Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! in London
This is it… Scott Kelby’s last ever, Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! seminar in the world. Come be part of this once-in-a-lifetime, history-making event! Think of the stories you’ll have to tell your children… “There I was, just mere yards away from him, watching Scott Kelby explain the importance of using eggcrate grids with strip banks, and, all at once… it… just… CLICKED.” ;-)

Okay, seriously though, we would be delighted for you to come spend the day with us in Islington, London on Saturday April 28. We’ve had tons of great feedback from attendees, and it’s been a really fun tour to do. We hope you’ll join us for the finale of this highly informative, yet fun and entertaining tour!

Leave a comment for your chance to win one of two tickets!

Lightroom 4 Live
Matt Kloskowski is hitting the road soon with the all new Lightroom 4 Live tour. He’s hitting Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Chicago this month, and more cities will be scheduled soon. Check out for all the dates and details!

Leave a comment for your chance to win one of three tickets! Just make sure you say which city :-)

David Ziser’s Live Wedding Shoot DVD
Wedding season is  upon us and if you’re a wedding photographer or if you’re aspiring to be one, this DVD is a must-watch for you. Nationally-recognized wedding photographer David Ziser takes you through a wedding shoot from start to finish â” and when he says start to finish he means it. From getting ready with the bride in the morning to taking the required outdoor shots no matter the light quality and discreetly using a flash to capture the ceremony to covering the reception so nothing is missed, David shares his entire workflow method and experiences from more than 25 years in the business. Love is in the air and so are cool wedding photography DVDs, so leave a comment to win a copy of Live Wedding Shoot: From Start to Finish and we’ll randomly draw 3 winners from the comments.
If you’ve ever been to The Art of Digital Photography panel at Photoshop World, you know that Joe Glyda is the master of the self assignment. The latest class from Kelby Training is just that… Giving Yourself A Photography Assignment! Joe gets you thinking differently, outside of your normal routine, to renew your creativity and see things in a different light.

FREE Downloads from OnOne Software
Perfect Layers 2 is now available for free, giving every photographer the ability to create the images they envision. Use tools designed specifically for photographers to easily combine images and blend exposures, create layer masks, build composites, and moreâ”giving you endless creative options.

Perfect Layers 2 also allows you to use the workflow of your choice, giving you a seamless way to create layered files with your images directly from Lightroom, Aperture, or by using it as a standalone application.
And Perfect Effects 3 Free is a great way to add a heavy dose of excitement or a subtle amount of elegance to your photos. Based on the full-featured Perfect Effects 3, this free version includes over two dozen effects that will enhance and stylize your photos.
Get live previews of each effect along with the ability to adjust the strength and where the effect is placed on your photo. Perfect Effects 3 Free can be used as a plug-in directly within Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom or Aperture. You can even use Perfect Effects 3 Free on its own as a standalone application and get more effects from the onOne Marketplace.

Photoshop Quiz Game from Dave Cross
As previously mentioned, Photoshop Quiz Game from Dave Cross is a new game show style app that tests your knowledge of Photoshop. Now that the app has been released, Dave is giving away three free downloads! Just leave a comment for your chance to win one of these three giveaways.

Last Week’s Winners
The lucky winners of last week’s giveaways are…

Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! London
Taz Hussain and Jude

The Digital Photography Book Library
Michael Lane

The iPhone Book, Fifth Edition
Darrell Peterson

Congratulations everyone, and we’ll be in touch soon!

That’s it for today. Have a great Thursday, and remember to be careful while texting and walking

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  1. Enter me for the David Ziser’s  DVD pretty and handsome please.

  2. David Ziser or the photoshop quiz app would be cool.

  3. I’d love to have that David Ziser DVD. Have a great day everyone :-)

  4. The London event would be perfect for me as I live in Paris, France ;)

  5. Free is always awesome.  Chicago.

  6. That wedding DVD sounds really interesting. Would love to win that

  7. Would love to attend Matt’s Lightroom 4 Tour in Los Angeles! I need this experience with the Matt-ster! Thanks!

  8. I’d love to win the David Ziser DVD.  Thank you so much for the giveaway opportunity!

  9. In for the David Ziser DVD… would be a fantastic supplementary to the Captured By The Light Book!

  10. I so want that DVD for wedding photography… I’d actually take anything if I can get it for free…. Please pick me!!

  11. Thanks for considering me for Mat’s LA seminar!

  12. Thanks for the chance to win the David Ziser Wedding DVD… I would love it!!

  13. I would love to have Perfect Layers 2! Good stuff Brad!

  14. Please consider me for the David Ziser wedding DVD.

  15. Really enjoyed Joe McNally’s class in London a couple of years ago. Would love to be part of Scott’s class too. just a short hop from Ireland!


