Well, depending on what time of day you read this, I’m either back home or on my way back, but I’m darn close to home either way, after an absolutely amazing week!!!!

My wife and I flew into Venice, Italy where we caught a cruise ship to Croatia, Montenegro, then the Greek islands of Corfu & Santorini, and ended up in Athens for our flight home. Incredible week!!!

The Story Behind the Shot
Tomorrow I’ll have the images from my photo book to share here on the blog, but in the meantime I wanted to share one photo spread from the book (above). The reason I wanted to share it was….it was taken through the tour bus window while we were winding along the coast of Montenegro. I was afraid the tour bus wouldn’t stop (and I was right), so I just shot from my seat when we came around a turn and I saw this sight (of course, the bus was bumpy and turning while I shot, so I took about 10 or so shots figuring at least one would be in focus, and sure enough, I had a few—-my favorite is shown above).

Lots to share tomorrow, but at least now you now why I was pretty much absent last week here on the blog. Thanks to the wonderful Brad Moore for covering for me, and to RC Concepcion (great guest post by the way RC—loved it!) who kept the blog afloat while I was floating around from country to country.

See you guys here tomorrow for my post-trip book posting. Have a great Monday! (that’s an oxymoron). ;-)

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