Hey gang—greetings from Dallas! Mike (one of my frequent commenters here on the blog) is here early—and in the front row no less. The pressure’s on! :)

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  1. Good luck to Mike. I love the front row when you can get it! Makes the experience feel more one-on-one.

  2. Is it geeky that I’m commenting from the 8th row back on Scotts left? So excited to be here

  3. End of the third row on the left it’s the closest I have ever sat for a class.my mom would never believe it lol

  4. Mike, Do you still have on your ice skates? Glad you made it, we are getting ready to get it here in SC.

  5. Scotts quote of the day…….”Just because it’s longer doesn’t make it better”. Man I was going to bug you to sign my van but you had a huge crowd all day and a four hour drive home…….great seminar look forward to you coming back to Texas. have a safe flight

  6. This seminar rocked!! Thanks Scott for an awesome day of excellent tips and laughter.

    Staying one more night. Easier to drive on ice during the daytime.

    • Mike’s my little brother even if he is several inches taller than me. I’m glad he’s getting better and better at PhotoShop because my grandkids are often his subjects so I benefit too! You rock, Mike!

  7. I made it home about midnight I think my feet are about thawed out now lol

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