The wait it over! (Yay!) Nobody is more surprised (or happy) than I, but yes—it’s finally here—the Kelby Training Online app, for iPad AND iPhone, is now available for FREE in the App Store. Oh happy freakin’ day!!! Here’s the link.

Here’s the full screen view with Matty K on screen. I purposely chose a capture where his mouth was frozen open like that. He gets a kick out of it when I capture him at precise moments like this. :)

Here’s a look at the Portrait orientation view. That’s Joe McNally gesturing to what he would call a “Luminous Light Source.”

I am so excited (relieved) that’s it’s finally here. It actually came out late last night, I was already getting emails from people who are already using and totally loving it! My thanks to iPad developer (and App book author) Shawn Welch for his fantastic work on the App, along with our own in-house team who worked so hard to get this App up and running, including Kleber Stephenson, Erik Kuna, Paul Wilder, Dave Moser, Matt Kloskowski, RC Concepcion, Brad Moore, and Tommy Maloney.

Did I mention the Kelby Training Online iPad app is here now? I did? Well…whoo hoo!!! :)

About The Author

Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. What fab news for a Friday! Can’t wait to try it out, well done to all the team.

  2. I just installed it — and it’s great! Thanks guys for bringing it to iPad!

    Just a note: I was not able to install it directly from my iPad’s Store. I had to go to the iTunes Store on my desktop, “purchase” it (it’s a free app), and then Sync with my iPad. Seemed like a convoluted process, but it’s the results that count.

    Great app!

  3. Now I really, really ‘NEED’ to go buy an ipad just for this !!
    Great work… ‘All good things …and all’ ;)

  4. Very CAKB, indeed! One less question that we’ll see on your blog from now on! Kudos to Shawn Welch for making it happen. Doesn’t that guy have a book out? 8)

    Have a great weekend, Scott!!


  5. To paraphrase an episode from one of my fav TV shows, “It’s real … and it’s spectacular!”

  6. Installed fine from the UK store direct to the iPad for me.

  7. nice!!! downloading it now! been waiting for this.

  8. OK – being critical here – where’s the favourites tab?? I quite often put techniques that I want to use – but use infrequently enough to forget the details – in my favourites. Having them on the ipad (especially McNally’s lighting ones) would be excellent when you’re out and about…

  9. Great, now I have to buy an iPad …

    However would love to see two aditional features PLEASE !!!!

    1) The ability to create a ‘to watch list’ so that I can make videos that I want to want at a later time.

    2) My favorites – needs to be better than the online version. I want to be able to add a chapter to my favorites and while watching it easily navigate to the other chapters in the session. I also want the ability to add either a chapter OR a link to the start of the session to my favorites.

  10. Hey Scott,

    A couple of suggestions as well:

    1. the categories section in portrait mode seems too small and kinda overlaps the chapters when you select a course. but it works fine in landscape mode :)

    2. ability to view offline (maybe something in the future); would help if there is no internet connection and you want to view the lessons


    • I completely agree with the offline viewing. That option is what had me excited about the app in the first place. Looking forward to when that update is released!

  11. WHAT?? You mean I have to have a iPad or iPhone (both from APPLE) to use this!?!?!?

    Great work guys! Congrats! Lots of hard work went into this!!

  12. Wooohoooo, been waiting for this. Big thanks to all the guys at Kelby training for the hard work they have put into this.

  13. Well I think Friday 13th has been kind to us all with the release of this app – nothing unlucky in that! :-)

    Great work and many thanks to all involved in getting it to fruition. It works a treat on my iPhone and now I have the raison d’être for buying an iPad!

  14. Congratulations Scott! I have been waiting for this for as long as I have had an iPad.

  15. Dear Scott,
    congratulations! We were all waiting for this, finally it’s here!
    Thanks you and the Developers for this amazing tool.

  16. Finally!!! Thanks for all the hard work you guys put into this. Excited to have this on my iPad/iPhone while traveling.

  17. I stoped reading the blog for a while and my dad told me about the app in the context of: Its a bit like my iPhone to-do list, it’s planed for sometime between tomorrow and the day I (or my iPhone) dies.

