Hey gang, Brad Moore here with a quick announcement.

HP just announced their brand new Z1 Workstation, a 27″ all-in-one workstation that opens to allow for hardware upgrades! This system features the quad-core Intel Xeon processor, an NVIDIA Quadro graphics card, and options for USB 3.0, Blu-Ray Writer, SSD hard drive, and more for top performance.

Check out all the details over at HP.com!

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  1. Does it have a hemi? ;-)

  2. Since they hit the letter “Z” does this mean they aren’t making computers anymore after this one???

  3. Ehhhh…”Starting at $1899,-”

    That actually puts the price *above* a 27″ iMac that has better specs! Best of luck to HP with that one… ;)

    • It has a Xeon processor, ECC RAM and Quadro graphics. It’s a fair bit higher specced than an iMac.

      I’d still buy the iMac though!

      • I agree on the specs…pretty impressive  I’m an Apple fanatic, but I’m definitely wowed by the Z1.  Having recently replaced the HD in my girlfriend’s iMac… PITA!!…the Z1 design is extremely attractive.

      • “extremely attractive”…lol.  Ya see…that’s what happens when you come to scott’s blog directly from si.com 2012 swimsuit site  :)

    • … and the very reason that I went with an iMac instead… spec for spec, dollar for dollar… Mac Wins!!

  4. Oh so it has an “option” for a tower! :p ( cool though )

  5. One expensive hackintosh waiting to happen. ;)

  6. HP… hopefully they don’t pound it full of shovelware

  7. Thanks Brad, good to know…it sounds like a pretty good machine for 3d and video editing!

  8. Love the form factor, sadly, not the price!
    Friend told me that they’re using them on the sci-fi show “Fringe”.  Can’t wait to see some “other universe” technology :)

  9. not available in the uk where we pay double the price, great not!!!

  10. I think to change my PC to a Mac but that HP may be an alternative version for my work. I’ll wait for a reviews and the price for the HP Z1

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