I’m Back from a Week in Greece and Croatia

Well, depending on what time of day you read this, I’m either back home or on my way back, but I’m darn close to home either way, after an absolutely amazing week!!!!

My wife and I flew into Venice, Italy where we caught a cruise ship to Croatia, Montenegro, then the Greek islands of Corfu & Santorini, and ended up in Athens for our flight home. Incredible week!!!

The Story Behind the Shot
Tomorrow I’ll have the images from my photo book to share here on the blog, but in the meantime I wanted to share one photo spread from the book (above). The reason I wanted to share it was….it was taken through the tour bus window while we were winding along the coast of Montenegro. I was afraid the tour bus wouldn’t stop (and I was right), so I just shot from my seat when we came around a turn and I saw this sight (of course, the bus was bumpy and turning while I shot, so I took about 10 or so shots figuring at least one would be in focus, and sure enough, I had a few—-my favorite is shown above).

Lots to share tomorrow, but at least now you now why I was pretty much absent last week here on the blog. Thanks to the wonderful Brad Moore for covering for me, and to RC Concepcion (great guest post by the way RC—loved it!) who kept the blog afloat while I was floating around from country to country.

See you guys here tomorrow for my post-trip book posting. Have a great Monday! (that’s an oxymoron). ;-)

  1. Sounds like a great trip, Scott! Can’t wait until you post some pictures. Did you go “light” on this trip, too, and just bring the 28-300 lens?


  2. Scott, it would be great if you would list the camera(s), lens(es) and accessories you took on your trip. I’d greatly appreciate it. Many thanks.

  3. Hi Scott,

    Did anyone know you in the bus? was there any photoshop guy or photographer?
    While I’m taking pictures in a trip, I’m just concentrating on my photography and unfortunately I can’t see the sights and scenery so well. After I get back home and editing and seeing the photos, I feel sombody else has taken the pictures. I tell myself I wish enjoy the environment I visited. Al-Khalifa tower in dubai is a good example. Did I really take this picture?! :)
    What do you feel Scott while you are shooting?

  4. Hi Scott, glad you had another great trip.
    Should we be calling you Scott ‘Austin Powers’ Kelby now, as you appear to becoming an International Man of Mystery (for travelling). Is all this photography by day a cover for your secret agent role by night? ;-)

  5. Hey Scott!
    Do you actually have a bedroom in your home or a home for that matter? Lol
    Seems like you’re either in a studio or cruising around the globe!! Nahhh, I’m just jealous! :)
    Last time I went to Greece I was 16 years old, had one of those disposable cameras and no idea of how to take a decent photograph…now I’m almost twice as old, have a DSLR and still no idea of how to take great pics… ;)
    Can’t wait to see all of your stunning shots and read the stories behind them!

  6. Scott, sounds like you had a great time! We’re heading out that way for our honeymoon next year – if you don’t mind me asking, which cruise line/ship did you go on? :-)

  7. Scott,
    I’ve done this trip a couple of times before, though not to Montenegro. Can’t wait to see your pictures! It’s a beautiful area of the world, and you went at a great time.

  8. Hello Scott! i love your pictures, i love to take pictures and i would love to become a photographer, thats my biggest dream, i just bought ur books to start with something since i live in a small town in Sweden, there is no courses :(
    So i was wondering if u could recommend me a good camera, i was thinking on Eos 600d canon, for a start.. is that a bad idea? , hope u replay, thanks!
    regards, an uruguayan in Sweden

    1. Sara,

      I know I am not Scott, and I know you probably don’t want to hear this, but start with whatever camera you feel most comfortable with. My son has won all kinds of awards using a Nikon D40 which is a very basic camera. You are more important than the kind of camera you have.

      1. thank you so much for ur answer Joe. Thats very true! im always open to listen to advices, thanks again. Take care and have a nice day:))))))

  9. Hey Scott! I always knew you will visit Croatia, you travel all the time and we are quite popular lately! ;) I’m from Croatia, from south, near Dubrovnik, and that means (if you went from north to south – and you did) you passed somewhere near my town last week! :)

    Anyway, I hope you had good time! And I can’t wait to see photos tomorrow!

  10. Scott –

    Beautiful shot! I do wish you’d let researchers have a sample of your DNA for some mapping. The drive! …All your projects / businesses, travel, teaching, writing, shooting, motivation and inspiration – really, how the heck do you do it! It’s the “Kelby Gene” (or you’re slightly masochistic). ;-) Regardless, glad you were able to get away for a trip to, hopefully, recharge a bit.

    …You really are an inspiration!

    Hmmm, I think you were not just “visiting” Greece, you were there to help solve their debt issues too! ;-)

    Looking forward to The Grid tomorrow! Joe! He’s another one… The “McNally Gene” :-)


  11. Scott, so glad you went to Greece and Croatia! I went to both Greece and Lebanon for two weeks, been back almost a month now. Absolutely beautiful places, not just the landscapes, but the peoples and cultures too! Glad you had fun and can’t wait to see the rest of your pics!

  12. Hey Scott,

    Great shot. My wife and I just got back two weeks ago from 16 days in Europe on a Med Cruise (Rome, Nice, Sorrento, Sicily, Malta, Corfu, Montengro, Split, and finally in Venice). Lots in between and sounds like we were in a couple of ports days apart from each other. I have this shot from two years ago, and it is a beautiful location – I never knew how spectacular Montengro (or anywhere along the Adriatic Coast) was before I saw it with my own eyes…and then Santorini has to be one of the most incredible places on earth to photograph which we also did two years ago.

    Can’t wait to see your photos tomorrow – are you using the eBook from Aperture, or some other tool. I just recently published a book with Blurb.com, and it was fantastic.


  13. Scott, I have a follow-up question on the image you uploaded to your WordPress blog. I also use WordPress for my site, and when I load an image, it offers a choice of position (left, centre, right justified, etc), and the image size (small, medium, large or full size).

    I notice on your Aperture eBook image, you have set the resolution to 519×199 pixels, but that is not one of the default options in WordPress so how do you get it to allow for that pixel dimension once you upload it? In my case, a Medium image is 300 x 117, and a Large image would be 1024 x 401 which is no good because the max width I have on my blog for that column is 540 pixels.

    Hoping you might be able to shed some light. If I try to modify the HTML code from my Admin panel and adjust the pixel dimensions, once I save it, the page only displays a BLANK box, but I can at least click on it, and it will then display using the same gallery feature you have enabled.

    I know you are SOOO busy, and this is asking a lot, but hopefully you have the opportunity to comment.


  14. Hey Scott,
    Glad u enjoyed your week, your route sounds amazing.
    28 June is my Birthday, I wish you make a special entry on your blog in that date. Can’t wait for the trip pictures.

    Have a good one ;)

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