I'm Digging The Free Shipping From B&H Photo For NAPP members


This week, I placed two different orders with B&H Photo, and since NAPP members get free shipping, I saved $51.70 on UPS shipping on my first order (some C-stands), and then another $26.80 on my second order for empty sandbags (for a total shipping savings of nearly $80.00). Considering that a full year NAPP membership is only $99, that ain’t too shabby.

I know a lot of NAPP members take advantage of this discount, but then I always run into members at my seminars that have no idea this discount is in place, so since I was on my “I saved $80 bucks” high, I thought’d I pass it along.

Also, another discount that might come in handy during the holidays is one NAPP members get from Apple, on everything from new Macs to Monitors, and loads of other cool Apple gear. They’ve set up a special NAPP members version of the online Apple Store and we get emails from members who have saved more than their annual membership fee in just one order.

To get these discounts, just go to the NAPP member website, and click on the Discounts link. If you’re not a NAPP member yet, click here for the full scoop.

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