I Got My Favorite Christmas Present on Saturday


I know it’s kind of late to be getting a Christmas present, but there’s a reason. First, about the present. It was from one of my dearest friends, and renowned tech guru Terry White (of Terry White’s Tech Blog fame). That’s Terry pictured above, in a photo taken with my iPhone.

Terry called me a few days before last Christmas and told me something I already knew—I’m an incredibly hard person to buy a gift for, because I’m such a gear junkie. If my wife or brother hasn’t bought it for me, I probably bought it myself. But he also told me that this year he had the perfect gift for me, and that it was a gift he’d never given anyone else ever, and wouldn’t give anyone else. Of course, now I was dying to know what it was.

He said he was giving me a “Terry White Tech Day.” He would fly to my home in Florida, on his own dime, and spend an entire day hooking up, fixing, extending, and just pimping any technology-related thing in my home. He said he would set up computer networks, enhance my wireless networks, add gadgets to my TV-set—-anything I wanted for an entire day. Well, Saturday was the day, and it was one of the best Christmas presents I ever got, hands down. It was amazing!!!

Now, you might be thinking, “Scott, you’re a technology guy! You write books on this stuff! Don’t you have all this stuff hooked up already?” Sadly, no. Here’s the thing: I don’t write books on networking, or wireless gadgets, or any of that techno-stuff. I call other people for this hard stuff (usually Terry, who knows ALL of this type of stuff inside and out). I’m a creative guy, a Photoshop Guy, a photography guy, an educator guy, a business guy, and a musician guy. Guys like me desperately need really smart people to help us do all the hard stuff that falls outside the fun easy stuff we know how to do. In short; we need a Terry White!

As soon as Terry landed, we headed straight to Best Buy (That’s Terry in the Tampa Best Buy above). I knew I was in trouble when he said, “We’re going to need a shopping cart.” By the time we left the store, I had spent nearly $1,200 on everything from wireless routers, to a wireless Epson printer/copier/fax (for my wife and son), to a half-dozen or so Ethernet cables, wireless telephone repeaters, a wireless keyboard for my Playstation 3, and a bunch of stuff of other stuff that I’m not sure even Terry knows what it does.

However, once we got back to the house, Terry went at it, and by the end of the day, he had added, fixed, extended, reformatted, and he addressed so many things in my house that will make things easier, faster, and less frustrating, that even my wife said, “We have to make this a yearly thing.” It was absolutely awesome!!!!

Now, the reason I just got this present was because the first time Terry was scheduled to come in, I caught a virus the day before and so I had to cancel and this was our first chance to make it happen again. But I’m so glad it happened—-it was amazing to see Terry when he’s “in the zone,” and now I can just about email my coffee maker to have a cup ready when I get up in the morning (OK, not really, but I had to leave something for Terry in case he gives me this again for Christmas this year. Hint, hint!).

Thanks Terry for an amazing day, for fixing all my stuff, for making all my stuff better, and for generally just being a good enough friend that you’d be willing to do something like that. I am lucky to know ya! :)

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