  16. Hi guys! I won Dre Gardners DVD a couple weeks ago but never heard from anyone. Don’t you need my address or something so you can send it to me? Thanks a bunch.

  17. Hope I win. Great stuff to be had.

  18. I’m up for a chance at the free tickets for islington, if i win i’ll treat you to some authentic jellied eels… or a Mc D’s if you prefer?

  19. Hey my ex-wife took almost everything….would be nice to get something back and win the wedding DVD! Good luck to all!

  20. Hi.

    Love your teaching methods, just have to see a video almost every day :-) I would be really glad to come se you in the UK :-)

  21. Really looking forward to Scott’s class in Islington, though my wife would love to come too if there’s a spare ticket ; )

  22. We would love to come to London, we are beginners in studiolightning en we could learn so much.

  23. Would be great to see the Light It seminar in London, I would love to win it.

  24. I’d like a copy of the wedding DVD please :)

  25. I would like to see Matt in LA or the Wedding DVD! Thanks! Matt and Scott are a huge inspiration to me!

  26. Looking forward to the 28th to see Scott working.

  27. Hi Scott, I got so much out of the Kilby Training episode like this day you’re offering. I am in Nova Scotia Canada and I have learned so much from you. My fav are your days with Jay Maisel. I have gotten so many good shots just by leaving my camera on and lens cap off!!!  I would love to meet you in London! In any case have a great time. 
    Lynn Ellis

  28. Would love to win one of David Ziser’s DVDs! Thanks for the info Brad!

  29. I often watch The Grid, it’s informative knockabout stuff, making the transfer of knowledge fun. It’s a rare gift. Keep up the good work. I wonder if it’s a good live ?

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  39. Man would I love to get that Wedding DVD!

  40. Good morning to everyone! :D I would love to assist the conference in Islington, I’m studying environmental science at Kingston University (London, UK) and as I’ve always said a good pic can change the world. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to show a picture and make my little contribution to the preservation of the world :D Scott Kelby you are amazing!!! Thank you for this great opportunity 

  41. London tickets would be great

  42. Would love the Wedding DVD

  43. As usual, on for DVD’s, since seminars are quite far from Germany (even the one in London :-) ).

  44. So here I am as I mentioned on the Grid some episodes ago I’m about to embark on a mighty new challenge, I have resigned from my steady day time job of shooting babies to going out on my own , a new challenge and fairly nervous but then I think that’s healthy. So what better way to kick off my new adventure than to attend Scott’s LSR class across the pond end of the month. So I’m really looking forward to the class and perhaps meeting and having a chat with Scott. So see you all soon.

  45. Learning from Joe Glyda would be wonderful.  I would love to win  Thanks!

  46. Great prizes today!  I love free stuff Thursday.

  47. Oooh, Scott Kelby in London would be amazing, I’m only an hour away, and it’s something I could really do with. I’ll be able to sing your praises on my website too!  

  48. Me! Me! Me! Pick me!!!

  49. I’d really like to be able to see Scott at the London show of LSR Live. I got the book and it is superb!

  50. Oh Islington :-) i work just down the road and would love to come to this event.

  51. london sounds not too bad;)

  52. Ooooh i want to be drawn  for the DVD – austria is quite far to got to LA ;)

  53. London huh? I hope you get some awesome pix in my absence.

  54. sounds like an amazing experience

  55. Always fun to read!

  56. I would love a ticket to see Matt in Minneapolis!

  57. Hi guys, I would love to win the pass to the event in the UK.  That does come with Flight, hotel, meals, and admission, Right?  :)  If this is the case, I’m in Baby!!  Wink Wink!!!
    See ya,

  58. Count me in for a chance to win Davids Wedding Video!

  59. Free stuff? The more I learn, the I need! You are a great teacher!

  60. I can’t go to England, but I’d be a winner anyway if I’m picked for something else.

  61. I live in Wales London is about 3hrs away so doable if I win :-)

  62. Would love to check out Joe’s class on Love the blog.

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  64. On what?  OnOne! or the wedding DVD LOL

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  66. PICK ME! PICK ME! I am really interested in David Ziser’s Live Wedding Shoot DVD. I’m an aspiring wedding photographer. Thank you for free stuff Thursday!

