Image from my trip to Paris

Hi gang â” I just posted a few of my favorite shots from my trip this past week to Paris with the family. After my seminar in London, we took the high-speed Chunnel train from there down to Paris (only about a two-hour and 15 minute trip, and the train was awesome!).

Anyway,  the images, and the story, and some tips for travel photography are here:

Here's the link

If you get a sec, I hope you can check them out. Have a great Tuesday, and we'll catch ya tomorrow for Guest Blog Wednesday.

Le best,


P.S. Hi dave. Boom!

  1. Great stuff. Scott, to what extent (if any) are you tempted to “correct” the keystoning in your architectural photos—to achieve parallel verticals, etc? Not everyone’s cup of cafe, obviously, just curious.

  2. Absolutely terrific photographs, Scott. I think this is my favorite set of yours so far, not including your football pics (the season is coming up fast!).


  3. Hey Scott – always great seeing your interpretations of this corner of the world.

    As part of my job involves photographing grand interiors for tourism promotion, two additional theaters worth checking out (in a similar classical style) are the Teatro Colone in Buenos Aires and the Municipal Theatre of São Paul. I expected a poor copy of the European theaters but instead found something even more spectacular.

    Regarding St Pauls Cathedral, I also had an appointment to photograph the interior but my guide arrived late. Maybe it is their strategy. Anyway, I hope you visited the roof of the dome. The view is well worth bringing a camera.

  4. Amazing shots as always. I have a claim-to-fame for one of them, the one taken from St. Paul’s, looking outward.
    Ever hear the saying “You never know, you could get run over by a bus!”

    Well, in a previous life, on just about exactly on the left side of the frame I actually DID run someone over whilst driving my (old Routemaster) London Double-Decker Bus!!! He happened to be a Canadian that ran out in front of me looking the wrong way :-/ He didn’t get up in a hurry but I heard he was ok in the end.

    So, it DOES happen y’know! :-D

  5. Hi Scott –your helpful Digital Photography book to hand and much enjoyed these superb shots-gorgeous -love the choices of lens-mix -fish-eye etc-clarity choice of light superb! As one wld expect from yourself! All tourists to my old home of London PLEASE note the story below (pjapk) and BEWARE of ‘other side of road’ traffic in London & NEVER run to cross streets there–we lost a major NY Theater director under a bus that way some year back!

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