I Need Your Input On My Next “Worldwide Photo Walk”

Hi Gang: I was hoping to get your input on two ideas that people who have participated on my previous three Photo Walks have put out there, and I think they’re really worth considering. Here they are:

(1) Making it a “Photo Walk” Weekend
The idea here is that the Photo Walk leaders could choose to hold their local Photo Walk on either Saturday or Sunday, rather than just Saturday. That would let a lot more people participate in walks.

(2) Changing the Time of Year
When I initially choose the date for the first Photo Walk, I chose it to coincide with the release of my first Lightroom book (which the walk leaders and winners of local walks would receive), which put the walk in the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. But obviously, now we could change it to either Spring or Fall, when there’s a much better chance for better, more temperate weather. Because of other commitments here at Kelby Media Group, this would mean holding it in the Fall this year, which would move the date back by at least two to two-and-a-half months (likely around the first weekend in October).

I’m actually open to both of these ideas, but I’d love to get your feedback, as we’re trying to plan way ahead. Let me know what you think—I’d really love to get your take on all this.

Many thanks,


    1. Ok, now that I have my “first post” I can say that July 24th was the hottest time of the year in the southeast US. I like the choice of Sat or Sun. In my area Sat would probably get more folks out. This should be a popular blog post!
      CAKB Ken

  1. Hey Scott,
    +1 for both ideas. The weekend makes a great deal of sense. Regarding the fall, please avoid a strong, rivalry weekend in college football.

    Looking forward to it.

  2. I think the 1st idea might remove the “it’s happening today all over the world” kind of feeling, and since it’s prepared few months in advance I’m sure most people have time to clear their schedule.

    But 2nd point is a VERY GOOD idea ! Last year we have been sweating a big deal in Shanghai (~40°C), so I’am 100% for a walk in september or october.

    — Woods

  3. +1 for changing the time of year, Down Under it is normally in the dead of winter, so it is cold in the southern states, often miserable weather and we run out of light quickly in the afternoons.

    Also bring back the group picked ‘People’s Choice Award’ from your local walk.

  4. In regards to point 1, being from Australia, I like the idea of extending it to a weekend to share the experience. I participated in Help Portrait 2010 and our event on Sunday coincided with the Saturday in the USA.

    As a variation to this, would there be a possibility of various walk times per city. I know last year here in Brisbane there was no group set up until very late and it was filled very quickly. Unfortunately, the time it was being held I had commitments and I know a few others who couldn’t make it. It would be interesting to have a Saturday Morning, Saturday Day, Saturday Twilight/Night, Sunday Morning, Sunday Day and Sunday Twilight/Night options for those who either can’t make the single event or have particular strong photographic suits.


  5. I think having it a little later in the year or early next year is a great idea. Last year the walk was on the same day as the comic con here in San Diego and while it was great fun, it was a lot of work and many people just couldn’t make it. It also seemed that a lot of wedding photoraphers were booked so they couldnt make it. The weekend as opposed to the single day might help with this.

    Whenever it is, I look forward to leading or just participating again.

  6. As chairman of a local photo club in the Netherlands i would say +1 for the second idea. The first idea is certainly very good but knowing “my” people i think a whole weekend is a bit more than they would normally do. On the other hand, it never could be enough ;-)

    … well … in the end you’ll get both points for both ideas. I’d love to organize it over here and i’m looking forward to the WWPW.

  7. I think changing the season of the walk would be a good idea. The heat being one issue and the traditional wedding season another. Case in point, our local Photowalk (Modesto, CA) was cancelled about a week before the event because the walk leader got a wedding gig.

  8. i too like idea of every one being out same time, same day. Instead of a Saturday OR a Sunday, how about both. Turn it into a weekend event – not sure whether the walk leaders would be up for it mind you. Brings in more flexibility allowing more people to join.

  9. I have lead two of these Photowalks with an awesome turn out. I think that both ideas are great, if we do it in the fall and have the option to do it on a Saturday or Sunday it will work out better, because in this town we are BIG on College Football on Saturdays.

  10. Personally I’m very much in favour of having it all happen on one day because of the whole ‘this is happening at the same (kind of) time all over the world’ feeling. To me this adds to the whole ‘community’ thing if that makes sense.

    Later in the year could well be a good idea though as Alan suggests. We were extremely lucky with the weather here in the UK last year with a real scorcher but the chances (and that’s all it is you understand) of better weather would be later Septmeber early October.

    Whenever you decide to run it though, it’ll be another great day…plenty of laughs, and plenty of new friendships made.


  11. Yep I agree with it being held later in the year(Sep/Oct)..Nice spring time weather in the southern hemisphere and I am sure pleasant fall weather in northern hemisphere. I still think it’s cool that we have it on the one day rather than making it sometime during the weekend.

  12. I vote for fall or spring because of better weather. Sunday mornings would be out for me, but a Sunday evening walk or Saturday choice would certainly be fine with me.

  13. Hi Scott:
    I see where you are coming from for both ideas. However, I agree with everyone else about the first one, it would take away from the “happening all over the world” feeling.

    I absolutely love the second idea! Except I’m afraid you would get a lot more of the basic “orange leaves on a blue sky” pictures.

    I don’t know, just my opinions – feel free to agree or disagree.

    – Brandon

  14. I like both ideas a lot.

    Why not hold the photo shoot on both weekend days (maybe with different leaders on each day) to accommodate people who have plans on one day but not the other. I think this might especially be true if it is held in the fall for football fans. There are always conflicts, but both days will allow for mode flexibility. I think moving it to fall or spring is a great idea. Too many other things going on in the summer.

    Thanks for asking for input.

  15. I say “yes” to both suggestions. With the time difference around the world, we’re not doing it at the same time anyways, and having the choice of a Saturday or Sunday would greatly increase the participant numbers.

    And having it in the fall would make it easier for people who normally go away on vacation in the summer time. And frankly, for us here in the south of Sweden, fall usually makes for more interestinf pictures (if the day is somewhat clear :) )

  16. I agree that the two day might take away from the worldwide feeling but it could easily be on a Sunday.

    On the second point, Spring and Autumn are good times of year for photography, so it would make sense.

    I missed last years and very much hoping to get a walk going closer to home (Montpellier, France), so will be watching plans carefully.

  17. Scott I like both ideas especilly the change of season.
    I know it would be a challenge to organise but how about moving the walk through the quaters to make pictures in all seasons over a 4 year period

  18. I’m +1 on the second idea because weather in summer over last 3 years was terrible, even my camera was sweating.

    About that weekend thing, WWPW is announced a lot of time before the actual walk so people that want to participate clean their schedule, it doesn’t matter if it is saturday or sunday.

  19. Fall gets my vote. It’s scorchingly hot in in Taiwan in July – last year I opted to hold it in the evening to try and make things a little more comfortable. Also, because a lot of expats come to Photowalks here, summer is often when they’re on a trip back home so quite a few miss out on the Worldwide Photowalk. We’re also less likely to have a typhoon/hurricane in fall :)

  20. I rather liked the idea that everyone taking part was doing so on the same day, only separated by distance and time zone. Spread it over two days and that feeling is lost I think.

    Last years walk was held in wonderful sunshine and was a joy. Having a nice warm day was part of what I remember about the experience. Moving the time might mean that good weather was less likely.

    So overall I am in favour of leaving it as it has been.

    All the best.


  21. Being in Northern Ireland, we’re lucky if we get above 70 degrees fahrenheit (21 C) even in July! But both ideas are fine. Two walks in different areas of a city on each day would suit those who live in the big smokes!

    Looking forward to this year’s event whenever it takes place.

  22. Overall I think that for the people that participated in the last two photowalks I did in Korea, most like the single saturday format. The people that came out were new photographers for the most part, so dedicating a weekend would be a big commitment.

    Most of my photowalk participants enjoyed the “afternoon walk” feel of it as well. I am sure that if it were over a weekend, at least for people here, it would limit it to the most interested photographers. Which were not in high quantity last year.

    As for the time of year, for me it was perfect. The temperature here was fine and because it was outside, everyone was comfortable. However, a fall photowalk might bring out some more colors and interesting shots if it is done early enough so that it is not too cold for more northern locations.

    All in All Scott, I have found the timing and the dates to be pretty spot on. All of the photowalks that I have done (2 out of the 3) have gone over with reasonable success.

