I Need Your Input On My New Book (Before it Goes To Press)


I’m just 8 days from the deadline to turn in my “Photoshop CS4 Down & Dirty Tricks” book, and before I turn it all in, I wanted to see if I could get some input from you on what to include in these last chapters.

First, a little background on the book. This is the book that started my whole career, as it was the first book I ever wrote, and the first edition was on Photoshop 5.5 (the Photoshop 6 cover is shown above, because it was essentially the same book). The book is a special effects book, and is based on teaching the reader how to create the same looks and effects you see in magazines, on the Web, on TV, etc.


I’ve been planning on doing a new edition of this book for years now (the last version was for Photoshop CS—-just CS, not CS2, not CS3. Just CS), so it’s long overdue, but it just kept getting pushed to the back burner by other book projects, but I’ve gotten so many letters and emails asking for it, I felt I had to do it (I get more requests for this book than about all the others combined). The first version of the book was for Photoshop 5.5, followed by the book you see above (which was for Photoshop 6). Ya know, now that I’m looking at it; even the new cover up top looks a little dated. We might have to work on that.

So, before I wrap things up, I was hoping that you’d share any ideas for effects you’d like to see covered in the book. If you’ve seen a look, or an ad, or a Web graphic, or anything you can point me to, I’ll check it out and see if I can figure out the look, and get it in the final chapters of the book.

If you turn me on to an effect, and your idea makes it into the book, I’ll send you a signed copy of the book as soon as it comes off press, plus you’ll have my undying gratitude, and a mention in the book, as well as the blog, and I might even send you a small box of crackers or something. Anyway, I could really use your input, because I really want to make this my best Down & Dirty Trick book yet! Just post your comments here on the blog.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you’ve shared. I appreciate it very much!

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