  18. thanks a lot for sharing this excellent post! I always love to read your blog post :)

  19. Yay! This just made my day!! I’m off to download it NOW!!

  20. Excellent, well done. Your efforts are well appreciated!!

  21. THANK YOU!

    This is great news. I travel all the time. Now I can maximize my use of the training videos on my flights and in all the hotels with slow Internet access!

    • Scott,
      I thought that this app was supposed to be able to download video for viewing when not on the Internet. Is this feature going to be there? Please, please add this feature.

      • I remember that being said. Maybe it couldn’t be done right away? Although from a dev standpoint that wouldn’t be too hard. You cache the download stream to the user document directory and point the media player to that new url.

  22. Awesome work! Shawn is going to need a liver transplant by the time everyone finishes buying him the rounds he has earned with this! ;-)

    And I love the fact I can play the videos on my Apple TV, meaning I can watch on the big screen. Wait, Frank Doorhof on the big screen. Hmm….

  23. Downloading it now. Congrats, Scott. I’m sure it was worth the wait my friend. :-)

  24. The app is great! We will be able to watch lessons anywhere with ease. Thanks for backfilling the app with older lessons.

  25. Will this app work “INSIDE” Lightroom, Scott? ;-)

  26. Yeah!!!!! This is the best news I’ve heard all week! Great job by all of you at Kelby training. You guys continue to add tremendous value and make an incredibly positive impact on the photographic community! I will use this app daily.

  27. wait — there’s a Kelby Training iPad app???


    • Shawn – any chance we’ll see downloading for offline viewing in a later update or a favorites tab? I believe these were features mentioned to be part of the app last fall. Or were they scrapped for good?

      App looks great!….thanks

    • Thanks for all your hard work Shawn … looks great so far on the iPad … worth the wait …

  28. OMG!!! Finally!!! I can’t tell you how much i waited for this day! Thank you thank you!

    P.s. Please add Montreal, Qc to your canadian tour!


  29. Congrats. Been waiting for this for awhile. Just downloaded and it looks great but I have no sound (and yes, my sound is on and other apps are using the speakers)!

    Anybody else having this problem? If so, is there a solution?

    • For anyone with the same problem, I found the solution. The mute switch’s functionality on the side of the iPad can be set to lock orientation. If the switch is set to orientation lock, some apps won’t play the sound. I turned the switch’s functionality back to mute and I now have sound but obviously can’t lock my orientation. Just for kicks, I turned the orientation lock back on and something really weird happened. The orientation lock and the sound now works. Don’t understand why but if anyone else is having the problem I had, try it.

  30. HOLY CRAP! This just made my entire day (which up until now has sucked). Congrats on the launch!

  31. Yahahaha!! FINALLY!! Installed it last night and it looks fantastic.
    Thanks guys.

  32. This is like Christmas come early, plus colored eggs, easter bunny, birthday parties and some random unexpected <> championship victory all rolled up into a complete run-on sentence like this one awesomeness!

  33. Please work on an Android app!

  34. Congrats to the Kelby team! I was looking at iPads this week, and now have the perfect reason to take the plunge!

    – Kev

  35. Downloaded this last night directly to my iPhone and iPad. Wife was surprised by the loud squeal I made at 12pm when I saw the app available. I’m loving this app so far!

  36. Now I can watch training videos while I’m working out on the treadmill. Thanks! G.

  37. I had to be one of the first to download yesterday. Iwas on Facebook when the notice came up. I IMMEDIATELY downloaded and starting using it. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks a bunch Kelby development team. Two thumbs up!

  38. You have made my day. Decided I wasn’t renewing until the app came out… Well, the app is out and I’m renewed! Looks great (just watched 30 minutes of the brilliant Dave Cuerdon). On that note, I have to say that this could be the biggest/bestest thing to happen to kelbytraining… As the two were just meant for each other.

  39. Works great! Video quality is decent once it buffers. It’s nice to have it on the iPad (off of the single computer screen) so it’s easier to follow along using my computer.