    1. I don’t want to speak for Scott here, but some people seem to be under the impression that it would be a weekend-long affair. That’s partly true (if I understand Scott’s post). Nobody would be expected to participate BOTH Saturday and Sunday — but could if they really wanted to. I believe Scott is just suggesting that walks could be held on EITHER day to accommodate more people. Walk leaders, wouldn’t be forced to do their walks both days. Scott’s just proposing that we give people more options.

  23. Hi Scott, It makes a lot more sense to be a bit diversified with the all concept of a Photowalk, giving this way more chances for people to participate — I’m all for both ideas.

    I would go a step further and rotate once in a while from Fall to Spring thus giving the opportunity to vary the feel, the look and the events that one could get out of the same locations. This might be more problematic at your end as far as having to plan differently every couple of years due to the size of your organization, but from my perspective I would welcome the change with open arms. Unfortunately I couldn’t do the walk last year due to a Saturday commitment :(

    As good as the idea of having it all at the same time is, technically it doesn’t happen this way anyways.

    Looking forward to our next event

  24. Scott,

    I have been on your past two walks. I think that both options would be positive changes. Here in Australia it tends to be quite cold and wet (has rained on the past two walks).



  25. Scott,

    Yes – the weekend idea is better than Saturday only. This gives me more freedom to pick an event that works best with my busy schedule. Besides, maybe I could even attend an event on Saturday and a different one on Sunday.

    Fall is my favorite time of year. Another vote for Fall!

  26. A big yes for #2, so many more places in the world are prettier at this time of year. I’d keep the day to one day though, everyone is always going to have conflicts. one must just prioritize ;-)

  27. I’m one of the people who asked for a change of season. Last year it was 90+ with high humidity. I had to stash bottles of water at a YMCA, near a park, about halfway through the walk due to being afraid of people passing out during the walk. So, I’m 100% for doing a Spring/Fall date.

    As far as the folks worried about missing a football game? Be a walk leader and schedule a walk for early morning. Not too many football gaming are on TV at 7:00 AM.

    Third point: Like with the Help Portrait day, we had to schedule it for two weeks after the “official” day because of partnering with a much larger “Santa’s Workshop” for the less fortunate folks in town. I think it’s more the spirit than the absolute that you’re trying to acheive. If a hurricane were to be forecast to blow through Brandon on the “official” WWPW weekend, would you cancel or postpone? If you miss “the day” are 50 people out of luck, or is the “spirit” still there on Friday or Monday? Thanks

  28. I personally like the idea of having the Photowalk on one day. Knowing that you are part of something that is happening all over the world was really special. An October fall here is the midwest would mean some spectacular color and photos that would not otherwise be possible, but their is always a chance of inclement weather as well, so late August or early September would probably be a better bet.

  29. Hey Scott – I’m okay with having the choice to do it on a Sat or a Sunday. Also, the fall timeframe works well because July/Aug is usually rainy here in the Philippines so October would be a good month to do it.

  30. Hi Scott,
    I love the idea of the Photowalk weekend. That will allow to get more people (some are working on Saturdays). And regarding the time of the year… even better for me. I’m from Switzerland and we get some awesome colors in Fall :)

    By the way, how to I become a Walk Leader?

    Take Care


  31. I agree having the Walk over a weekend makes sense, and being in New Jersey the autumn i.e. early October makes even more of sense. Last two Photo Walks were scorchers.

  32. Yes to Spring or Fall! This past July was utterly miserable in Atlanta, GA and that was a morning walk. Someone mentioned rotating between Spring and Fall…I like that idea. Not as picky about Saturday or Sunday or both…

  33. Hi Scott

    Last year was the first walk in Dubuque, Iowa and we had a waiting list. I like the Fall idea because of the change of the leaves. The weather can be iffy in October but we had torrential rains last July so….

    We would still hold ours on Saturday and like so many have said, since it is around the world we’re not all walking at the same time anyway.


  34. Scott we are doing Photo Walks once a month (Well, we live in the tropics). Now, we even have town halls promoting the activity, and even brands like Sony. I´ve am starting my nature photowalk this year as a business, as I am out of work and at 60, there is forced retirement, I still have my camera gear and spirit to teach people about nature and photography. By the way, I am a former USF student.

    So, why not do Photowalks once a month, it just needs someone to organize it, and the rest,
    is a walk in the park ;-)… In times of crisis some people cry and others sale hankies, I am becoming the latter. Thank you for sharing the idea. Do a photo walk on the upper Hillsborough river, by USF. It use to be a great place to go canoeing and picture taking. If you do send me some picts.

    Best regards

    Caracas, Venezuela

  35. Hey Scott.

    I think the first idea is great and I agree that this will allow many more people to participate. People that may have to work on Saturday or have other commitments, could find another local photowalk on the other day. I know here in the Ft lauderdale area there are usually 4 or 5 walks within a 15-20 minute drive.

    As for the date change, this could be another good thing. The only concern with us having it in the fall is, as you are well aware, we in FL will be deep into Hurricane season. And as with anything else, Those damn things usually come when you have something planned. haha. As long as we have something in place where we could schedule the walk for the following weekend in case we get some bad weather I’d be fine with that as well.

    I guess when you’re trying to plan something for the entire world to participate in you either have to be flexible or just accept that someone, somewhere is not going to be able to participate.

  36. Hi Scott,

    just thinking about Vienna spring or fall would be much better, because you have this really nice colors and the sun is not that harsh!
    2 days may confuse people – i would do one day but let people choose to do it either on saturday or on sunday…


  37. 1) Great idea

    2) While summer seems to be good time (as autumn and spring) but last WPW hit very bad time in Norway, on last three weeks of July people are anywhere else but home (common holidays season) therefore we were able to meet one month before but there was no one on 24th July.

    On the other hand, what would stand against making WPW 2 or 3 times a year?

  38. I’ve led two years in a row now here in Cincinnati. I’m all about two days. It would break it up so that I could head somewhere else and do another walk somewhere else too lol. The change in season would be really awesome. We sweated our butts off last year and the heat even turned some people away. Jason

  39. I like the idea of it being in cooler weather. Last year the weather was reasonably comfortable until 4-5 days before the walk and then it got ridiculously hot here in Michigan. As a result the person I was going with and I both canceled because neither of us wanted to be carrying a bunch of camera gear and getting our clothes and gear soaked with perspiration. That would have taken the fun right out of it.

    I like the idea some have suggested about Saturday and Sunday not just one day. Also the “all doing it on the same day” is valid if it were in the US only but it is a World Wide event and it is already spread over two days anyhow.

  40. I think moving it to the Fall would be a good option but still keep it on one day to maintain the Worldwide feel. As many have commented, here in the Northern hemisphere it can be very hot in July, so a move to October would let participants be more comfortable, plus get shots that reflect the fall colors.

  41. For me and other friend photographers in the Middle East hosting the photowalk in the middle of the summer makes it quite difficult to participate in it, and restricts the areas that you can walk through, due to the extreme heat of that time of the year, also a good portion of people would be out on holidays, therefore moving it to October would be a very welcome improvement, and would encourage participation.
    Having a photowalk weekend instead of one day might be a welcome addition if it includes Friday, as it is the main resting day here, otherwise it will be most likely held on Saturday anyways.

  42. #1 – I actually like the idea of an event (single day) as opposed to an event weekend. Since the lead time is pretty extensive, it is normally not that difficult clearing schedules.

    As a caveat, if you change to fall then I believe you would need to go to an event weekend due to sports conflicts that can not be rearranged.

    #2 – I know that last year on the walk on went on we had people cancel at the last minute as well as people stopping in the middle due to the oppressive heat. If you can keep it early fall (or late spring) then I believe that would be a positive change. I read a previous comment the later you get in Fall (at least in the US) the more you are going to get the typical leaves turning orange/red images.

  43. Woohoo!!! Thank you for considering changing the time of year the Photowalk is held because I just cannot envision even signing up for it in the summer again. Last year, my area was at the end of an entire week of serious – as in dangerous – heat advisories and I woke up sick from that on the Photowalk day. Fall is definitely a better time for this (or Spring in other years if you wish). As for a Photoshop Weekend, that’s an interesting idea. If it draws more people in, great.