  67. Always interested in soaking up more knowledge from Mr. Ziser.

  68. I could use some wedding tips! Always learning…

  69. Really enjoyed the show in Amsterdam. Love to go again, but hard to justify. I’d also like to see someone from here organise an after show photo walk along the South Bank finishing in Chinatown.

  70. It would be great to see Matt’s Chicago class.  The wedding DVD would be good too.  Thanks!

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  72. I would like the Wedding DVD.  I’m starting work as a second shooter and have also been asked to partner up with a couple of wedding planners.  Big step. 

  73. I would like to have one of the David Ziser DVDs!

  74. London? WOO…I’ve never been anywhere but Canada..our 51st State. :)

  75. Thanks for all the fun stuff you do on Thursdays, Scott!  I have enjoyed reading your blog for several years!


  76. por favor…please.. s’il vous plait….pick me…pick mee……would love the David Ziser’s Live Wedding Shoot DVD…..

  77. If you pick my name, Dave Ziser’s DVD would be appreciated! He’s a great resource.

  78. I love me some Ziser, Kelby and Kloskowski but I can’t get to London and Matt isn’t coming to Dallas so I guess I’ll settle for Ziser on DVD!

  79. Would love to get a copy of the Wedding DVD. Have seen it at other KT seminars, which btw are always extremely well done and a great day of inspiration and information. And the workbooks are a huge bonus. Keep up the great work

  80. Any chance of you coming to Norway for a seminar?

  81. Lightroom 4 – Minneapolis.  Love free stuff!

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  87. Great post,
    Would love to watch M. Ziser’s DVD

  88. I would love to meet Matt in person in Chicago.  I just ordered Lightroom 4 and waiting for teh new version of the book to come in the mail.

    Glenn N

  89. I’d like to see Matt in Chicago or a DVD

  90. Would like Dave’s new app.

  91. I would like to see Matt In LA (I use a bunch of Matt’s LR presets) or the Wedding DVD

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  93. Send one of the winning tickets to the Lightroom 4 seminar to me in L.A.

  94. It’s Free Stuff Thursday is a great post

  95. I would love to travel to the Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. LIVE! in London or win a Wedding DVD

  96. I agreed to shoot my niece’s wedding this summer so I would love to have the Wedding DVD to help me!  Getting it free would be the bomb!!!  And I just bought Lightroom 4 so any help learning that would be super too!  I love reading your stuff!  Enjoyed the live taping of Crush the Composition last summer in Tampa as my first exposure to Scott’s live teaching.  Previously had just read #1-#3 of the Digital Photography books. 

  97. David Ziser’s Live Wedding Shoot DVD Would be a great win!!!  Thanks!

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  106. As a fellow Canadian I would love Dave Cross’s app. Thanks for the chance to win!

  107. Have a few weddings to shoot this year, and what a better way to learn some of the ropes prior to me shooting than with David’s DVD!

  108. Would like to see a hands on for a lightroom beginner.  :-)

  109. Hey, I grew up very near the border with Canada, so I understand DaveCrossSpeak. I’d love to have his new app! 

  110. This is my first comment here, but I have been going crazy over your blog for the past few days!!  I feel like a sponge that just can’t get enough information!! :D  I plan on getting Lightroom 4 next week so I would love to see Matt in Chicago.  I also have some wedding shoots so David Ziser’s DVD would be awesome too!  Thanks for being such a great resource!
    P.S. I your photo recipes app got me started in my photographic pursuits, thank you so much for that!! 

  111. I’d be thrilled to see Matt’s L4 presentation in Minneapolis on the 23rd.

  112. Can it get any more exciting ? 

  113. would love the quiz game from dave cross

  114. David Zizer’s Wedding DVD! That would definitely be the icing on the “wedding” cake.

  115. Thanking you in advance for the Wedding DVD! Though I’d rather take a needle in the eye than shoot a wedding!

  116. I’d like to win the David Ziser DVD

  117. Hi Guy’s some great give aways here, thank you…….

  118. I’m absolutely devastated! I live in Norway, and will be in London that weekend, doing something else… Tough luck!

    Well, my Roller Derby team has paid much of the airfare and hotel so I guess they’ll be less than happy if I attend a photography seminar instead of learning more about being a Roller Derby refree.

