Peter Hurley – Mastering Headshot Photography
SHABANG! The latest class in the library is Peter Hurley’s Mastering Headshot Photography, but don’t let the name fool you… If you photograph people AT ALL, you need to watch this class. Peter doesn’t focus on lighting or the technical aspects of his shoots, he focuses on the people in front of his camera. Watch as he works his magic to pull great expressions and emotions from his subject, and learn how the smallest thing can make the difference between an okay picture and a great photograph.

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Kelby Training Live
Want to spend a day with Matt Kloskowski, RC Concepcion, or Ben Willmore? Check out these seminar tours!

Lightroom 4 Live with Matt Kloskowski
Feb 20 - Arlington, TX
Feb 22 - Atlanta, GA
Mar 22 – Phoenix, AZ

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers with RC Concepcion
Feb 27 - Richmond, VA
Mar 15 – Tampa, FL
Mar 25 – Houston, TX

Photographic Artistry with Adobe Photoshop with Ben Willmore
Mar 19 - New York, NY
Mar 20 - Washington, DC

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Cliff Mautner Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp
Want to spend a couple of days with Cliff Mautner in London? This summer is your chance!

When: June 11th and 12th
Where: Moor Park, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire WD3 1QN
Why: It will empower photographers with the skills needed to obtain a style of their own.

The workshop is limited to 20, and more information can be found on Cliff’s blog. You can send an email to with questions or to register.

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Nikon Capture NX 2
Want to learn how to edit your photos using Nikon’s Capture NX 2 software? Check out this class from Scott Diussa to see how you can take full advantage of this powerful, yet easy to use program.

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Lightroom 4 Live Ticket
– JessicaD

Photoshop CS6 for Photographers Live Ticket
– KC

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  1. Trailer makes the class look very interesting.

  2. This would be awesome!

  3. That would be so cool to get Peter Hurley s vid for rent

  4. I love everything NAPP and Kelby Training it has really made a huge difference in my life. I would love to win a free rental to Peter Hurley’s class he is amazing and I am getting really deep into headshots and would benefit greatly from this class, SHABANG!

  5. First time I saw Peter I was hooked on his enthusiasm. Love it!

  6. Hi all. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of these great classes. I think being able to watch Peter Hurley’s Mastering Headshot Photography would be terrific. Thank you.

  7. Want it! :-) Beside being amazing, Peter Hurley is so funny. :-)

  8. would love to see that class! :)

  9. I got a lot out of Peter’s last video. Please keep them coming.

  10. He recently cut his hair, and I have none, so I think this may be perfect. Thanks for the chance.

  11. Hey guys – Thanks for making this available as a prize. I always admired Peter’s work. As someone who photographs people myself learning someone new techniques would be a great boost!

  12. Would love to remt this class

  13. Peter’s class, along with the recent class from Tamara Lackey have really focused on the interaction between photographer and subject. I find it extremely interesting stuff and it really highlights to me that even if you have the technical skill of Joe McNally (if that were possible for a mere mortal) you can walk away without the best from the shoot because the best doesn’t happen in camera. It happens between you and the subject.

    Great classes guys. I’m really enjoying these classes that focus on the other aspects of photography that don’t involve equipment.

  14. Sounds pretty interesting!

  15. I would really like to rent this class!
    And I am quite happy you got Peter Hurley to make a video for KelbyTraining. Another excellent photographer and teacher on your team!

  16. Would love to see Peter’s class!

  17. Peter is freaking amazing!

  18. I wanted to say Shabang, but that was taken. So I will go over to the dark side and say “Smile…”

  19. I’d love to win this rental. Thx!

  20. Peter is off the chain! I love his stuff!!

  21. Haven’t had my coffee, yet I know that I want to see this!

  22. Shabam!!!! I want to see this class!

  23. Wild love to see the class

  24. While choosing which class to rent for free would be hard, I’m willing to take the risk.

  25. Would love this!

  26. I like education with Peter Hurley ;)

  27. Peter Hurley’s class looks like a hit just by watching the trailer. Would love to get a pass for that one :)

  28. Would love to learn more with Peter Hurley!!

  29. I’d live to win a rental of Peter or Cliff’s classes! Thanks guys!

  30. Watched your Grid episode with Peter, high energy guy, I would love to watch the course!

  31. Peter Hurley’s method of evoking that perfect expression is priceless

  32. Would love to win a rental of Peter’s class.

  33. I’m watching it now; the audio sync is so far off it is distracting. Peter is very informative, though.

  34. I’d like to win a free ticket to Ben Wilmore’s seminar in Washington, DC. I had ordered my ticket to Ben’s last gig in DC but my wife had a heart attack (not Ben’s fault), so I missed it.