  44. Hate to be stuck in the past, but I don’t think you should change anything.

    Adding Sunday removes the cool part about the photowalk: It’s happening all around the world at the same time.

    I also vote NAY on moving it to October. That’s the end of the photography season for many folks up North, so they’d get all excited about photography just in time to wait a year before they do it. Some of us shoot in the winter, but most don’t.

  45. +1 on weekend. The “happening at the same time” is only relative, given the time zones. In fact, when you consider the dateline, it might not be the same day anyway.

    As for season, again, worldwide it is summer or winter someplace when you do it in June. May or October is likely to be more temperate worldwide.

    I would also have no problem with doing it twice a year.


  46. I liked the idea of the event spanning the globe across a single day in those timezones. However I fully recognise that shifting it to a WWPW W/end will allow more chances for participation – I’ve missed out on previous walks due to personal commitments so I’m hoping I can make it this year!

    As for the second point it’s always going to be a compromise given that the ‘world’ is involved in this event and weather / season conditions will be so variable. Given the weather here in the UK, late Spring / early Autumn (Fall) should be fine as new dates in the calendar.

    Just bear in mind though Scott, that if you go too far into October you’ll be getting lots of great images with grey overcast skies ;-)

  47. I didn’t read the other posts so I may be repeating (or not, but I doubt it).

    Keep it one day to get that “worl event” notion. If people know in advance, they organize their agenda.

    And don’t go too late in fall; makes for everyone having maple leafs (red and orange) pictures in the northern hemisphere. August would be nice I think.

    Thanks for asking!

  48. Scott, It’s hard to say… My walk is usually one that maxes out first in Boston.

    Moving it earlier in July would work… Or May or September/October. October may conflict with foliage in the Northeast.

    Gonna miss ya at ISAP this year!

  49. Hi,
    I like both ideas, but I have one more thing to say…
    here in middle east, Saturday and Sunday are working day and Friday is weekend;
    so if the first idea approved, it’s so good if you accept Friday walks too.
    Amir. S

  50. I like the idea of Saturday AND Sunday. Yes it takes away from the whole, everybody on this day worldwide thing but being able to accommodate as many people as you can and cover different areas is appealing as well……maybe the popularity of the event has outgrown the format. To that I say congratulations, after all, getting people out and shooting is what it’s all about. If you have an opportunity to allow for broader participation then you should capitalize on that.


  51. Both great ideas. I think it will still feel like “it’s happening all over the world” all weekend long. And trying fall this year, spring next year will give you a better idea of what time works best.

    Of course, whatever you do it will be wildly successful and everyone will have a wonderfrul time.

  52. First idea is good. I don’t know any reasons why not to do this on WWPW-2011.
    As for the second idea, it may be an advantage for some countries and a disadvantage for other. In October weather may be rainy and not really warm. It will be better if you put the walk in the late summer, for example, September.

  53. I believe, as many of the others do, that having it on one day makes it unique and special. Also, as many of the walks are held in the morning, Sunday could interfere with people attending religious services. I do agree that a season change would be appropriate. We were sweating like a sinner on Sunday down here in DeLand, FL last year! September would be a nice change.

  54. I really like the idea of moving it to the Spring or Fall. When bystanders would ask what we were doing, it was pretty cool to explain that this was going on allover the world on that day.

  55. The idea of a two day event is good but not as important as moving out of northern hemisphere summer. The fall or spring is an improvement. I would think however fall, later September or early October, is better than spring. The fall season would also continue the third year of walks in the third year.

  56. I like the idea, because it gives you a rain date, just in case. A fall date would be much better!! As a fellow Floridian, it’s not fun to sweat and try to make new photo friends while smelling like a animal.

  57. Maybe change it every year from one season to another. So over a four year period people would have a chance to shoot in spring, summer, fall and winter?!? That would also accommodate everyone (because it “Truly is” a WORLD WIDE Photowalk) great weather in Florida during October will not make someone in another part of the world happy. And we all know someone is going to post how unfair it is that…. You get the point. Haha

    You might even catch a “snow” date in Florida for a winter walk – (the way thing have been going the last couple of years), but most likely just fewer people on the beach in the winter.

    1. Having looked at which cities participate on these photowalks, there are people from all over the world. As we all know, when it’s summer in the northern hemisphere, it’s winter in the southern hemisphere. I for one, living in Costa Rica don’t have 4 seasons a year. We only have 2 seasons, dry and wet. Moving the date each year would be great, that gives everyone a fair chance of having good weather to shoot in. I also like the 2 day idea, as it gives you a second date in case you get rained out.

      In the end, not everyone will be happy with the date chosen, but so far, I’ve seen excellent photos from all over the world, so it can only get better.

  58. It is bloody hot in Memphis. My choice would be to move it to the Fall.

    My experience here in Memphis is that as soon as the walk begins, people scatter like ants. The “Leader” really doesn’t play much of a role. The 50 person limit has no meaning….only in the sense that it means we don’t overwhelm the neighborhood. A photowalk weekend would offer more flexibility.

  59. The walk is held during some of our heavies and most humid heat here in Arizona. Since it is hot from May to October, avoiding the heat altogether would not be possible, but a little earlier in the summer or later in the fall would be more comfortable.

    I have gone on all of the Photo Walks and for us out rime outdoors is limited unless the group does a late afternoon or evening shoot.

  60. Yes, please make it a weekend. My work schedule is usually one end of the week or the other. Last year I couldn’t participate because I was working that Saturday. I live in the South, so any season other than summer would be great, too.

  61. Scott. It would make sense to have the PhotoWalk on a weekend. It would give flexibility for more photographers to be available Saturday or Sunday.

    August is a pretty warm time of the year. Other dates would be more beneficial. As for having the walk coincide with a Lightroom book, you could offer other prizes instead. Perhaps a feature article on the winning photographer in PhotoShop User magazine. Or gear from manufacturers NAPP supports. Or B+H gift certificates.

  62. OK, 8:30 AM and the comments have already gone onto the second page! This will be one of your most popular blog entries, Scott, mark my words!

    I remember last year as being pretty warm here in the Boston area, moreso towards the end of the walk, as we had it in the early AM. The year before though, the weather was perfect! I would be OK with the walk being at a different time of the year, but no matter what month that you have it, there will be weather issues/complaints. You can never please everyone!

    I do like the option of having the walk over the course of a weekend. It will give more photographers a better opportunity to participate. But it may create a monster for you, Scott…think of how many more pictures that you will have to go through to pick a winner!!! :D


  63. I too like the idea of being able to choose to hold a walk on either a Saturday or a Sunday. Also, later in the year (or earlier) means we can take better advantage of nice evening light without having to wait until 8 at night to get it!

  64. I like both ideas. Fall potentially gives the option of more dramatic lighting possibilities with dawn coming later and dusk coming earlier so I think there’s a better opportunity to include one of the golden hours in the walk schedule.

    Like Phoenix, summer in Houston is also brutal.

    Stretching the opportunity over the weekend also extends to opportunity to participate. With my kids’ schedules, Saturday is unlikley to be available to me but Sunday would be. For others the reverse might be the case.

    If you do pursue the weekend option, you may want to rethink the approach of waiting till walk 1 is fully subscribed before opening up walk 2 in a given city – perhaps opening up walk 1 – Saturday and walk 1 – Sunday simultaneously, then adding walks on either day as they fill up.

  65. Here is the North East if it is not raining the fall is amazing but unfortunately there is the possibility of having weeks of rain and drizzel so going out on a photo walk could be less appealing than the summer.
    Just my 2 cents.

  66. As a leader for the last 2 walks, I would welcome a Fall walk. Last year the temperature was around 100 before we finished the walk. I started with 35 walkers and finished at the restaurant with 16. I am not sure about the weekend thing, I think having one date would cause less of a hassle. I could see people complaining about the chosen day for the walk, whatever the leader does.

  67. Scott, I would prefer the fall. I live out in Scottsdale, AZ and it is just too hot here when the walk is held. By the way leather jackets are a killer that time of year so I assume you will not be leading the one out here.


  68. Both are EXCELLENT ideas! Especially moving it out of summer. I haven’t participated yet because summers in Georgia are just too flippin’ hot & humid. October would be perfect.

  69. I also like the fall idea! It’s really nasty and boring here in Indiana during the summer, but during the fall the weather is amazing and the colors are usually great. So count that as a vote for fall!


