It's a Monday News Thing

It’s a new week—the dawn of new day–bright with opportunity and excitement. Flowers are blooming, birds are singing, and….ah, who am I trying to kid? Here’s the stinkin’ Monday news:

  • Back in June, Dave Moser and I were out at Adobe’s Headquarters in San Jose, CA for some meetings, and walking back to HQ after dinner we noticed these large symbols being projected on top of Adobe’s North Tower building, and every so often one of the four symbols would change (We joked that it was code to let the alien craft know where to land). Anyway, we figured it was “art” (a “California thing”), and kept walking, but then this weekend I ran across a story about some very clever, and curious guys (with way too much time on their hands), who cracked the code and revealed what the symbols mean. It’s a very interesting story. (Hint: the message says really mean things about QuarkXPress. Kidding!) Here’s the link to read the full story (worth a quick read).
  • Series Four of the machine Wash plug-ins for Photoshop have been released. These plug-ins make your art or type look like they’ve been thru the rinse cycle, with a totally cool aged and weathered look. You can see demos right there online (click here to check them out).
  • Freakish coinsidence or carefully calculated plan? On the same day that I did my first ever report on Canon gear, Canon released a batch of new gear, including the rumored 40D, and their first 20+ Megapixel camera (plus some cool lenses as well). Check for all the juicy details. (by the way; it was a freakish coinsidence).
  • If you’re out on the West Coast, check this out: We’re opening the Photoshop World Expo Floor to the public for one day only (Friday, September 7th). If you’re interested in seeing all the latest gear from the biggest names in the industry, plus you want to soak up loads of free Photoshop training in three different Expo Floor theaters, not to mention the training in individual booths, then sign up for your free pass now. If you sign up in advance, it’s free. If you show up at the door, it’s $25 per person. To get your free one-day Expo-Only pass, visit the Photoshop World site.
  • We’ve added links to the past archives of “Photoshop Insider,” and they’re found on the right side of this page—just scroll down and you’ll see them listed by month. Anything prior to what’s listed is on my old blog hosted over at (here’s the link to the old site).
  • The first ever “Voices That Matter Web Conference” is coming to San Francisco’s Grand Hyatt on October 22-25, 2007 and is aimed at people who design and create for the Web. It features an all-star lineup of leading Web design authors and gurus (including Cory Barker, the “Photoshop Lad”), and you can get all the details by clicking here.

That’s it for Monday. Have a great week everybody! :-)

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