  40. Great news and thanks to all the people who worked so tirelessly on the app!

  41. I’ll have to steal my wife’s iPad… again! I’m still excited.

  42. I Love !!!!! You all are to be Appreciated for such great work! It represents a commitment to excellence

  43. Hate to ask this, but will there be an android version?

  44. Just downloaded the new APP, Scott, and it works beautifully. Just watched one of Matt’s tutorials. Great stuff and congratulations on achieving another product.


  45. Nicely done! The UI is somewhat different though. But given the ridicules AT&T data plan charges (especially when traveling abroad) it would be really great to have an offline mode. Would love to watch some of the stuff on a long flight.

  46. Wow!!!! this is great!!! Now I can see KT anywhere!
    Thanks Guys, you did a Kick ass Job!
    Greetings from Switzerland

  47. Publishing on Friday the 13th very brave Mr. Kelby very brave.

  48. Congrats Scott and crew, as one of the ones harping the loudest for this to finally see the light of day I’m gladly in for this as soon as I get home.

  49. Good job Mr. Kelby and team, and “Thanks” for everything you do, but let’s be careful about what we call miraculous. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

    Now all I need is an iPad…

  50. Great! Now can we please have one for Android? Sure, it plays directly from the web-site, but the navigation between lessons doesn’t work on a droid.

    Please don’t shoot the messanger.

  51. Yay!!! My ipad and I are so excited at this news!! :-)

  52. If I’ve never said it before (which I doubt) I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!

    Thanks so much for the app!

  53. Im so happy!! You just made my weekend. I know it was alot of hard work for you guys. Congrats on the launch!

  54. Yay! I actually bought an iPad this week and it’s so happy that it has the Kelby App as one of it’s first apps. I downloaded last night around 9pm and have already seen several movies. Scott your 7 Point System was one of the first! Congrats to the entire App team…I know they worked long and hard.

    If we have feedback or suggestions, where should we send them?

  55. This is fantastic!!!

    Keep up the great work Scott and the rest of your team!

  56. So. Awesome. THANK YOU. This will really help me!!!!!

  57. WOOO HOOO!!! can’t wait to get home and try it out.

  58. Hey, how about a bonus for us NAPP members? That the free monthly KT class for NAPP members be available through this app, too?

    Woohoo! Glad to see the app arrive. :)

  59. I haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, but does the app only work when connected or is there the ability to download/cache videos for offline viewing?

    • Unfortunately there is no offline viewing …. yet! Crossing my fingers because that’s what I really want the app for.

      • Scott, I spend most of my time in hotels where high speed Internet makes me wish for dial up. That’s the biggest reason I don’t subscribe to your training.

  60. I can’t believe it!! It’s finally HERE!! You would not believe how many times I hit refresh on your blog on the hopes that this will show up!!!


  61. You were reading my mind – Big Whopping Whoo Hoo! Downloading as we speak….

  62. Wonder! Been waiting since last July when I got my IPad. The wife and daughters say I spend too much time on the IPad now…..boy, are they in for a treat. No daddy, no more.

    Thanks guys!


    Thanks for the effort – greatly appreciated! :)

  64. #bug ? if you press the Ipad menu button while playing video in full screen mode. You cannot launch it back. You have to kill the app and launch again.
    Otherwise Congratulations !!

  65. Scott,

    In a manly way, I LOVE YOU! (said with tears in my eyes). Just love you. When we see each other, I will need to give you a big hug (in a manly way).

    Now with joking aside, here is why: I don’t always have my Macbook with me. Sometimes yes, sometimes no; And I may not have wi-fi connection. But I almost always have my iPad with me; And that makes it so easy for me. You may laugh, but now I can take my iPad with me to bed and continue to learn.

    I truly appreciate the effort. You just made a fan a bigger fan of yours.

  66. Yay! I downloaded it for the iPad and the iPhone! I love the trainings.

  67. And the guy sitting next to me in the Dr.’s office is watching a video with me on the App and he is going to subscribe too. This is GREAT!!