  70. Personally I think a photowalk in the spring and/or fall would be wonderful. The summers in St. Louis can be pretty hot and humid which does not really make for a enjoyable time outside unless you are poolside. I also like the saturday and sunday walk idea. I work most saturdays so sundays tend to be my fun day.

  71. Time of year doesn’t matter a whole lot to me, although Fall would be nice, and having it over the weekend instead of 1 day would be great. We did ours on Sunday last year anyways. Our walk leader had scheduled a great sunrise walk, and about 3 weeks before the date, on some super obscure biking website, someone found out the entire road up there was going to be closed on Saturday. Rather than change locations, it just happened on Sunday. As far as I know, nobody was bothered by that at all.

  72. Fall, puhleeeze! I didn’t participate this last year, because I don’t leave the safety of air conditioning in our 110 degree heat here in Texas during the summer. I’m for the weekend idea too.

  73. Hi Scott,

    I agree with Glyn Dewis on having it happen on one day whether it is Saturday or Sunday because it meets your original intent of everyone doing it at the same day world wide! With regard to the time of year, late September might be better than October. Here in Denver we can get a foot of snow in October! :-) This could prevent us from going into the mountains, which is an ideal Photowalk for the Denver area. However, what ever you come up with, I’m doing it!!!


  74. 100% think it should be either Saturday or Sunday. I attended my first one this past year, but traveled over 60 miles to attend, as the evening walks though closer to home, would not get me home in time to attend a family wedding. Also, the Chicagoland walk(s) did suffer the elements this year, and Sunday was a beautiful day.

    As far as the season, I like spring and fall. Each offer some different type of scenery, so I guess I would vote for Fall, just for the tree colors :)

  75. T think changing the day to either Saturday or Sunday is great and definitely change the season. I was unable to participate last year becasue on the day of the walk in NYC it was so ridiculousily hot out that I wouldn’t have managed well in all the heat with equiptment. Both suggestions are great.

  76. I think the Saturday & Sunday idea is a good one. The Saturday event does prempt many from not joining. This might also allow for multiple walks in the same city with one on Saturday and then another on the Sunday.

    As far as timing, there will always be people unhappy with whatever date is selected. Too hot, too cold, too wet, too humid. It’s human nature. I say select the date(s) and go with it. I will make the effort to join a walk…REGARDLESS of the time of year.

  77. Scott,

    I love the idea of a weekend. I participated the first 2 years but couldn’t last year due to a schedule conflict. Having 2 days eases that burden some. As for a date change… there are always risks of conflicts. Changing seasons though would provide new “images” from past locations.

    Take care,

  78. Being truely a “worldwide” photowalk, you can’t really make a decision based on what one season is better since, for example, here in Switzerland we are having winter now while in South Africa they’re having summer. :-) The photowalk I attended this past year in PA (USA) was terribly hot but for other countries August is great weather.

    While not ideal, I would suggest alternating the time every other year. June/July, then Sept/Oct. (or other two times). Having two photowalks a year would double the work (and prize expenses) so this may not be a feasible option.

    I would personally prefer the ONE day, Saturday option rather than a weekend. While bad weather on a particular day can be a hinderance or bother, it also offers it’s own unique photo opportunities whether it’s rain or shine.
    I also like the idea that people around the world are all out taking photos on the “same day”. This makes the photowalk all the more special and unique. For this reason, I would vote for keeping with one day.

  79. Here in Tucson, AZ, moving the photo-walk out of the dead of summer would be great. July can be a bit “toasty” in these parts.

    Early October would be great here. The other option would be for a mid to late spring walk when there’s likely to be more things in bloom.

  80. Like others, I think due to the ‘worldwide nature’ of the event, alternating between fall and spring would be nice – that would even out the Northerners’ and Southerners’ opportunities.

    Having the option of Sat or Sun for the walk would be great, as it will allow more people to participate.

    I ‘vote’ for both proposals. :)

  81. So glad to hear about maybe changing the time of year. The sun was out full blast and it was so hot last year in Tampa, it was really hard to concentrate on anything other then finding some air conditioning or shade to keep from being drenched or fainting from heat stroke. Not to mention taking the camera equipment from cool to hot then back to cool over and over.
    Peace- Ron

  82. I’ve participated in all 3 walks, once as a participant (in OK City) and twice as a leader here in Muskogee, OK. I too like the idea of a fall or spring walk instead of summer. I sweated to death the first year and when I lead the two here in Muskogee, OK we did sunrise walks.

    Having it over a weekend time frame would let us also participate in other walks within driving distance too. I didn’t plan on leading ours this year because I wanted to participate in other cities as I’m bored with our limited opportunities here.

    With a change of date to fall or spring would open up all kinds of possibilities.

    Dr David Jones
    Muskogee, Oklahoma

  83. Changing to the fall would create significant conflict with football season, especially in the Southeast. Perhaps the “weekend” event could partially ameliorate the effect of the change to fall.

  84. A full weekend is definitely nice, because, as you mentioned, it allows for more flexibility. I’m sure some ambitious leaders will lead on both days. Heck, I would like to walk for two days, potentially with two different groups (maybe in two different cities, even). For those of us with a few options (I’m in the Bay Area) it could be a really fun weekend!

    OK – it’s always a fun weekend, even if it’s just a day.

    Summer is probably easier for the Americans, just because school is out, etc. I don’t know… Personally, I like the fall idea. More color. Possibly.

  85. I love the idea of a Sunday or Saturday, because last year I switched my walk to Sunday because of weather and conflicts anyway. I think the fall would be a great time, say October. Spring can be kind of hit and miss in the East Coast, Midwest areas of the country. Fall (ie October) tends to be nice almost everywhere in the world

  86. My vote — 1 day, fall or spring! The last full week of July is Cheyenne Frontier Days here (Largest outdoor rodeo. A very big deal.) The city is PACKED and HOT — aka not great for a relaxing PhotoWalk. Hey, Scott, Matt — ever shoot a rodeo? I may know some folks %^}

  87. Another vote for Autumn. I tried the walk once and the folks were nice, but the Florida sunshine was brutal. Sadly, our group leader didn’t schedule a sunrise or sunset walk – we were out in the midday sun. For that reason, I skipped it last year and would likely skip it again if it were held in the same conditions.

    As long as we don’t have a hurricane in October, it sounds like a nice time for a walk.

  88. Don’t change a thing! This is a classic case of messing with something that is not broke.

    While the heat is a problem (It gets quite hot in Alabama during the summer) it should not be the overriding factor in selecting the date. Your Photowalk has become a “Family Affair” at my house and having it during the summer while school is out is a BIG plus. When school starts back in the fall the weekends are consumed with homework and College Football (going out with Dad for a few hours of photography drops off their Radar). Moving to the Fall will probabbly wipe out your young people’s ability to participate and unless some of the walks are set up in the tailgating areas you can also assume that football fans will also begin to refer to the Worldwide Photowalk in the past tense.

  89. I think both ideas are great. I couldn’t attend last year’s event because it was on a Saturday, but I could have attended a Sunday event. And, summertime in Phoenix is just hellish, so a fall event would be very much appreciated!

  90. I like both ideas.

    Scott, you obviously remember what it was like here in Tampa last year. I think I only shot about 40 frames, it was just too darn hot.

    A weekend long photowalk would give more people the opportunity to go.

  91. I like the idea of a two-day excursion. That would allow for a rain day or allow the energetic to participate in two DIFFERENT photo walks the same weekend.

    Nix on the fall walk. It is a thoroughly depressing season with everything on the verge of dying. My vote would be to keep the summer dates. My second choice would be spring when everything is about to bloom and a young man’s thoughts turn to–photography.


  92. I welcome the season change.. Last year it was sweltering hot in Pennsylvania. My wife got overheated and we called it quits without ever making it to the meetup. That and it’s not a bad thing to take pictures in a different season.

  93. The change of season would be nice, as would the extra day.

    Last year was my first walk and my wife and I turned it into a weekend get-away. We visited a city we had never been to, met some terrific photographers we otherwise wouldn’t have had the chance to meet. We plan to visit a new site this year.

    Didn’t the t-shirt sales go to help a project in Africa? Could we get a update on this?


