If You Were a NAPP Member, You Get Our Best Renewal Deal Ever!

This is a rare Saturday post, but these next few days (known as “Cyber Weekend”) we literally offer our best membership deals and special pricing on everything of the year. After Monday, the deals are over until next year, so I want to make sure everybody (especially KelbyOne members who were NAPP members), know about these deals, especially the renewal deals.

We have NAPP members that have been with us 15 years — they’ve been our most-loyal members and we put together a KelbyOne renewal deal for former NAPP members that is our best ever. Here’s how to get the deal:

Step 1) Login to Kelbyone.com
Step 2) Select “Manage/Renew Membership” from login menu
Step 3) Select “Renew or Extend Membership”
Step 4) Select Renewal (the renewal rate for former NAPP members is insanely low)
Step 5) Proceed to Check Out to view your additional savings!

Here’s the link for NAPP members.

For everybody else, we have load of amazing deals for you (along with our best membership deals ever, and the annual membership deals come with the complete Google/Nik Collection of Photoshop/Lightroom plug-ins included!).

Here’s the link to see all our Cyber Weekend deals.

We’ll see you back here on Monday, but don’t wait until the last minute â” I want you with us in 2015 because we have some absolutely amazing training coming up this year, and we’re going to help you master Photoshop, Lightroom, and take the best photos you’ve ever taken. Period! Come join us on this journey â” you’re gonna love it!



    1. Hey Hein! Can you let us know what link you are visiting and what additional stuff you are referring to? Here is a link you can visit: kel.by/k1cyber14. There, you should see all of our bundle and membership deals. If you have any questions, let us know. We will answer as swiftly as possible! We are here to help!

  1. i sent an email to support. the link above for NAPP members is the same as the Cyber 2014 link. I’m a former NAPP member and see renewal at the regular rate. Looks like it’s being worked on though. Hope everyone at Kelby had a great Thanksgiving! (and Thanks for all you do for the photo community)

    1. It should be up and running now. Unaware of it being down, but ofcourse we want to help you all get the training you are looking for and will help in every way I can. If you need to place the order by phone, you can contact our customer service team at 800-201-7323. Please let us know if you have questions.

      1. Logged into my account, and some history info shows up, but is lacking some detail. Regardless, I’m only seeing the regular $249 price.

  2. I just saw this Renewal Deal for former NAPP members. I have been a member from the beginning and can’t say enough about how much it has meant to be a NAPP member. I still have some of the membership cards and certificates from all those years! I wasn’t going to renew until I had to next year but when I saw the offer I couldn’t pass it up! Thank you so much Scott for putting together a KelbyOne renewal deal for former NAPP members!

      1. Not sure why you would assume I wasn’t logged in… The issue is not with me my reading comprehension skills or my ability to navigate a website. The issue is with your website as evidenced by the number of people responding via FB, this post, and email support (support that, more often than not, never bothers to respond)

      2. I understand, and I just wanted to be sure you were logged in because many people were not. Again, if there is anything I can do to help, please email me at aadams@kelbymediagroup.com and I will respoind right away. Thanks so much, Ajna.

      3. Just checked FB to see if I received a response to your message. Still no response even though you’ve clearly had time to delete comments. Why delete comments when people have legitimate issues that are still pending?

      4. Hey Julie! I am unsure of what you are referring to. There was one thread that caused lots of confusion, so I posted a message to let everyone know they could message me with their emails for further assistance. Sorry if you did not see that. How can I help you? My email address is aadams@kelbymediagroup.com, and I am here to help you. Please send me an email so that I can help right away. Thanks, Ajna.

  3. Also a long time NAPP member and I do not see the new “deal” for renewing. Can someone who has had their renewal updated to the new price say what that price is. The prices I see on the web for renewal are higher than the Cyber Monday deals. DJJC

  4. A week ago (Sunday, Nov 23) I tried to see my KelbyOne membership status — no information except a notice that site was broken. I sent in a question using the Member Support web form. I have not received an answer and today is Saturday, 7 days later. (Shows a lack of support when a week goes by and no one replies to a question.) On Wednesday, I called Customer Support who was unable to help. I could hear the frustration in the Customer Support person’s voice, since they wanted to be helpful, but the back end systems were too broken to be able to provide accurate information. So how am I to know if this is a good deal for me if I can not get accurate membership information, and seeing the comments below, I do not know what price for renewal I should get. And by the time this is all sorted out, the cyber-deal will be done. Very Frustration — and not very reassuring. Not Happy with membership support!

    1. I had the same problem. Last Sunday as well. Sent in an email, never received a response. Logged back in to my account, then it was working again and showed when my membership was expiring. But still no response to my original email.

      1. I did check back, and on Wednesday, it had my membership expiration date twice. Once for the original expiration date, and once for the two year extension I purchased at a KelbyOne Live event. But the sad part is that my additional two year extension is showing as concurrent and not in addition to the original membership expiration date. I hope I did not pay for an additional two concurrent years (which would be a total waste of my money ), what I was told was it would be an additional to years added on. Still VERY FRUSTRATED! that I am not getting accurate information. Not feeling confident that my membership information will be correct any time soon.

      2. Hey again! We definitely want you to only pay for what you intended to pay for. Again, we are here to help train you and we want you to be very happy with your purchases. Can you please be in touch with me about this issue when you send in the other email/contact that I spoke about in the other post? (That email address is aadams@kelbymediagroup.com if you need it. Or you can leave yours for me and I will be in touch. Whatever is the easiest.) Thanks, Ajna

      3. Hey Michelle. Perhaps we can help! We will need to ask you some more detailed questions, though. Can you please email aadams@kelbymediagroup.com OR leave your email for us? Thanks so much! We are definitely here to help and want to be your number 1 resource for training! We are listening.

