Announcing: Photo Recipes 2: Behind the Scenes

I know it’s technically not Pimpy Thursday, but I just found out the follow-up to one of my most popular training projects ever; Photo Recipes Live, is now on its way to bookstores. It’s called (wait for it, wait for it)….…..”Photo Recipes Live 2″

This is a combo DVD/Book set based on the final chapter of my books, “The Digital Photography Book” (Volumes 1, 2, & 3) where I show a particular shot or “look” and then I show exactly how you can recreate that same look, including all the lighting, softboxes, camera settings—the works (I don’t leave anything out!).

In this new Part 2, I take you (and a video camera crew) with me, behind the scenes, on location to a very cool Miami Beach studio set, and then out to Miami Beach itself, where you’ll learn the step-by-step techniques on how to set-up and light a host of different really popular lighting styles for portraits.

I’m really excited about how this one came out, and if you liked the original, I think you’ll really love this all new training combo even more. These should be in bookstores very soon and you can preorder yours right now at (they have it for only $29.69) or Barnes & Noble, or wherever cool books and DVD are sold.

  1. Following on from the first Photo Recipes this is bound to be a winner!
    Quick question for you Scott…is it likely to be released as a downloadable iPad App just like the first? You see now I’ve taken the plunge and finally got round to ‘investing’ in one I’m on an App hunt :)


  2. I’d just like a version that’s a real video DVD so I can watch it on a big flat screen and take notes, setup my own equipment while watching. Kind of hard to do stuck with a data DVD running flash (yuck! bye bye, battery) video on my laptop. Absolutely loved the information from the first one but if this one is formatted the same way I’m going to have to pass.

  3. Scott, You must have a great team in order to write books, edit photos, write a magazine, Photograph everything, stand in front of a camera for Photoshop user TV and dtown every week, your daily blog and the many other thing you are involved with. My hat goes of to you an YOUR TEAM! Keep up the awesome work

  4. Hey Scott,
    I already loved the first Part on the iPad, I can watch it anywhere any time, so I hope the 2nd Part will also be coming out for the iPad.
    Thanks for the grate Work.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  5. Loved the first one so this is a no brainer purchase for me. The first one has really made me want to progress into studio photography – need santa to bring me some lights first though! As an amateur starting out on a tight budget, if you or any of your readers have any recommendations for a starter lighting kit I’d be really grateful. Im based in UK and have ear marked the Elinchrom D-Lite it 4 Studio 2 Go Set. Thanks!

  6. Hi Scott (Brad),
    I loved the first issue of this package. It’s nice to have it on my iPhone to watch when I’m waiting for anything. I will buy this second edition, however I would much rather buy it directly from Kelby Training like I’m about to do with Matt’s second Layers book.

    Any news as to when you will have it there?

  7. Please understand that I have a bookcase full of “Kelby” and a NAPP/Training membership that runs through 2011/2012. Can you provide more detail about the DVD/book detailing whats there that isn’t found “anywhere” else? Thanks.

  8. I can’t wait to get it. The only thing for future versions I would like to see a graphic layout much like what Joe McNally does in his books wether hand drawn or a computer file. Some times the layout makes everything work for me, List all things used and settings so that if someone wanted to recreate the image to learn from then modify to make our own.

  9. Hi Scott, I was just wondering if you were going to be at the Pats vs. Bears game this weekend. I won a trip at work to fly on the Pats team jet, with a field visit before the game. We will arrive on Saturday. If you are going to be at the game I would like to meet you if possible. Since I wont be on the field during the game, I will not be bringing my gear, just a point and shoot. Well, maybe I will see you in Chicago.

  10. Scott, I’ve been shooting for over thirty years, but I still pick up some tips from your books. You write in a way that helps people pick things up so easily…thanks!

    ps…if anyone here does not subscribe to KelbyTraining, you don’t know what you’re missing…very informative and fun to watch. The Jay Maisel one was amazing!

  11. Hi Scott–off topic here–Can you consider doing another Topaz Labs promo? Pretty Please? With sugar on top? They’ve made so many advances since last year!!

  12. Scott, I normally would not write this but I wanted to provide an objective POV. This isn’t meant to be added to this thread so I’m not upset if it doesn’t appear. I’m an avid blog follower and I definitely think your books are the best out there but its gotten a little too pimpy for me lately on the blog.

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