  94. Scott,
    My biggest preference first. I would love to see the date changed. Moving to a spring/fall schedule would make for more interesting subjects. The only resistance I see is that many of the people that host walks might be teaching workshops at these times. As you know, the summer is not a popular workshop period outside Africa and
    The second quesiton is a tough one to answer. Having walk weekend could mean that more people are involved but it might mean you actually get less interest as certain walks would be diluted. Can the process really flourish with 6 NYC walks or 4 Hong Kong walks? I think a weekend walk could be doable but I think it would require some control on your end to ensure the experience is not diluted.
    Have you thought about having the walks coincide with PSW? Could be some really interesting tie ins to the event! I hope to get to my first PSW this year!

  95. Although I would hate having to wait a few more months, Fall would be a great time of year for the photowalk. The heat in Florida is brutal and the light is harsh. Yes on the weekend idea also.

  96. I think it would be a good idea to change the season. However while the people in Florida are dying in the heat in the summer, by October up here in Canada often it is snowy and really cold. So really you won’t be able to make everyone happy with any date. Perhaps the idea to do a different season every year is a good one.

  97. I concur with both ideas, even though fall in Seattle is always dicey, weather-wise. On the other hand, summer in Seattle is always dicey, weather-wise.
    Also, I hope you guys have made the whole registration infrastructure more robust. When I registered my wife and I last year, she made it in, but I didn’t. It was weeks after the event before Brad was finally able to fix me. From what I say in the forums, I was no alone. If you haven’t fixed it yet, you’ll have a few more months to get it done.

  98. I like the weekend walk idea, it would help with alot of clonflicts. You will never accomodate the whole world but a 2 day event would open it up for more people.

    Fall/Spring/Summer/Winter there are extremes in weather during all of them, but it would be cool if the event date changed from year to year, different seasons provide different photo ops and more chances to learn from the group. But then our local photo club does monthly photo field trips so I get alot of those opportunities anyway. Regardless of the date I will do my best to attend.

    What ever you choose to do you will lose some people and gain others. You and your team put alot of work into organizing this event it needs to fit your schedule.

  99. I think the Spring or Fall time frame would be a good move. I know I lost many walkers at the last minute because here in PA, it was extremely hot and humid and many were concerned for their health, not just the discomfort level. I also think you have more opportunity for ‘colorful’ shots in the spring and fall. That being said, I still enjoyed leading our walk last year – even in the hot weather. However, any Sunday in September on would be an absolute NO during football season. ;)

    I also wouldn’t mind having it a Saturday to Sunday time choice so that we could possibly select the next day for a rain day if necessary. However, it’s also possible participants might join a walk for Saturday, and another walk on Sunday in another location. I’m not sure if that is something you would want to discourage.

  100. I think you should stick with Saturday only. Spring or Fall would be fine with me in SoCal, but perhaps not so great in far North or South locations.

    I would prefer sending my favorite image taken during the walk directly to NAPP, rather than to the regional walk leader.

  101. I really like the idea of making it a weekend thing. I can see how it would help others to get to one… but for me it would mean that I get to go to more than one. For the last couple of WWPW I’ve tried to attend multiple walks. If you look hard you can usually find one in the AM and another close by in the PM. (Last year I dropped out of the second walk due to the serious heat wave we were having in Philly) Anyway a WWPWW (World Wide Photowalk Weekend… trademarked!) would be just the ticket. I and others would be able to do a walk locally and also maybe sign up for one being held in a nearby city (or another part of my city) the next day.

    Also, why-oh-why does there just need to be one? For goodness sake we have Photoshop World twice a year…. why not do the same thing for the WWPW? While some dilution of attendance to a given walk might happen, you could also end up with smaller walks/groups that make it easier to get to know folks… and last I checked this was a photographic social event. Ask yourself… did you get a chance to get to know to everybody on your last walk…. really, all 50 of them?

    So… I vote for spring and fall weekends….

  102. Fall sounds great. Last year I did the walk in Tokyo and it was so hot that all I really remember about the walk was how hot it was.

    I am not crazy about the two day idea for some reason, but I am not really sure what that reason is so I’ll stay out of it.

  103. I like both idea. I live in FL and have never done WWPW because there is just no way I’d get heatstroke doing it in the summer here. I also like to 2 day idea. I have a wedding the Saturday of the 1st weekend in Oct. but would have the Sunday free and I am sure I am not alone in having one or the other day booked.

  104. Scott – I like the idea of a late Sept or early October photowalk weekend. For most locales, in northern and southern hemispheres, the weather around the equinox is more comfortable than in July. Walking across a weekend, rather than just on Saturday, also provides opportunities for those who have religious observances or kids playing sports on Saturday.

  105. Scott,
    Ok, this is my official post (the first one was a cliche), I believe we should have it in the fall. Now that I’ve had 2 hours of sleep I can think better. I will do it any week that you decide to hold it as it is so much fun but cooler temps would be (you see it coming) cool and kick butt!

  106. I’m probably echoing some of the sentiment already out there (I just don’t have time to read 100+ comment ;)). I LOVE the fall idea. Even though we went out before sunrise, by 9 or 10am, the heat had already become unbearable. I was wondering if our friends in the southern hemisphere were freezing. I think a fall date would give us an opportunity to get some nice colors and our friends below the equator could get some spring blooms.

    Maybe we could alternate each year between spring and fall for the purpose. That could make things tricky with WWPW being 6 or 18 months apart.

  107. I like the fall idea. Living up in the Northeast and the color is always an attraction. Family schedule is always a bit less busy that time of year as well. The weekend provides flexibilty and options. Great ideas!

  108. Hey Scott,

    Yippee, fever has broke and I’m back among the living. amazing how little rest one gets after 55 hours in bed.
    I agree with what I percieve as most folks saying fall and over a two day period would work too!
    PS You should take KT up on shooting NASCAR sometime!
    See ya,

  109. I like both ideas. As a professional photographer who has participated and led your walks, I think it would be all right to schedule it on a weekend instead of one day. A Saturday is a very busy time for professionals and would give us more flexibility to participate. Here in Dallas we would be grateful to have it moved out of the hottest time of year for us. Walking around in 105° is difficult. Spring or Fall would be a great time for everyone.

  110. I think two days is great for people with religious observance on Saturdays. The Fall starts getting busy with other activities and I am willing to sweat for my art :-)

  111. I vote for doing BOTH…one in the Spring & one in the Fall. Perhaps keep it for one day (for each). This will give photographers the oppotunity to participate in 2 a year and in 2 different locations. Some may even schedule or plan trips around it.

  112. I do think the summer is a bit too too too hot; I’m either in Miami or the Bahamas. Besides I think another time will give better light to walk out and shoot being a bit more comfortable. I’m down with the change to fall or spring. Or who knows make a four season walk then at the end of the year we can do a big photo walk photo book of everyones photos the put it out there for sale. Remember this comment and send me a little something something if it happens :)

    Miami, Florida | Nassau, Bahamas

  113. Hey Scott,

    I like the weekend idea as it gives folks the opportunity to participate in two (or more depending on start times) walks over the weekend as well as provides a rain date just in case.

    As far as moving it to the spring or fall, either is better than dealing with summer heat but temperature never has factored into my decision to participate. I’m walkin’ regardless!

    Thanks for asking!

  114. Living on the west coast of Canada means the likelyhood of rain in October is very high. I like the summer time as we have more family participants. I do however, like the idea of a Sunday walk, means more people can join in. My choices would be: One day, preferably a Sunday and late August to keep the family groups and hit the nice weather. Though like everyone else says, regardless of the final outcome, I will be leading another walk in my community. It’s just far too much fun to miss!

  115. Scott,
    Overall I think moving the walk to another time of year would be great. I particularly like the idea of moving it from year to year, not only because it would give the photos a better variety but also allow people who may have a conflict with one time of year (I’ve missed the last two because of my wedding anniversary) a chance to participate other years.
    However, please do not schedule it specifically on the first weekend of October. That is the beginning of this year’s Adobe MAX conference, so a lot of Adobe folks will either be in Los Angeles or in transit to the conference.

