I’m Calling In Tired!

Greetings from New York where by whatever time you read this, I’ll probably still be sound asleep.

I’m feeling MUCH better (despite the fact that my voice sounds just awful), but I had a crazy busy, awesome, fun, tiring, exhausting, I’m really toast kind of day, so I’m kinda calling in “Tired.” (you can do that, right?)

Lots to share next week (the Mylio launch and party last night was just so cool)!

Today (Friday), I’ve got two sessions then I’m off to the airport:

> 10:45 am — “How to Shoot Sports Like a Pro” at Canon’s booth

> 12:30 — “Portrait Retouching Secrets” at the KelbyOne Theater on the Expo Floor (we are crushing it up here!)

Hope I’ll see you there tomorrow (and hope my snoring doesn’t keep you up tonight). ;0-)


Zzzzzzzzzzzzz, Inc.


  1. Umm . . . your the President and CEO – you can call in sick, tired, frustrated, whatever you want!! Take it easy for the weekend and rest – it will do you some good.

  2. Do you ever just take a vacation, you know, the kind where you go to relax and unplug for awhile? Or do you primarily only travel for a conference or something business related (which seems to be a lot)? lol

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