  35. I’ve wanted to watch one of Peter’s classes for a long time. This would be sweet to win.

  36. Wow I could really use that class by Peter Hurley!

  37. Ohhhhhhh a class on NX2 with Scott diussa would be splendid!!!

  38. I love his work and his style of working with subjects, I’ll be watching this one as soon as I can!

  39. I’d so love to watch this class! :)

  40. Nikon Capture NX2 is the class I’d love to take.

  41. I would love to experience Peter Hurley’s class!

  42. any of these two classes would be great!

  43. hurley’s class will be awesome

  44. You guys put up some fantastic work. Thanks for all of the helpful hints and tricks you all share.

  45. Would love to go to the seminar here in Houston

  46. How about Matt’s Lightroom 4 in Arlington?

  47. I would love to see Matt in Atlanta!

  48. Either getting to see Peter’s class or the chance to meet Matt in Atlanta for his Lightroom would be awesome! Thanks for offering these opportunities.

  49. Sounds like a great class. Can’t wait to check it out online!

  50. Hurley is a master. Has to be a great class!

  51. I am a subscriber to Kelby Training.
    Looking forward to see Hurley do his thing.
    Martin in Indiana and Cyberspace

  52. Would love to see Ben in NYC!!!

  53. About time on the Hurley class….;) Been waiting on it.
    Watched it last night….great class. Will be watching it again today.

  54. I would LOVE to go to the Atlanta Lightroom. I have so much to learn in Lightroom!

  55. Great Freebie! Hope I win!!

  56. i wouldn’t mind the “Photographic Artistry with Adobe Photoshop with Ben Willmore” Class. thanks

  57. Lightroom 4 in Phx!

    FYI. Peter’s class is awesome! Every time I watch him I think ‘awesome’. Great insight, great instructor, and, of course, great photographer!

  58. I could really go for Lightroom 4 Live with Matt in PHX!

  59. Love Peter Hurley’s mojo and would love to see the seminar!

  60. Love to learn Lightroom magic from Matt in Phx!!!!

  61. Already a subscriber to Kelby Training and started watching Peter Hurley last night … this guy is simply amazing, and like most great professionals makes it look just so easy :-)

  62. He sounds like a ball of energy!! Shabang!

  63. Cliff Mautner? in London? What an opportunity! And Ben Willmore is such an outstanding instructor.

  64. Does the video include working with children? One of the more difficult things out there!

  65. I need some SHABANG.

  66. Absolutely love scott! Watched one of his seminars on youtube, and he won my photography heart.

  67. I’m going for the gold!

  68. Lightroom4 in Phoenix? Would be amazing…..

  69. Shabang – feeling lucky today :)

  70. Lightroom in Phoenix with the king of Lightroom sounds fantastic

  71. Would SO love to watch this video!

  72. Would love to see it so much it might make me renew my membership.

  73. Peter’s stuff is great, pick me

  74. Have used NX2 for years saw everything on D-town about if I don’t get it, I might have to pay…

  75. Great. I’d love to be a viewer of anything Peter Hurley does. Thank you for the contest.

  76. Hadn’t had a chance to read the blog recently, but Scott, you’ve been rocking right along. And, another contest! I would love to see Peter Hurley’s video!

  77. commenting for my chance to win a free rental of one of Cliff’s classes!

  78. Would love to see Peter Hurley’s class.

  79. Seriously! This is awesome! Thanks, I hope I get it!

  80. If this class is half as good as your books- I would love to win it!

  81. Hey now! Peter Hurley, lookout! A real character. Can’t wait to win the free rental!

  82. Shebang! Pick me,

  83. Would love to win the Peter Hurley class.

  84. I would love the rental of the peter Hurley class

  85. Would love to see one of the classes!

  86. Would love to watch Peter Hurley’s Class!

  87. Give me a shot at Cliff’s class please

  88. Yes! Would love to watch Peter Hurley’s Mastering Headshot

  89. Comment! Thanks for the chance!

  90. Love a chance to see Capture NX2 by Scott Diussa.

  91. Very cool to see that Peter Hurley has released another video! Or as he would say… #SHABANG!

  92. Alright then – shabang!Shabang! Shabang! Love to get a view of Peter Hurley’s stuff.

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