  116. Hi Scott.
    As per comments about when to do a photo walk, for northern States and Canadian provinces early, early October would work. Problem is that folks that would want to include fall colors IE. trees, fall flowers pretty well loose there bling by mid October on. Plus even though it is only October later in that month the weather can start to get a tad blustery.
    Just my thoughts. By the way your blog is excellent, and I really enjoy DTown TV.
    Take care, Kim Morrison

  117. YES PLEASE! I missed last year’s because of vacation (lots of those in summer) and speaking for us TEXANS, its dang hot in July! October in San Antonio? Perfect. Absolutely gorgeous, temperate, perfect. And being able to shoot at night on the River Walk? Well now, someone from San Antonio just might break into the top 10.

    Bottom line… YES. Absolutely. No Point Not To.


  118. Hey Scott,

    I like both ideas. The lighting in the summer can be so harsh and the sun sets so late, that it can either be a challenging or late day. Early October would be great for both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres as it’s early autumn or early summer depending.

    Looking forward to my fourth Worldwide Photowalk.

    Ric Faust

  119. Hi Scott, please make it possible to go to another season, I missed out the 2009 and 2010 walk because of summer holidays with no internet or email access. So Fall would be great for me. As a 2008 local walk winner I would love to participate again.

    Keep up the good work,
    Cheers, Bas

  120. Fall is a much better time – for schedules and weather. I think a weekend is also a good idea to open it up more…but there’s something cool about the idea of all of the images being taken in one day.

  121. Yes and yes! I like the two days since if the Saturday doesn’t work I am almost always available on Sundays. I think we will have so many more people able to participate. Also I love the spring/fall idea. It is blazing hot around here in the summers. Plus how awesome will the colors be outside if you go with the fall!

  122. In the fall would work so much better for us here in Yuma, Arizona. Our weather is great that time of year.I do think we would have many more people joining the walk in the fall.

  123. I like the idea of having it for a weekend instead of just one day. I think that will increase particpation in my area. As far as the time of year, I think you are not going to get consensus on what season is best, since this is a worldwide event.

  124. Scott,
    I like both of the ideas. A weekend would give folks two opportunities to try to participate and I agree that an early fall weekend would be great. Some fall foliage shots in the northeast would be wonderful.

  125. #1 – Yes, but keep it to the 2 hour window. I like being forced to capture images within that limited time frame.

    #2 – As a part-time pro photographer fall is my busiest time of the year so I’d prefer spring or summer.

  126. Saturday/Sunday is a great idea- and you can add the option to do it BOTH days! I’d prefer Spring- but Fall works just as well also.

    Looking forward to my first walk!

  127. Not that I do a bunch of weddings, but I always thought Saturday was not the best choice, so an option would be great. Also, I signed up to do the walk last year but I was a no show because I just couldn’t leave the air conditioning. Yes, I know. I am a wimp, but upper 90’s in Kentucky was just too hot.

  128. Scott Kelby – may I remind you again of October 15th London. Who needs a greycard when you have a London sky !!
    This will be my first Photowalk so I’m really looking forward to it, July here would be good but i see your reasoning. Has to be one day though as Glyn said before, it makes it special knowing the whole world is doing it on the same day.
    Brilliant that it even happens and a good cause benefits from it !
    Right, must dash, I have chimneys to sweep ;)

  129. Great suggestions Scott but I think people are missing the point about a Saturday or Sunday walk. It’s not that the walk would be held on two days, it’s just either Saturday or Sunday. We make a pretty big production on our walk with a dinner afterward. Getting that organized for more than one day is going to be tough for some locations.

    As far as the timing goes, I think the fall will benefit most as the summers are getting to be brutal for most of the earth (not global warming arguments please). October is just about the time some of the northern states/provinces and countries start to see a significant change in temps so you really couldn’t afford to go any later than that.

  130. I would love to have the walk on a weekend! I would also take anytime other than the summer to do the walk. I live in the Palm Springs area, and 115 degree temps are a bit much for a long outing.

  131. Scott Kelby,

    I have participated the last 3 years and actualy it did cross my mind, why every time around the same time. And why only one day, why not a little bit more freedom to choose when you can walk.

    If you deside to do it in the weekend maybe you can let more people participate per city, around 60. 30 people on Saturday and 30 people on Sunday.
    Every year more people participate so maybe thats a way to let even more people participate.

    Greetings from Amsterdam – Holland
    Winner of the first walk:)

  132. Scott, I think it is good idea to find another time of year for the photowalk. It will provide an opportunity for different sorts of photos depending on the climate and hemisphere. I participate in a similar event each year called Day In North America (http://www.whiteriverproductions.com/shopcontent.asp?type=DINA). The organizers try to pick a different season each year so the photographs that come out are different and unique from previous events. They may repeat a ‘fall’ event every few years but will try to make it earlier or later to capture fall colors in different places.

    I’m indifferent on the photowalk weekend idea but it does have advantages to opening up opportunities to more hosts and participants. You might also consider including a Friday or Monday also for those countries that have a different weekend schedule than we do in the U.S. Also it may open up opportunities for people who work on some parts of the weekend.

    Most of all, keep it going! Have a get together with fellow photographers is always fun.

  133. I walk in the Metro Philadelphia area – I think October timeframe would be a nice change of pace and a great opportunity to setup walks around the more natural scenic outskirts of the city. That time of year the trees are turning, the suns not too hot, and there is plenty to offer. I know I walked with plenty of dedicated walkers last July but you could tell the heat was slowing some down.
    As far as making it a weekend event – I see that as an opportunity for the uber interested to join 2 or 3 groups and a chance to walk both days. Or I could walk with a Philly group and the next day with a NYC group. I know you said it would be for those to better adjust for thier schedule to attend, but I could see it as more time for more walkers.
    Either way – I support both ideas. Thanks!

  134. Because I live in New England, I love the idea of Autumn. I’m also in favor of he two day option. One idea I’ll like to offer is the idea of rating your leader. I have been to some photowalks and the support from the leaders is mostly poor.

  135. I agree, fall is a great time of the year to have the photo walk as it is a tad hot in St. Augustine Florida in July. Also weekend would be perfect as a Sunday works much better for me.

  136. Scott, After participating in all of the Photowalks in Cincinnati, I think it is a good idea for both suggestions. Isn’t variety the spice of life? I do think it would offer up the chance of more people to take advantage of the different times too. Just my two cents worth. Larry

  137. Not a huge fan of Saturday or Sunday, I’m alright with the walk remaining on Saturday.

    However, moving the date from the middle of July I think would increase the photo walkers just because I know that, if not for the heat, myself, as well as several other walkers, on both walks I’ve been on the past couple of years, would have done a second walk here in the Philly area. More people going on more walks equals more photo walkers or more photo walks with more participation and more amazing images being created and shared.

    My two cents…

  138. I would love two walks. I’ve never been able to participate in your walk because my wedding anniversary is July 18th and..you know, priorities. So if you had one in the fall or spring, I’m there!

  139. The weekend idea opens some more opportunities, both for those with a Saturday work commitment, and a Saturday Sabbath, so great idea.

    Personally I find late September, early October very busy, and would find April / May / early November ideal.

  140. I have participated in the last two walks, I have traveled both times out of the state in which I live, so I have used the event to get to know different places. Besides, there has been no walk planned until the last minute near where I live. Because of that I have been thinking that year I may just plan to lead a walk somewhere near my home. Having it in the fall of the year would be very cool, I mean the Maine coast with fall color doesn’t get much better. As far as the either day on a weekend, how about both days? Some of us just can’t get enough.

  141. I’d say yes to both, but especially #2. I was on the Ybor City walk with RC last year and to a person by the time the walk ended we were walking puddles of exhaustion. Everyone said the same thing – wow wouldn’t fall or spring be nicer?

  142. I would love to have the date changed to October. Nobody can wear the white photowalk t-shirts on the walk here in Southern Spain because they get soaked with sweat and become a little too transparent. I would love to be able to shoot without constantly blotting my camera’s viewfinder in the 115 degree heat.

    I love the option of Saturday or Sunday walk though it takes away some of the impact of all of us shooting on the same day. I’d love a Spring AND a Fall walk.

  143. The first weekend in October is an ideal time here in New England as fall color is nearing its peak just north of Boston. It is also Spring in the Southern Hemisphere with the opportunities that come with Spring. So, yes, provide two days for folks to participate and yes, move it to Fall.