  68. Weeeeeee this made my friday. Thanks to this app i had my longest toiletvisit ever hehe :D so happy!

  69. Scott, I’m sitting at The Flounder watching David Cuerdan’s course and I’m thinking, what is everyone going to want now that the app is out? :-)

  70. Oh yeah, oh yeah, it’cha birthday, it’cha birthday…!!!

  71. Uh-oh. Now I have to get an iPad.

  72. This has been so worth the wait; AWESOME APP!!!

    Kelby Training videos on my iPad, on my iPhone and now on my Apple TV!!!

    Layout, content, quality the whole package…this is seriously good and what’s more it’s streaming faultlessly even on 3G let alone on wireless!

    Kudos to the team that worked so hard getting this to the standard it is on release day; awesome!!!


  73. Scott!
    Congrats to the entire KM Team. This is quite a feat & can’t wait to load this on my iPad for the weekend.
    This is definitely worth the price of admission now!

  74. cant load on verizon iphone says need newer version of software but itunes says i have the current version

  75. You know what would be neat? A bookmark so I can pick up where I left off no matter which device I’m using to view.
    Thanks for a really useful app. I’ve really gotten my $$ worth from Kelby Training. It’s even more of a bargain now!

  76. Hollllleeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrr! Love it!

  77. This is GREAT NEWS – I’ve been waiting for so long on this one. It’s finally time to subscribe to Kelby Training again :)

  78. Re iPad… Wife says no, but Kelby says YES! ;-)

  79. WOW WOW THANK YOU!!!!! THANK YOU!!!Now I don’t need to lug my laptop when I travel to just watch your videos!

  80. Let me know when you get it for Android.

  81. First, I really like this app. It works well and looks good.

    I thought though that a design goal was to enable you to download a lesson for when wifi wasn’t available?

    Also, what’s with the “hundreds of instructors thousands of lessons” BS. This is a good app and the training is great – no need for that.

  82. Can you save the vidoes while connected to wi-fi and watch them later while on the go?

  83. Rut-ro. I turned my iPad off during the playing of a lesson, and now when I return to the app I get a blank screen. No nothin’.

  84. How about some Android lovin’ ;-)

  85. Fantastic!! Thank you, will down load to my iPhone. Brilliant.
    What next – live streaming from Photoshop World?
    Keep up the good work.


  86. Weyyyyyyyyy…..
    Good job guys…. best late than ever… hehehe
    after the long wait, it’s finally here…

  87. Downloaded and tried it out. Working GREAT!!
    Thanks to Scott and the development team!

  88. Sweet Deal…Thanks to all those hard working Team. (and Geeks)

  89. Scott, I love you too (in a manly way)!!! Downloaded and ready to take my iPad to bed for some more learning. Now, all I want for Christmas is downloading videos for offline viewing – puuuullllleeeeeaaaaaasssssseeeeee :-)

    Great job team and thank you so much.

  90. This is great news. How long till the android app?

  91. Just tried it! I feel like it’s Christmas in May. Me and my iPad are dancing the Dougie dance in the middle of the floor. You guys are great.

  92. I’m headed to the app store as soon as I finish writing this thanks you!

  93. Better than I hoped (dreamed) it would be! Great work Scott~

  94. Like others, really want offline viewing! Please!

  95. This is a great start. Surprised and pleased that it works on the iphone too.

  96. Any chance of expanding this app to Android? — would be great

  97. Been watching videos this evening on my iPad (Jeromy Cowart rocks)! Very pkeased with how well it works. Thanks or seeing this one through to completion. So glad it has arrived before my upcoming trip so i can find a productive use of my travel time!

  98. Hey Scott are there any plans for a Android version in the future?

  99. Thanks for the App. It is Great !!!!! One small thing though…. offline viewing ? :-)
    Hopefully before June 2011, So I can watch some on the plain to New York ;-)

    Regards from The Netherlands.

  100. Scott,
    Very nice, here is my wish list for the first update.
    Have the “Tab” or “Return” key move from the “Userid” to “Password” field when signing in.
    Have the videos stay sized full screen when first selected and processing through the course.
    Have the app remember where I left off, for easy return.

