaign (seen below).

The first ad features a studio shot I took of professional model Julie Anna Cole (above), using three BXRI’s 500 watt strobes (but one of the strobes was just used to light the white background, so there are only two strobes lighting the subject). This ad appears in the new issue of Professional Photographer magazine.

Above: Here’s a production shot from the shoot taken by Brad (of course, at this point, she had a fur hat on, which you’ll see that shot below, but it wasn’t used in the campaign), and you can see the simple set-up I used.  We have one strobe up high on a boom stand as the main light with a Beauty Dish attached, and a diffusion sock over the front. I have another strobe below with a 24″ Elinchrom softbox for fill light, and to the left on the floor you can see a short lightstand that holds another BRXI 500 to light the white background. Really, a pretty simple set-up.

Above: Here’s the shot with hood on the fake fur jacket pulled up.

Above: Here’s another ad in the series featuring Linebacker Blake Johnson (it’s running new issue of Digital Photo Pro magazine), but it’s using just two lights: one overhead with a beauty dish, and a 2nd bare bulb strobe (no softbox, just the round reflector) directly behind his head (so his head is hiding the strobe). I powered the front strobe (the one with the beauty dish), all the way down to act as a fill light—the main light is really the one behind him.

The ads offer a rebate of up to $100 on BXRI heads and kits, and you can find out more info at this link. Elinchrom makes a great two-light with BXRI 500 watt strobes, two softboxes, wireless transmitter, two 9′ stands, cables, and carrying case). B&H and Adorama both have these kits in stock.

Just So You Know….
I don’t get paid any endorsement fees from appearing in these Elinchrom ads (or from anybody else for that matter) and I don’t get any kickbacks on sales of the kits either. I only recommend products I actually use myself and believe in 100%. I love the BXRI’s, I use them all the time, and I was honored when Elinchrom asked to use my images for their ad (plus, I ain’t lyin’—it’s a kick to see some of your shots in ads in big magazines!). :)

Hey, those Look Familiar…
By the way, if those photos from these ads look familiar to you; it’s because I used both in my Lightroom 3 Book for Digital Photographers book. By the way, if you buy that book, I do get a kickback. Here’s a link to it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

  1. Congrats, Scott! That’s really very exciting for you. You’ve gotten great mileage out of that fantastic football picture.

    So, the light is right behind his head? How does it wrap so much that it lights the sides of his face, too? Is it reflected off the walls?


    1. Hi Levi:
      It is right behind his head–about 3 feet back, and it’s powered up pretty high, so getting the bare bulb flash to wrap around wasn’t a problem (no reflection from the walls necessary). :)


      1. Don’t believe – IF it is a bare bulb – hoe did you bend space and time to get the light moving around (!) his head hitting his nose?
        These a two rims – one from left, one from right, aren’t they?

        Could you please show us a setup shot? (You actually are documenting each and every shooting so this shouldn’t be a problem?)

    1. Hi Steve:
      You’d have to have some sort of battery unit for in the field. We use one that I talked about on my blog last year, but it’s not officially approved by Elinchrom (so if it toasts them, you can’t go back to Elinchrom and ask that they replace them). Outside of that, we take then on the road fairly often (just did a shoot in downtown Tampa with them). :)


      1. Innovatronix has a version of it’s battery out now that is compatible with the BX500Ri. I bought it and used it on a shoot last week without any problems. You just have to make sure you specify the SE version when you order.

  2. Very nice Scott.
    Footballer shot looks like it’s been lit with at least 3 light sources. Two for cross light, one fill. There is highlight on top of his head, too, suggesting 4th source from behind, flagged off, to keep it in that one place :)
    Or, maybe You just used white boards in some magic way …
    Lighting conspiracy.


    1. Hi Tomasz:
      No lighting conspiracy—just the two lights—one beauty dish up high, and one directly behind his head—that’s it. No white boards, bounce cards, etc. We did flag the beauty dish a little bit so it didn’t overlight his chest, but that’s it. Just two lights. Try it—it’s easier than it looks. :)


      1. Iguess we’re all having trouble with the physics of the light. My physics is not strong, but I do recall that light has properties of particles–which move in straight lines– but also wave-like properties, and waves move around stuff to fill in things…like the sides of a face that are lit from behind!

      2. Hey :)
        I don’t want to start unpleasant, sort of “I know better than you” discussion, but you could try to find a ball and light it, Levi.


  3. Hey! Congrats Scott,

    Top job of those shots. Simple yet effective, which shows through both the shots and of course the outcome you got out of them.

    Keep up the great work, it’s always a pleasure looking through your shots and reading your posts. Gives out a whole new bunch of inspiration.

  4. Hi Scott,
    Cheers on those superb images! I’d love to shoot with you and Matt someday here in Tampa. I’m so intrigued about the football image I’d like to try it with my own lights (can’t afford Elinchrom right now). Btw, I see in small print that no PS was used in this image. Is this SOOC?
    Thanks for sharing, Scott!

    1. Hi Dennis:
      Not sure what SOOC stands for, but what they added in small print was that “Photoshop was not used to place any elements in this image” (in other words, it’s not a composite of any kind). I always use Photoshop for retouching and finishing off my files. After all, this is the Photoshop Insider blog, right? :)


  5. Classic football player shot from your book and that metal print you had made. So will Elinchrom soon have a Scott Kelby lighting kit as well? You realize right after that happens I’ll be asking you which one your recommend. :-)

  6. Nice post, Scott. Congrats on getting published! Must be a nice feeling…;) The football player shot is one of my favorites.

    I beliieve Dennis meant “Straight Out Of the Camera” when hs wrote “SOOC”.


  7. Hi Scott, I’ve got a question for you since there was a bunch of talk about not doing things for free on the blog-o-sphere. Did you just give them the rights to the images for the campaign with the compensation being your name and face in the ads accompanying the photos or was it a structured deal where you were compensated for the use of your images, especially since you’re not getting any kind of kick-backs or free stuff from Elinchrom? I appreciate your time and look forward to your response!

    Cheers, Josh

  8. Congrats Scott!! That’s awesome! Thank you for all that you share on your blog, for a novice like myself, Photoshop World, Kelby training.com, Photoshop User and the numerous books you’ve written just aren’t enough : )

  9. Congrats SK!

    On a different note…I think most of your readers would agree you get some pretty good gigs over the years. As a hobbyist I myself landed a pretty good last week at my company’s KnowledgeFest 2010 convention in Dallas. We hosted a Monday Night Football party and who better to attend than cheerleaders. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to be exact. We hired 2 of the DCC for photos with our guests and an autograph signing. For one hour I had my knees knocking and my heart pounding.



  10. Scott, if you are not getting paid for your work, you should, imho. I would have just assumed they compensated you in some manner. Why wouldn’t they? You are very generous and humble but at the end of the day, you did significant work that involved significant talent from you and the model. Did the model work for free too? Shame on them for not giving you something, Scott. It’s almost as if you are made to feel like you don’t deserve compensation? Seriously, what am I missing? What, you need the exposure?

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