  144. Scott, I live in the DC area and in late June and Early July the Smithsonian has Folk Life on the mall. They take a state and a country and build displays and have music and other cultural
    displays it’s a very interesting time . I think that it would make a wonderful Photowalk.
    where’s Dtown?

  145. Fall time in Florida is Hurricane season and can expect a forecast of rain. Spring is a little more optimum and seasonal snow birds can participate.
    My vote is for the double day in the spring.

  146. Why not have a Photo Walk “month” and let the walk leaders decide when during that month to hold a walk. This will provide people the opportunity to do multiple walks if they choose. It also allows any walk at the start of the month to get rescheduled should inclement weather cancel a walk. It will also allow for cities not to have massive throngs of people roaming around with cameras during certain time periods. Last year in DC, our group passed three different photo walks that started at different times. I am thinking a dedicated month to a walk and letting the leaders decide when to hold it would be the most beneficial suggestion.

  147. Yes! & Yes!
    I have been a walk leader for the past two years. Sat. a lot of people are still working and vacation time, an optional day would be great.
    July, soooooo HOT, the fall would be a welcome relief. Spring another good option.

  148. I think rotating it throughout the seasons would be awesome. If you do it over a weekend then folks have more choices and maybe attend two different walks over the weekend.

  149. Scott –

    The day was/is not really a factor as you announce it so far in advance, well – I feel there’s plenty of time to plan schedules to attend a walk (no matter where one is or will be). Having said this a photo walk weekend would be nice just to allow more participants and options. You may be complicating your life as more options (variables) allow for more complex logistics (equations). ;-)

    The time of year? Well there’s no way you’re gonna’ be able to accommodate every geographical preference. Personally, being in the North East, I like the warmer months as less gear is needed and comfortable outdoor walks are easier. Hot climates could do a pre-noon walk or late day walk? Or how about late spring (weekend before Memorial Day?) or late summer/early fall (say weekend in middle of September?)

    Just my little ‘ole ideas… Course, I love the established summer walks (there, how’s that for a waffling heap ‘o help).


    Take care!


  150. The multiple days would certainly be nice. Child care concerns have kept me out of the previous walks. I figure most walks wouldn’t want a 4 & 6 year old tagging along, even if they do have their own cameras. As far as the time of year is concerned all I have to say about that is Phoenix in July, lows in the 90’s.

  151. I like the concept that you can view what others see all in the same day…. a world snapshot… a 24 hour period time capsule. It makes it special. With plenty of advance notice people can plan for the event. The first photowalk I was on vacation and was able to attend a walk with strangers who became friends (thanks Jeff), what a great time. My opinion, thanks for reading.

  152. Hi Scott-

    I think both ideas are great. I’m in Columbus, Ohio and October here is a wonderful time for fall colors through the hills and parks here and the temps a wonderful for being outside all day with no discomfort.

    Having it on either Saturday or/and Sunday is also a wonderful idea. As I always say, the more the merrier !!!

    Keep up the great works and talk to you soon.

    Sincerely- Doug

  153. I like the idea of moving it to the fall (more possible photo ops) and not having the walk in the humid summers of Florida. :-)

    The 2 day spread might get complicated ( I agree with Doug) so my vote would be to keep Saturday.

    Walk leaders is another subject – how could you become a leader if the same people do it every year? Would you have a limit as to how many times a person could lead a walk? It seems you might be losing people if the same person and same walk is repeated every year in your area. Of course I know you can join other walks in other parts of the world which is also an option.

    Thanks for asking for our input – I look forward to this every year!

  154. I like the idea of having it in the spring or Fall – it will change up the types of shots in many areas from previous years. As for a whole weekend, I kind of like the single day worldwide event. Anybody can hold a photowalk on any day of the year for whatever purpose they choose, but for the sake of social media sanity and overall community, I think your photowalk is better served on a single united day.

  155. I think doing it on two days over a weekend would be good and what about possibly having one in the spring to early summer and then another one in early to mid fall.

  156. I say a Photowalk “weekend” would be awesome. Personally, I would still hold mine on Saturday. But for those who would prefer hosting or attending on Sunday, I say, go for it!

    I personally love Fall and hold photo walks in the Fall regardless. It would be awesome to be able to do a Fall walk as part of the Worldwide Photowalk. Either way, I will still host several walks during the different seasons. I agree with Doug Evans, you are not going to be able to please everyone when it comes to what time of year you have the WWPW. All that being said, I think walkers may be used to it being in the summer. Perhaps it is an issue of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

    Oh… and thanks for asking for everyone’s input. ;o)

  157. why not one in the fall and one in the spring best of both worlds. not sure i like the idea of sat and sunday kinda takes the fun out of the everyone doing it at the same time concept.

  158. My preference would be to still have it in the Summer. The idea of a Photowalk weekend sounds great. I have participated in all 3 of the SK Photowalks to date and they have been great. Thanks.

  159. Of course, if you do them on two days, then mightn’t you get two walks in the same city that would normally only support one? If you’re doing prizes, it could be significantly more…have you talked to peach pit about this?

  160. Fall with choice of days would be a welcome change. Our area is over 100 night and day in summer. Spring in alternate years would allow most folks a chance to participate. Thank you for listening to our request.

  161. I think having it just one day is less confusing. If announced far enough ahead, people can plan for it.

    As for moving it to another time of year, I think moving it away from mid-summer (or mid-winter in the Southern Hemisphere) is a good idea. Fall or spring might encourage more to participate. Of course, if you live in the tropics, where it’s hot and humid every day, it doesn’t make a difference.

  162. Sounds like many are saying the same as I would that Sat/Sun option is great and Fall is a great idea. Here in the south we wake up in the A/C and go to bed in the A/C and don’t do anything that requires the outdoors, except swimming, from June to Oct ;-) Even trying to do anything morn or eve is crazy humid and miserable.
    I’ve never been on one, will need to read up on what it actually is, lol

  163. I like the idea of the weekend but the time of year is great in the summer. The weather here could be a major issue in the spring or fall so getting to the walk may be a problem depending on how early or late in the season it would be. I am looking forward to the walk and hope when you do decide on the time I can make it.

  164. Scott,

    1. PhotoWalk weekend is a great idea. Even though as some have said that it’s planned well in advance so are many other events that can’t be missed. Kid’s soccer games, B-day parties, NJ Balloon Festival. Yes this happened to me. My wife and I wanted very badly to attend both the Photo walk and the Ballon festival so we picked a photo walk that fit our schedule but man was it tight. We got up for the morning balloon take off, then rushed back for a 40 min drive to make the photo walk. Then had some lunch and back tot he balloon festival to get some good seating to photograph the evening balloon launch. What a day….. But we did it.

    A photo weekend would have been better because we had nothing going on on Sunday. We were lucky and I drive very fast….. ;-) But not everyone will be able to pull something like this off.

    2. A fall PhotoWalk weekend. Keep in mind that this is a “WORLDWIDE” PhotoWalk so temperature wise the fall may be good for those in the states and Canada but may not be so great in some parts of the world. Honestly you probably can’t win this one. Personally Fall is nice because it’s cooler then the middle of July…. Did I mention sweating like a dog during last year’s photo walk and baloon festival….. I still wouldn’t have missed it for the world. So I’m good with any time of year you choose.

    I think since it is you and your team that organize it from the top that it should be during a time of year that best fits into your schedule and not so much us photowalkers. As it will be hot or cold, rainy or sunny, colorful or not someplace in the world no matter what day/weekend you choose.

    I hope this helps,

    Luis Morales
    2005 DLWS Acadia National Park

  165. As a Seattle native i would vote for spring. While our falls can be very pretty as the trees start changing color. The odds of actually having the date chosen happen when itisn’t raining, and isn’t 100% overcast are about as likely as me landing a date with Angelina Jolie. Sure we get a handful of nice days each October, but that’s about it.. meaning the walk would have about 20% odds of not being a total wash(rain? lol) This is pretty much the same for a lot of northern states as well.

    Spring i think would be a much better choice if your trying to meet the needs of all regions of North America(and the rest of the world). So long as you have it past Monsoon season in other parts of the world, and before it gets too hot(july) then it would be the best bet for photographers wanting to participate in this event.

  166. Saturday’s are only good for me because I will be in church on Sunday. Fall will be great! I always have so many commitments in the summer that I missed all the walks. Thanks for hearing our input.

