I’m Speechless

I have to say, I am absolutely blown away, humbled, and just flat out thrilled at the thoughtful, clever, and creative comments that were posted after my article on why nobody reads the introduction of books (and why it’s so important to me that they do).

The comments were so good in fact, that I wound up rewriting (at the last minute), the entire introduction section incorporating ideas directly from those comments. As hard as it was to rewrite and retool part of the book at the very last minute; it was 100% worth it.

Tomorrow (Tuesday) I’m going to outline how I changed the Intro section, and I hope to list the names of those people who will be getting a signed copy of the book thanks to their ideas being chosen, and Ill post the winner of the free Full Conference pass to Photoshop World Orlando (yes, there was a winner).

But beyond all that, I am just so touched, and so grateful that so many of you (nearly 300) would take the time to post your thoughts and ideas, and share your vision for how to address this problem. I just had never expected the volume of responses that came in, and I was just as tickled as I could be at the quality of the ideas I received.

It was an eye-opening experience, and my sincere thanks go to everyone who contributed their suggestions, which I believe have not only improved this book, but all my future books to come. In short; you guys rock!!!!

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