How Photoshop World has become Seven Conferences under one roof (plus the photoshop-world-athon rebroadcast)

Hi gang — other short video above explains how the Photoshop World Conference and Expo has evolved over the past few years.  It’s exciting to see how it’s grown and morphed into basically seven conferences in one. Check out the video and you’ll see what I mean.

Also, If you missed Wednesday night’s “Photoshop World-a-thon” here’s the free Rebroadcast

We all showed techniques from some of the classes we’re teaching at the Photoshop World conference (I did a retouching technique, a showed how to create book covers in Lightroom’s Book Module, and I did a live demo of how to set up a remote camera from scratch from my Shooting Sports class).

Everybody had really cool demos (Matt had an awesome one for post processing long exposures), plus we have some special deals (that are good until March 2nd), and the whole thing gives you a great idea of what its like actually being at a Photoshop (the next one’s in Orlando, April 17-19th). You can check out last night’s rebroadcast above.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

– Scott

  1. Scott, I was impressed with the broadcast the other night. I couldn’t see it live, but was able to see it later. You guys covered pretty much all of the key aspects of PSW in a quick hour and a half show. Wish it could have been longer. One thing I haven’t seen is the “theme” for this year’s convention. Is it under tight wraps? I wish I was going this year, but I have to spend some vacation time with the wife. I plan to be in Orlando in 2014, though! :-)

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