  167. no problem for weekend.. great idea to move the date out of the hottest days of summer in Europe (and US) when everyone is thinking holidays and vacation.. maybe after mid September is ok.

    hope to be a leader this year too!

  168. I totally agree with October. Currently the temps are poles apart, It would be better to pick a more reasonable time of year, where it neither too hot or too cold.

  169. Yes, cooler weather for the US would be great, preferrable fall. As long as the leader only schedules one walk it would not matter if it was Saturday or Sunday.

    By the way, is there a defined method for the leader to choose a photo? Last year our leader was too inexperienced and when each photo was submitted she assigned it a number then just drew a number to declare a winner. Some photos were really great and deserved consideration based on composition and quality (not mine)! As the last few people came to the meeting location she did not greet them and they walked off and left. Also is there an age limit for the younger set?
    Thanks for listening!

  170. This is a Worldwide event, so there is no one time of the year that is everyone’s favorite. Personally, I’d leave it in July. It’s hot some places, cold others. So what? There are so many events fall and spring (including Photoshop World) for everyone – family/school/work schedules get hairy. Everyone knows that your Worldwide Walk is in July and can plan around that.

    A weekend – sure, why not. But, more than that? Then, the event loses it’s uniqueness — the idea of thousands of photographers all over the world doing the same thing on the same day (almost) and coming together to share the images. Way Cool!!!!

    I hope to participate again in whatever you decide. But, don’t tinker too much with the original concept.

  171. My vote is for one weekend and let it be September. As some have suggested, every month, day or season is going to be a challenge in some area of the world.
    May I be so bold as to offer one other suggestion. I have a passion for the environment and love to discuss the beauty of the world through my photographs. Would it be possible to actually have the Kelby Walk devoted to a “view of mother earth, let’s keep her healthy”. Your reach is so wide, your endorsement of an initiative would make a world of difference (no pun intended)

  172. I like the idea of doing it over a weekend. I know several people that wouldn’t be able to attend on a Saturday due to religious observances (the B&H guys for example), likewise with doing it only on a Sunday. Making both days available would definitely make it easier for people to attend who might night otherwise.

    I’d also welcome a change of date. July is at the extreme end of the spectrum for both hemispheres, whereas spring or autumn, would allow for more moderate temperatures.

  173. Living just down the road from you in Bradenton, I vote for a fall photowalk. I think a weekend would be great so we can do more than one photowalk. Thanks for organizing the event every year!

  174. I love the idea of Photowalk Weekend – greater flexibility is a good idea for everyone.

    I also think putting it in Fall/Spring is good for all, remember, whilst the majority of photowalkers probably live in the northern hemisphere, lets not forget us down the bottom of the globe! Whilst you guys are sweating it up, we have been freezing! I think putting it in Autumn/Spring will be good for the whole world, afterall, it is the Worldwide Photo Walk!

  175. Fall or spring would generally offer folks around the globe milder temperatures than the summer/winter combo so moving might be a reasonable option.

    For myself I prefer a Saturday having church commitments on Sunday, but A two-day option could be a good thing since there are a lot of folks with Saturdays full and Sundays not so much. This could also open up more walks in each location so people might have a better chance to get to know their fellow walkers.

    Whatever you do, I am always amazed at the logistics involved. The previous two walks that I have attended have been awesome. My only real quibble is that the team pictures never seem to be offered to the walkers to d/l so they can share that memory in an image. I hope these walks go on for a long, long time!

  176. Everyone one has made good points for one way or the other but I’m a Traditionalist and would like it to remain as is. One Day, One Walk, Worldwide just sounds best to me. How many different cities/towns could we cover this year?
    There are so many variables involved that changes would great different variables … then what? We vote again to change! It was very hot in NY during last years walk, should have done it earlier or later in the day not under midday sun (also difficult light to shoot under).

    I say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  177. I like the idea of having the walk during the whole weekend, it gives those who can’t make it on Saturday another opportunity to join in the walk. I have no problems with the time of year. However, if I were to change it, I would rather change it to spring.

    1. Hi!

      When thinking about changing the time of the year, remember that this is a worldwide event and that some places might have other weather conditions than Tampa. So to make this as enjoyable to all the participants world wide I hope it will be held in the summer.


  178. I have enjoyed the photo walk’s I participated in and vote a change in the time of year. I don’t feel an entire weekend is critical to hold the walk, it’s hard to block out an entire weekend for most of us parents.

  179. I like the idea of having ‘the walk’ over two days. I would prefer to have the walk in the Summer. The weather in the Fall is even more unpredictable than in the Summer

  180. I vote for fall first, spring second. The summer one is way too hot and the bright sun added challenges to the walk that proved to be frustrating at times. I also like the walk spread over 2 days.

  181. I would do walks twice a year. First week of August and first week of February. Satisfies seasonal “equality” with the hemispheres. Challenges photographers to do both winter and summer pics. (People shouldn’t be looking for an “easy” time of year to shoot.) Allow people to hold it on either day of the weekend. Allow 7 days to upload.
    Separate out the Flickr site pics by continent. This past year’s site is way too big to wade through and it also appears to have pics that couldn’t have been done on photo walks.
    I thought everyone was doing this to support the orphanage and I figured everyone bought T-shirts. I was shocked when I showed up as the only person wearing one. That was very disappointing. I know it shouldn’t be a qualification to join in a photowalk but …… maybe I’m mistaken and this wasn’t to help support the orphanage.
    Needless to say, it was my first walk and not my last. I met some very nice people and enjoyed talking photography with them. No matter what the choice, thanks Scott for bringing us all together and doing all that you do for “the industry” (profession, hobby, addiction, etc).

  182. If I had my choice, we would do this 4 times a year, so we could get all kinds of different photos. I suppose, though, that that would stretch the sponsoring a bit :P. If it has to be once a year, though, then fall or spring is better than the dead of summer or winter.
    As for the whole weekend thing, that would be great. I have a ton of orthodox Jewish friends who were really sad that they couldn’t participate because it was on Shabbat.

  183. Great idea, yes make the photowalk a weekend, that would give people a choice of Saturday or Sunday with popular walks being both days?

    Regarding time year, as this event is worldwide and it’s different season’s / weather across the planet, why not make the walk 4 times (weekends) a year and let the walk leader plan the best time for the local weather?

  184. I like being able to get out and shoot with others so I would have to say my first choice would be 2 different events during the Spring and Fall. You have a wider variety of photographs than if you did it just once.

    With that said, I would have to put my vote in for Late Spring due the weather.

  185. I’m all for the 4 times a year!!! :-)) Fall is my favorite time of the year…but spring has its pluses…and since I’m in the Midwest…summer is good too. So…maybe you should alternate it each year. Fall, spring, summer. Fall, spring summer. This would give everyone a chance to ‘shine’ in a particular season, give us all practice where we might need it in different temps/lights/subject matter.
    As for a full weekend…I actually thought you meant to be able to photograph for the entire weekend. hehehe….Okay…having the option is great.

  186. I like the idea of having it the 1st weekend in October… Summer is holiday season over here, and most people are not in town over weekend… I personally prefer 24 hours of a single day which gives much more simultaneousness, which is a nice concept.


  187. I think Spring or Fall would be much better. Which ever one you pick in one hemisphere it will be the opposite in the other so it shoud provide more temperant weather than Summer or Winter. We had several people unable to participate this past year because of the extreme heat and humidity, and some people got sick on the walk from the heat.

    I think a weekend would be a better idea, but I think it should still only be one day. Each leader could pick the best day (Saturday or Sunday) that fits their community for everyone to participate.

    Either way whatever is decided, I’m really looking forward to another photowalk. Thanks Scott for creating this wonderful opportunity to share our love of photography.

  188. I joined the walk for the first time last year and really enjoyed it. ‘Whatever-day’ is acceptabe to me, come rain, hail or shine. People may need to slow down a bit if it is too hot and/or just shorten the walk, pause at an ice cream parlour/van, sit in the shade and see what they can see from a limited vantage point. That can be interesting and challenging too. Thanks Scott for organizing all this!

  189. I am from Cape Town, South Africa and took part last year for the first time. A Photo Walk Weekend sounds brilliant and I am sure it would work over here. October is better weather wise for us as well as July is in the middle of winter although we had a stunning day for the walk last year, but this is not always guaranteed.

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