Yesterday I announced the 10 finalists and the Grand Prize Winner from this year’s Worldwide Photo Walk, but there are some other images that, while they didn’t wind up winning a prize, were still so good that I thought they needed some special recognition, so each year I do a “Honorable Mention” post here to celebrate this images totally worth celebrating.

By the way — you could make a case for any of these to have been chosen as a finalist (in fact, all of these images were in the running and on my short list at one point which gives you an idea of how hard it is making the final decisions. There’s just so many amazing images).

Congratulations to all these photographers below who created such wonderful images; all within a short time span, in a location they didn’t choose, at a time they didn’t choose, on a route they didn’t choose, while navigating their way through a group of other photographers in the same location. That’s a tough thing a do, and another reason why these images taken during the walk are officially receiving an Honorable Mention:


Doha, Qatar
Photo By: Carlito Abubo
My Comment: The lighter feel to the this image is really nice, and contrasts with the subject nicely. The sun flare on the right side really takes this already interesting shot up a notch. 


Princeton, New Jersey
Photo By: Ashwin Chathuruthy
My Comment: This is a wonderful composition — I love the way she’s looking back at her family and wondering, “Why are they so blurry?” (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself). Normally, I’d like to have seen her face, but in this case, with her looking back at her family, I actually think it’s stronger this way. One of those shots that just makes you smile. Nicely done. 


Fort Meyers, Florida
Photo By: Dorita Lanzo
My Comment: Kudos to the photographer for making USB cables look cool with an interesting composition. Well done. 


Gothenburg, Sweden
Photo By: Annicka Carlund
My Comment: It says “Fall” in a beautifully simple way. Love the shallow depth of field on this.


Baguio, Philippines
Photo By: Amado Reyes III
My Comment: It’s “The doors” shirt that really set this one off.


Galveston, Texas
Photo By: Sandra Grimm
My Comment: Such an interesting photo — if it wasn’t for the funky post-processing, it would have been a finalist for sure.


Shawnee, Ohio
Photo By: Todd Poling
My Comment: I love the timelessness of this image.


Tamuning, Guam
Photo By: Greenmode Photog
My Comment: Beautiful color and nice composition. Hard not to like a shot like this. 


Claremont, California
Photo By: Damien Jemison
My Comment: Nice lines and curves, and a perfect placement of the sun and the right f/stop to create that sunburst effect. 


San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala
Photo By: Miguel Mendoza
My Comments: Nice use of the fisheye — it so fits the subject and his expression. 


Markaz Rasheed, El Beheira Governorate Egypt
Photo By: Nader Saadallah
My Comments: I love the motion and composition. Nice shot!


Bogatá, Colombia
Photo By: Alexander Gómez
My Comments: I know it’s just Guinea Pigs lined up for a race, but it’s really cute Guinea Pigs lined up for race  Plus, it’s shot at the perfect perspective, and the depth-of-field makes it look like they were posing. Very cleverly done.  


Indore, India
Photo By: Lavesh Khare
My Comments: A very interesting shot — great lighting (love the reflection of light on their face).


Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala
Photo By: Carlos Berganza
My Comments: We’ve seen shots like this a thousand times, but it’s up high perspective that gives it that extra “something.” Cool shot. 


Springfield, Illinois
Photo By: Linda Bundren
My Comments: The light on the bust is awesome, but what me fall in love with this image is the window on the left. Really nice. 


Nazareth, Israel
Photo By: Raviv Meyouhas
My Comments: I love the commentary of this shot — everybody just doing their thing. I love it. 


Milano, Italy
Photo By: Susanne Hultman
My Comments: Now that’s a cool mom — taking her little boy right through the fountains. Love her you captured her with neither foot touching the ground. Great capture. Great mom, too!


Rzeszów, Poland
Photo By: Marek Sokolowski
My Comments: Well, this is just beautiful. 


Rybnik, Poland
Photo By: Dariusz Szpak
My Comments: This is cool and creepy at the same time. 


Cocoa, Florida
Photo By: Debby Hamilton
My Comments: I don’t know if the guy sitting in the back there is the guy that won these ribbons, but if he didn’t, the photographer surely deserves one. 


Alcalá de Henares, Madrid, Spain
Photo By: Gabriel Diaz
My Comments: Great light and great angles. Just great!


Kleipėda, Lithuania
Photo By: Arthur Sunshine
My Comments: While this shot looks a little contrived, it still works. And, if it was contrived, it’s still a good shot. 


Beograd, Serbia
Photo By: Milica Deni
My Comments: The text on top just put a smile on my face. Great textures, and a humorous bent to it. I dig it. 


Aabenraa, Denmark
Photo By: Juergen Seedeich
My Comments: It’s hard to get a good “reflection in a window” shot, but you’re looking at one.


Web City, Missouri
Photo By: Robert Mossack
My Comments: Such a nice composition of something very simple. The color and the composition work together so nicely. 


Chicago, Illinois
Photo By: Chuck Walla
My Comments: Looks like a reflection in “The Bean” in downtown Chicago, and I’ve seen a lot of these on the Web, but this one is really cool You have to look at it for a few seconds to figure out what’s going on. 


Torino, Piemonte Italy
Photo By: Daniele Astegiano
My Comments: Very good eye! 


Almere, Flevoland Netherlands
Photo By: Ruby van Assendelft
My Comments: It’s been done before (hasn’t it all?), but it’s still a nice shot. 


Windsor, Ontario
Photo By: Charlie O’Brien
My Comments: The sign, and the smile, make it. 

Main Street Dancers

Lake Buena Vista, Florida
Photo By: Eric Johnson
My Comments: Great expressions, but it’s not just their expressions — the background (and the folks in the background) are really helping pull the wagon.


Rockwall, Texas
Photo By: Bob Lewis
My Comments: Great colors, great light, and a great example of how a solid composition can take something as boring as nuts and bolts and make a great image. There’s a whole lesson in this one image. 


New Market, Ontario
Photo By: Doug Underwood
My Comments: This looks familiar, but I still like it. Well executed. 


Fort Worth, Texas
Photo By: Marc Rains
My Comments: This shot just mellows me out. Feels like I should be listening to spa music, and that’s a compliment to the photographer. Very nicely done. 

Well done!
My hearty congratulations to all these photographers on creating such wonderful images that they deserved special recognition here on the blog. We still have the winner of our Leaders Competition (lots of amazing shots — another tough one to judge) and our People’s Choice winning image to go. It’s such a treat seeing so many great images!

Hope you all have an awesome Tuesday!

All my best,


  1. These shots were great. I would loved to have walked this year. Two of my employees got married that day and thought their wedding days were more important than me going on a photo walk.. Some People!! :)

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