    Scott, if you have time on sunday 29th, it would be awesome if you sneak in to the RD workshop to shoot some photos ;)

  119. Would love to win David Ziser’s wedding DVD!  For that matter, would love to win anything Photography related :) 

  120. I’d enjoy Dave’s app for the iPad. Thanks.

  121. Free! Free! Free!

  122. I am planning on seeing Matt in Chicago so a free ticket for Chicago would be awesome!

  123. Just getting started, I have done a couple weddings and can use all the help I can get and this looks like it would be perfect :-)

  124. I’d love to win the Ziser wedding DVD. I love his work.

    I’m not complaining but I do wonder about why the OnOne software is free. 

  125. I would love to win the Wedding DVD!  Thank you!!

  126. wow, i would love to see that Live Wedding Shoot DVD…. sounds super interesting :D

  127. I want to be a winner!  The wedding DVD sounds incredible as well as the Joe Glyda self-assignment!

  128. ..let’s try!I’ve already booked for the seminar….but may I could win my ticket!!
    Greatings from Firenze Italy

  129. Great stuff this week . . can’t wait to win! :D

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  131. Free is always GOOD!!

  132. Love the “texting and walking” video! Awesome!

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  135. Would be awesome to see Scott and the team in London.

  136. Send Matt to Atlanta with the Lightroom course!

  137. Thanks for another great group of giveaways.  Would love to get the David Ziser Live Wedding Shoot.

  138. London Lights…wish I was there! Have fun :D

  139. More give-aways?  I would love the David Ziser DVD.  When is Matt coming to DC for the LR tour?

  140. Ah, it’s free stuff Thursday and I must comment to win Matt in Chicago or David Ziser’s DVD. Thanks!!

  141. Scott’s LiSiRi Live was the highlight last year for me in Toronto. Absolutely spectacular. Special guest Terry White. …anyway, now im looking for seminar dates in Canada in the tour calendar on, and its not there… please.. come

  142. Thank you for the oppoortunity to own David Zier’s weddding guide.

  143. Cant wait for Matt to bring LR4 tour to South Fla area. Till then I would love the Wedding DVD,

  144. my friend is getting married in August…David Ziser’s DVD would  be a great help!!!!

  145. Dave, Thanks so much for the Photoshop Quiz Game from Dave Cross. What a fantastic idea. Hope I can be a winner.

  146. Will have to wait for Matt to come back to Wash DC, but would love to win David Ziser’s Wedding DVD!

  147. I’d love to take Matt’s class in Chicago! Free would be better than perfect!

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  152. The DVD would be great!

  153. Scott, David, Matt are a great inspiration for photographers…I´d like to win the weeding DVD

  154. Wow!  This is just like Christmas; only without the crowds.   So many free goodies to choose from…I’m thinking the LR4 class or the David Ziser DVD

  155. I would love to win some stuff. Thanks!

  156. I would absolutely love to win David Ziser’s Live wedding DVD.  Every time I turned around at PSW, there was David standing, talking and sharing his experience with others.  Great guy!

  157. Love all the info here at Kelby Training!!!! I’m still soaking in the info I received at Photoshop World DC.

  158. David’s DVD please…thanks.

  159. St. Pauls Cathedral, London!  I’d love to be there when you Light It, Shoot It, and Re-Touch It.  Bring the Light to the resting place of Kings and Bishops and bring me along to witness…

  160. I would be delighted to learn from David about wedding photography. 

  161. Would love to attend the LA Lightroom4 tour!! :D

  162. I would love the chance to see you talking about eggcrates in London Mr Kelby!

  163. I rrrrreally like your website… :-)
    I would love to win a wokshop. Thanks!
    btw: you input is really helpful for my projects:

  164. would love to see you in London, all my buddies will be there as well 

  165. I just started out in the business last year and would like to step into weddings.  Live Wedding Shoot: From Start to Finish would be very helpful.

  166. Yes!!  A PS Cs6 upgrade would rock!  Or anything else you do too!!!

  167. I absolutely love all the stuff on Kelby training by David Ziser! Sign me up for Live Wedding Shoot: From Start to Finish by David Ziser. Thanks!

  168. David zizer’s Book i would like….

  169. I’d fly to London if I could attend the last ever Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it LIVE. (Live in Norway)

  170. I’ve never won anything. Ever.

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