If you missed last night’s NAPP-a-Thon….

…..we’re replaying it all day, continuously today, until 10:00 pm tonight.

If you missed it, it was a free three-hour live broadcast designed to let people know all about NAPP (what we do, what we’re about, what kind of training we offer, etc.) and we had all sorts of special deals (that are still good until 10:00 pm EST tonight).

Basically it was kind of like a NAPP infomercial, hosted by our own Larry Becker, but with lots of live Photoshop training from Dave, Matt, RC, Corey and I, (and I did a live shoot and retouch). We also and shared some of our Photoshop World keynote videos and fake commercials, and we took your questions live on the air, and well…it was an awful lot of fun, and we got tons of great feedback (thanks to everybody who tuned in live).

We had thousands of people watching live, and last night, during the live broadcast, our phone lines were absolutely slammed as people all over joined right there on the spot.

Anyway, if you missed it, it’s playing right now (until 10:00 pm tonight), and if you’ve ever wanted to know about NAPP, what we offer, why it’s worth it, and even catch a behind-the-scenes look at NAPP’s Headquarters (from RC), make sure you check it out. Here’s the link.

  1. Well here I am up with a wretched case of heartburn and catching up on my blog reading.
    Totally missed the live NAPPathon but I’ll catch it later today I’m sure.

    Your post about your trip to Hawaii gave me the beat idea for Christmas presents for some family members. Canvas prints! God bless heartburn and Scott Kelbys early morning posts lol

    I just started what is and (I hope will stay) a dream job for me and the last two weeks have been a blur but a fabulous blur and now all my NAPP studies are really being put to the test and I’m loving every minute of it. I’ll spare the details but let’s just say that I now get to mix my two passions design/photography and companion animals all into one.

    Thanks for being part of my on going education and inspiration

    1. Ps also loved the guest blog this week. I’ve done creative work for non profits before and still am these days. I think this weeks guest explained it’s rewards beautifully

  2. Scott and Gang, I missed the first hour last night, but I can tell you that the last two hours were something to behold! :-) You guys are insane! Loved all the commercials on unreal stuff! The one with you guys being musical artist was AWESOME! I laughed out loud and my wife wanted to know what I was watching! Had a GREAT time and the hours went fast! GREAT JOB GUYS, and thanks for the FREE entertainment! :-)


  3. Scott,

    I really enjoyed your 10 Essential Studio Techniques very much.

    I want to buy the Westcott hair light that you mentioned. I went to your gear list on scottkelby.com and I saw this item below – the 12 x 36


    When I click on it, it brings to the larger Westcott box 12×50.

    Which one did you use as an example in that video?


    -Paul Carlberg

  4. This is really beginning to SUCK!!

    I can not view this and increasingly more stuff from Kelby Media on my IPad. You need to check out one of these things :)

    I think that they may begin catching on… Maybe even with photographers.


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