UPDATE: Judging all of these amazing images is taking longer than I expected! Check back again later and I’ll announce the winners just as soon as I can.

Hi Gang: Join me here today at 2:00 pm EDT for my official announcement of the 10 finalists (all prize winners), and the Grand Prize Winner from my 7th annual Worldwide Photo Walk. (Here’s a worldwide time finder to help. Use New York City as your search).

We've got some amazing prizes and some wonderful images to share, so I'll see you then â” right here on the blog.

Good luck everybody! :)


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  1. EST or EDT? 2:35EST and still waiting. We wanna see. The FlickR images were pretty darn great!

  2. I think they didn’t set the clocks on Sunday down in Oldsmar….

  3. Go ahead and just pick the darkest one.

  4. I had a hard time picking out the winner for our local group out of a handful of images, I CAN’T IMAGINE what you are going through! Good luck! (just make sure the winner uses selective color) ;)

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