    2. Hi Stephen! Gosh, I am so sorry to hear about your frustrating experience. I would love to help you with this, but need to ask you some more detailed questions. Can you please email aadams @ kelbymediagroup.com so that I can help? Thanks so much!

  5. I was just on the kelbyone site looking for the NAPP “deal” – still seeing the regular Cyber 2014 prices. Great to hear that the folks are working on it on a Saturday – am sure we’ll all get taken care of………….it’s frustrating for everyone.

    1. Hey Dianne! Are you looking to renew during Cyber Weekend? If so, you must be logged into your account before you will be able to see your deal. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will check back. We are definitely here to assist you in this process! My name is Ajna, and I am here to help!

  6. Hope it gets squared away soon. I am an original NAPP member, whose
    annual renewal expires tomorrow. Would be a shame if technical issues
    resulted in my membership lapsing and losing out on that “NAPP Members
    Price Forever” discount!!

    1. Hey Kevin! We would never not honor a price based on a technical difficulty on our end. Our goal is to provide great training and we want you training with us. My name is Ajna, I help run our social-media team at KelbyOne, and I can help you. Please email me at aadams@kelbymediagroup.com. I will just have a few questions for you so that I can help you! –Ajna

      1. Hooray! Thanks, Ajna! I put in a support ticket, so I’ll write you to connect the two threads and we can get this fixed. Thanks for your time and help!

      2. Yes, please be sure to email me so that I can follow up and be sure this is resolved quickly and efficiently. I look forward to helping! –Ajna

      3. Ajna, I replied around 7 am your local time Sunday morning. If you didn’t get an email from me, let me know and I’ll try again. As before, thank you!!!

      4. Woohoo!! 9:45 pm on Sunday 11/30 and I just heard from Erik that I am all squared away. I am thrilled and proud to renew my membership! I echo all of the other commenters’ remarks that Kelby Media Group is filled with good folks who will take care of you, even if it means working on a holiday weekend, even if it means working at 9:45 on a Sunday night. Two thumbs way up for *awesome* customer support. Thanks so much!!

  7. Just saw this Saturday night and when I checked out the pricing, it showed $199 for one year. It looks like the NAPP discount is still not working. I’ll check back tomorrow and Monday. Hopefully the discount is available soon! I’d love to extend my membership.

  8. I followed the instructions, verbatim, and my special price to renew/extend is $249. I’ve been paying $99 for the past seven or eight years. Thanks but No Thanks.

    1. Hey Keith! We will honor the former NAPP member price for you since you are a former NAPP member. You just have to call in Monday to our customer service line at 800-201-7323 if you do not see the option when you check out. Sorry for the issues! We are working hard to resolve any issues and what you to have a great experience with KelbyOne!

  9. Sunday, Nov. 30/2014
    Has the issue of Membership renewals been solved yet? I just tried to renew (after I logged in to my account) and it appears the issue has not been fixed.

    1. Hello, Don. Here is what I just told Jeremy, and I think the same would apply here:

      If for some reason you are unable to grab this online, if you call in Monday to our customer service line, we will honor the former NAPP price for those who are eligible. We are here to help and want you training with us! Please call 800-201-7323 and let us know if you run into any problems after you place your call. I am checking the comments here regularly. Thanks!

    1. Hey Jeremy! If for some reason you are unable to grab this online, if you call in Monday to our customer service line, we will honor the former NAPP price for those who are eligible. We are here to help and want you training with us! Please call 800-201-7323 and let us know if you run into any problems after you place your call. I am checking the comments here regularly. Thanks!

  10. I’m clearly an idiot in my old age and have forgotten how to actually read documents.

    I THOUGHT, I had read this through well enough to renew. But once at the site, was lost and found nothing to be had that resembled what I was looking for as a old NAPP member.

    So I chuck a mail off to the fine folks at Kelby and low & behold who replied? The same wonderful woman that’s been dealing with my inadequacies for years now — Sally Snelling. (But by then this feeble mind had worked it out.)

    For people reading this blog who are not a part of Kelby yet. One of the things people should consider when joining something like this is, of course value for money.

    But beyond that one should consider the people behind the scenes and what can, or will, they do for you if you ever have an issue or concern. I am not playing the ‘smoke card’ here when, in all honesty I can say the people behind the face of Scott Kelby are just as wonderful and personable as the man with the face is….

    A Special shout-out to Sally Snelling who has helped me with coming to terms with me getting old, and all of the comprehension issues that entails with me.

    Support Staff at Kelby is the 70% of the value you don’t see. The rest is creamy gravy goodness.

  11. I wish this was mentioned in the normal Cyber Weekend deals. I just placed my order for the $149 annual renewal and I already have Nik so I had no need for it. However on the Cyber Weekend page there was no mention of this on Thursday when I placed the order. I’m going to email support and hopefully they can switch me over.

  12. My email from Kelby said the Nik bundle would arrive via an email on or before Dec 12th. I called Kelbyone on Dec 12th and was advised that Dec 12th was not yet over. I apologized and shamefully hung up the phone. On Dec 13th, I emailed as it hadn’t arrived and the “canned response” email once more said on or before Dec 12th I would get an email from Nik. Well now it’s Dec 15th and still no email from Nik or at least a comment from Kelbyone that it been delayed and a new eta? I can handle the delay but really appreciate being informed.

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