Hi Gang: I was hoping to get your input on two ideas that people who have participated on my previous three Photo Walks have put out there, and I think they’re really worth considering. Here they are:

(1) Making it a “Photo Walk” Weekend
The idea here is that the Photo Walk leaders could choose to hold their local Photo Walk on either Saturday or Sunday, rather than just Saturday. That would let a lot more people participate in walks.

(2) Changing the Time of Year
When I initially choose the date for the first Photo Walk, I chose it to coincide with the release of my first Lightroom book (which the walk leaders and winners of local walks would receive), which put the walk in the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. But obviously, now we could change it to either Spring or Fall, when there’s a much better chance for better, more temperate weather. Because of other commitments here at Kelby Media Group, this would mean holding it in the Fall this year, which would move the date back by at least two to two-and-a-half months (likely around the first weekend in October).

I’m actually open to both of these ideas, but I’d love to get your feedback, as we’re trying to plan way ahead. Let me know what you think—I’d really love to get your take on all this.

Many thanks,


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