If you missed this week’s episode of “The Grid”….

….don’t worry — I’ve got the free rebroadcast right here! :-)

This week we had our friend, and social media magnate, Scott Bourne (of PhotoFocus.com), as our in-studio guest, along with my totally awesome (and hilarious) wife Kalebra, and the whole show is about Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest for photographers.

As it turned out, we wound up with some really great information on Pinterest, so if you’re wondering what it’s all about (now that it has mushroomed into the 3rd largest social media network), you’ll learn a lot in this episode (we’re getting all kinds of emails, comments, and notes about people who joined Pinterest after watching this episode).

Hope you guys enjoy the show, and hope you have a kick-butt weekend.

P.S. Monday, we have some really HUGE news, so make sure you here for the big announcement. Mmmm. Announcement. ;-)

  1. Scott Bourne is knowledgable and he is charming with people that he likes.  However, be careful raising questions about anything that he says (no matter where he says it).  He is the master of the pompous putdown and he doesn’t listen very well to what you say.

    1. Translating Jack’s comment – “Scott Bourne won’t let you get away with trying to claim you speak for others when you don’t and when you misrepresent him he will call you on it.” Sorry if I offended you Jack but I tend to do that when dealing with passive aggressive people. I’ll try to get better. If you try too. :)

  2. Regarding Pinterest – photographers need to keep an open mind on it.  The pins are linked to the site the photos were found and repins link back to that also.  It gets a photo and the photographer out there in the public eye and folks (and business) get driven back to the site – blog, 500px etc – where they will see the photographer’s work and maybe buy some of it.  Perhaps like your pass it forward post (the shoot contest) someone of real import might see a photo and make an amateur photographers day or even life.  

  3. Started to use Pinterest now I am better informed Very very enjoyable show today. Have to say that I really enjoyed the humour and the connection shown between Scott and Kalebra (and yes Scott B was very good as well.). We need more of this please as it vas very informative and educates and informs people to make up their own minds. Know the Scott K and Scott B have a vast amount of knowledge about the industry and I also know that Kalebra and Nancy have a vast amount of knowledge about the industry and is very creative but they brings a balance to the episode seeing things from a different perspective. Its always good to see things from a different point of view.

    Please keep up the contention and see thing differently. 

    “The nail that sticks out farthest gets hammered the hardest.” 
    ? Patrick Jones, Nailed

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