I’m Calling In Lame


Last Friday I was sick. This Friday (today) I feel great, so instead I’m calling in lame ’cause I’ve just got nuthin’.

I’m in my hotel room in Dallas, and I’ve been preparing for my seminar tomorrow, and it’s really late, and although I have some things I want to talk about, none of them are short and sweet, so unfortunately, I’m having to “call in lame” for the blog today.

If I can remember, I’ll get an iPhone photo or two from the seminar here and post them, but it’s kinda hectic seminar day, so I’m not sure if I’ll remember (I have the memory retention of a hamster). ‘Big Daddy Don Page’ will be at the seminar, along with Austin Mann (we all grabbed a bite last night), so maybe I’ll get them to stop moving long enough to snap a photo.

Anyway, have a great weekend everybody, and we’ll see you back here on Monday.  :)

  1. Not sure what do do now have some free time as no blog!!!!!lol

    hope you get a rest too!!

    Do you have any idea when /if you will becoming to the uk??
    Also what battery pack do you use with your d300s i’ve got your new book dvd which is so cool (thanks) but it looks like you have a battery grip with a 4 way toggle on it but i cant seem to fine it???or am i lame too
    Regards Andy
    hope you read this!!!

  2. The next time you need to call in lame or sick–and you’re allowed seeing as you’re human ;) –you could post a topic and let your readers take over the blog by comment for the day. For instance, with Photoshop World coming up you could ask for comments on their best PW experience or favorite class (mine is David duChemin’s incredibly inspiring talk). Another topic could be “oddest field shoot experience” or “in your wildest dreams Photoshop function”. You rest, we write.

      1. Yeah, Scott, throw out a topic like, uh, I dunno… “HDR, Best thing since sliced bread?” or “Your Canon sucks even worse than that PC you’re using!” :-)

        Have a great weekend!

        Trev J.

      2. Here’s a topic… ????? Then talk amongst yourselves. Very Saturday Night Live… remember Mike Myers with that one? I forget the character name…

      3. I think you might be thinking of Mike Myers’ “Coffee Talk with Linda Richman” on SNL. Although his character wasn’t Streisand, she was Streisand-esque and I think maybe even partly modelled after Babs.

  3. HAHA I wish I had though of doing this.

    It’s ok Scott, it’s YOUR blog so you’re the boss and considering your attendance record I think you’ll be ok.


  4. Hey Scott,

    Sometimes you just have to have some down time or senior moment! :-) Have a Great time at your Seminar. Will you be bring that seminar to Denver? Also have a question for you and those here reading the blog. My employer wants to purchase and hang a few of my photos. I just bought a Canon Pro 9000 MkII about four months ago and have printed some photos off of it, and they turned out great. However, I’m not sure what paper to use for displaying in an office or building environment. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks Scott and here’s to a GREAT seminar! Thanks in advance to anyone’s suggestion on paper!


    1. I have the mark I of that model and really like using Canon’s fine art papers, including the museum etching and the cotton rag. You could try the variety pack and see what you like. For an office I’d just stay away from the high gloss as reflections would detract from the photo.

      1. Hi Joyce,

        Thank you very much! I appreciate the info. I just ordered a Variety pack from Red River. I’ll check the canon site for their variety pack.

        Thanks again,


  5. “Calling in lame.” LOL! This reminds me of a Miller Genuine Draft commercial where our protagonist calls in “tired”. Good luck at the class – would love to be there.

  6. Scott, will there not be a DTowntv episode this week? I may have missed the note on your blog (I doubt it because I check it 10 times per day). OCD I have.

  7. So after taking two hours to go the last 45 miles to Arlington I made it here in the shop van. I hope by the time you start I will be able to feel my feet and hands again 60’s vans with no heat are not the best commuters for Dallas traffic………Cant wait for the seminar to start going to be blast Dave Cross last week in Houston,You this week in Dallas, and then Ben in SanAntonio next week I am having a great january

  8. Scott if anyone deserves a day off you do. I don’t know how you do as much as you do. Did you clone yourself a few year back? Calling in Lame reminds me of a T shirt I saw years ago. It said “I used up all my sick days so I called in dead.”

  9. I already have five of your books, and just ordered your DOWN & DIRTY for CS4 from Amazon. Love your style of writing! What a great way to learn Photoshop! Keep the great books coming. I’m also going to try some of your favorite restaurants in the Florida area too. Sounds like we have similar taste. :-)

  10. Well Mr. Kelby I am ready to throw my elements 3 book in the river. I finally get down to organizing my photos ( took a course with your book as text &ordered the program) and I can’t get by making a contact sheet (page 6) since I cannot find “auto adobe pdf anywhere. Maybe I was mistaken in assuming this book was user friendly. Please clarify so I can continue with what I feel is a very good resource book.

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