It’s “A Bunch of Stuff” Friday (and I made the Top 10. Woot!)

Hi Gang: Not really one big topic today, but here’s a bunch of quick stuff that’s going on:

A big thanks to the readers of Shutter magazine, who named me as one the Top 10 Most Influential in the Industry (I came in at #6). I am very grateful to everyone who voted for me, and to Shutter who did a feature on each of the top 10, and I included some caps of their article about me below (here’s the link to the article in Shutter, where you can read the interview and see all the winners, which included my buddy Joe McNally).

“10 Tips for Creating a Successful Portfolio”
Cliff Mautner (named one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World” by American Photo magazine) was our in-studio guest this week on “The Grid” (our free weekly show for photographers) and this episode is getting a lot of buzz. Our Topic was “10 Tips for Creating a Successful Portfolio” and Cliff was the perfect guest because of his insights into the world of wedding photography. Great episode and if you missed it, you can watch it right below.


The US Navy retweeted my Carrier Shot blog post
When I saw this on Twitter:

“@scottkelby got a once in a lifetime chance – take photos aboard CVN77. This AWESOME photos & blog –>”

I was so excited, and so honored, and just totally psyched!!!! Whoo Hooo!!!!

The Evolution of an On-Location Portrait Session
Our good friend Rick Sammon has a wonderful post today over on his blog called “The Evolution of an On-Location Portrait Session.” The images and behind-the-scenes stuff are terrific, and there are some real learning moments. Also, if you’re already a Kelby Training Online subscriber, make sure you check out Rick’s online classes (they have been really rockin’!).  Anyway, if you’ve got a sec, check out Rick’s post right here:

Above: One of Rick’s shots from his post. Very cool stuff!

Tutorial: How to control the panning of still images and video in Photoshop CS6
Check out this Awesome Photoshop tutorial from our friend (and NAPP Photoshop Guru) Nicole S. Young for people who edit DSLR Video in Photoshop CS6 (and CS6 is perfect for photographers who want to edit video without learning a whole video editing program). Here’s the link: Way to rock it Nicole!!!! :-)

Big shout out to “Weekly Photo Tips” for their in-depth review of our magazine for photographers using hot shoe flash and studio lighting: “Light It Magazine” for iPad (above).

My favorite line from the review? It’s where they said:

“If I could only have one photography publication, it would be Light It, hands down.” Woot!!! :)

Here’s the link if you’ve got a second:

Psyched to see one of my shots from the aircraft carrier make’s
“8 Top Google+ Photographs” list for January 29th!

Here’s the link: (Whoo Hoo!). :-)

Man, it’s be an amazing few weeks!!!!! My feet still aren’t touching the ground.

Thanks everybody for all your support, kind comments, and good vibes this past few weeks. Here’s wishing you a super-kick-butt weekend and we’ll see ya back here on Monday.

Cheers! ––Scott

P.S. Don’t make plans for Wednesday night — we’ve got something fun brewing! :-)

  1. #6? You should have been #1…well, at least #2 (McNally is pretty good)! Congrats, Scott. It was a great interview.
    Off to batten down the hatches….Storm of the Century is hitting us today in Massachusetts, and I’m at Ground Zero. Have a great weekend!

    1. John: Thankfully it was based on Influence. If it had been based on photography skill, I would be listed many thousands behind Joe McNally. I’m just thankful he doesn’t shoot much football anymore! :)

      1. You, too, Bob! I can’t believe we’ve gone two years without a snowstorm over 6″, then “Boom”!

  2. I’ve only had time to watch half the episode of this week’s “The Grid” and what I saw so far was great. I’ve been hoping for awhile you guys would put together an episode like that. Thanks!

  3. I agree with John Swarce, I don’t know anyone more influential in photography world when you figure in the training and NAPP.
    I follow the Navy and several Carrier Fletts on twitter, I do wish they would start posting more photos from the vessels themselves, maybe a security thing. Hopefully your visit Scott will prompt more twitter pics from inside the world of carriers, I mean what else do they do with 50 camera bodies! :)

  4. I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving than you. You may be #6 In Shutter Magazine, but I also agree with John, you and Joe McNally are #1 and #2. Congrats!

  5. Hey Congratulations Scott on being 6 in the top 10 most influential!!! People are just finding out what we knew all the time here at NAPP!!! It’s been quite a week for you … and well deserved! Your blog, training and NAPP have made such an improvement in my Photography and retouch is just unbelievable. I have people commenting on my stuff all the time now, and even made the City of Parker’s 2012 Calendar. All because of you, Matt, and the other guys at NAPP!

    Thank you so Much, and CONGRATULATIONS again!


  6. Congratulations Scott. You are a great inspiration and I’ve been learning a lot with you and with the guys from your company. Thank you !! Keep doing this excellent job.

  7. CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you! I didn’t need an article to tell me you are one of the best though. I knew it the very first time I ever came to visit here. Can’t wait to watch the show.

  8. Hey Scott, I can’t wait to get more into your post later today. I just scanned over it right now. I look at you as one of the best in the industry, and the thing that makes me admire you is that you still get excited when you get recognized. Your happiness reminds me of a kid getting the alpha prestent on Christmas morning! You are very much an inspiration!!

  9. Way back when I bought “Photoshop 7 Killer Tips”, I was amazed at Scott’s knowledge (and humor). But I also thought I had discovered Scott Kelby and that nobody else knew about him. I bought a few more of his books from time to time and hoped that, some day, he’d amount to something and get somewhere. Well, I’d say that #6 on the list of “Most Influential In The Industry” means my wish has come true and Scott has arrived. Am also glad I’m not the only one who knows about him. Congratulations!!

  10. Scott congrats! Well deserved. I am shooting your Tampa Bay Lightning tomorrow against the Bruins. Wish me luck. Only my second game this year. Need to shake the cobwebs off. My first game was a stinker!

  11. Hello Scott and congratulations with you top ten award. When I was a young man I served on the carriers and having shared your adventure and excitement brought back the adreneline rush of being on the flight deck once again. Thank you Paul Cassidy

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