    I know you can never please everyone.


  101. On my iPhone, on my iPad, love it, love it, love it!!!!

    Thanks for improving an already fantastic product.

  102. And Air Play too!!!!!

    Sean, you are a god-like creature!

  103. When I try to install on my 3g says “this application requires the iPhone 4.3 Software Update” which Apple doesn’t support for the 3g. Any help from anyone in this area? (and upgrading my iPhone isn’t in the budget..)

    • The requirements for the app in iTunes clearly state that it requires 4.3, so it looks like you (and I) are out of luck when it comes to our 3G’s. Oh well.

  104. DROID!!!!!! for us sub-standard Android users…

  105. watched Kelby video till the wee hours………need to run out of batteries to sleep.
    thanks for the hard work.. it’s great.

  106. The app is awesome!!! now I need you to release ‘A Day with Jay Maisel 2’. thank you.

  107. Scott: That is great!!! When will it be available for the android?

  108. Updated my subscription today but when trying to login I get “Unable to Login…Your Online Training Subscription is not active”.

    Works fine on laptop. Any ideas??

  109. This is great and something I’ve been waiting for since I bought my kelbytraining subscription, but I thought when you mentioned this before it was going to have off-line viewing? Is that still in the works? Or if it’s in there how do I find it?

    Thanks this new addition though will make my subscription that much more useful (though the OFV would help A LOT more for keep up on stuff at lunch when I don’t have internet).

  110. Hi, Kelby Training….. (Scott)…
    thank you, so very very very much indeed…!!!

    Now… my I-Pad & I-Phone turn into a beautiful swan of teach… on the road… ;-)

    Who said… whoo hoo!!!
    Mee Too… !!!

    (Copenhagen-Denmark) ;-)

  111. Was just about to quit my subscription. Its looks Sweet on HD tv from Airplay.

    Jay Maisel 2 will be the next Dead Line For me.

  112. I have a 3GS and it works great on there as well as the ipad. WELL done..! Looks like all that butt kicking finally paid off !:-)

  113. Please update and allow Verizon users to have the app. (iOS 4.2.8) I was so excited to see this and then very disappointed when it would not run on my Verizon iPhone.

  114. It was an aesthetic thing right? You needed the white iPhone to be available before you’d release it? :-P

  115. I’d buy the android version :)

  116. Woo hoo!!!! thx you! Working great! Love the app!

  117. Finally Really I am waiting this long long time :)

  118. Great job Scott and crew. Thank you for getting this out; it is sincerely appreciated and is super user friendly.

  119. That picture of Matt was WORTH the wait!!

    Really? Really, Really! Really? Well, no but it is pretty cool to see him before he has been Photoshopped :)

  120. Need some DROID LOVE!! Pretty please? :)

  121. App does not download to an Verizon iPhone. Why? There is plenty of bandwidth on a Wifi connection to run the video.

  122. Hey guys your Shows are practical brilliance!! The clear answers, the choice of topics, and the knowledge of your guests are creating some of the greatest resources today…

    Thank you for your brilliance
    Ron Pollard

  123. Android guys, you know it makes sense…

  124. Thank you ……….. 

    I find your blog very creative & informative.

    I will keep update with the same..

    seo training noida 

  125. Any thoughts on when an update to the app might be forthcoming? It works fine, so save it until the snafu’s are worked out. You don’t need the headaches like the Light It magazine app have presented. Love the magazine, I just wish it played nicer with Apple and worked seemlessly on the IPad. The Kelby app gets the job done, just seems dated relative to your other offerings- but I love the content.

  126. Scott I know apple isn’t paying you guys, but they should be… I did not want to buy an ipad, but I guess I will have to since I love my kelby training classes so much..  I don’t know how many times I’ve just been waiting somewhere and thought “I could be learning something while I wait”  .

  127. great stuff!!! really I’m enjoying this app + all trainings.
    I’m just on and off planes for works I would as many have requested before me really like to be able to tag courses for offline viewing so I can catch up on some courses while I’m up there… :)

    keep up the great content! loving it!


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