How I Display My Prints


Since I ran that video clip about my Sports Shoot Contest, I’ve had dozens of requests about how I hang the prints seen behind me in my office (above), and I actually did a little blurb about them already (they’re from IKEA, and they’re called “Klang.” If I remember correctly, which I seldom do, they’re around $14).

But I’m still getting lots of questions, and here’s why:

  1. You can only get them (Klang) at a physical IKEA store (they’re not available online from
  2. Without seeing what a “Klang” actually looks like (my prints cover them up), it’s hard know what you’re looking for if do you go to the store.

Luckily, Matt had one still in its wrapper, leaning against a wall in his office, so I borrowed it for the photo you see above (Note: I know you want the caption to read, “That’s me holding Matt’s Klang” but it’s not gonna happen). Photo by RC.

In that photo, you can see what Klang looks like, and behind me you can see how I’m using three of them. This is different than it’s used in the store, where it’s used as a ledge or shelf with a raised front edge. This is how Matt uses his Klang. (I know—that sounds bad, too).

Anyway, I hang mine higher up the wall, and then use clips to hold the prints in place. That way, I don’t have to mount or frame my prints, and I can swap new ones in/out quickly. Matt puts his lower on the wall, then mounts or frames his prints, and puts them on the ledge where they lean against the wall. Both styles work great—it’s just down to personal preference. Hope that helps. :)

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