Announcing “Creative Cloud Training Month” at KelbyOne

With more than 1.5 million people subscribed to the Adobe Creative Cloud, we wanted to release a whole bunch of online training classes on everything from InDesign to Illustrator, Premiere Pro to Muse, TypeKit to Behance, Photoshop to Lightroom and everything in between.

Each weekday for the entire month of February we’ll be releasing another NEW class on one of the Adobe Creative Cloud applications over at, along some other other already cool classes we had planned for February.

We are broadcasting each class FREE  from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm ET — just that day — then it goes back in the Disney Vault, errrr I mean then it’s available just for subscribers after that one free day. The free broadcasts start on Monday, February 3rd. Here’s the link where you can find the FREE airings (again, that’s starting today at 6pm).

So, what’s coming next?
We are just getting’ started! We’ll be adding something really unique mid-March for KelbyOne subscribers and you’re gonna be super-diggin’ it, but until then, I hope you’ll check out all the new classes we’re releasing this month.

Cheers, -Scott

  1. That’s great, I was recently thinking if you where going to do a covering of the other CC programs. I just recently discovered and started use Muse. Excellent way to create websites without codes!! Thanks Scott

  2. Curious, how many takes did it take to do the above video? Glad to see Kelby 1 going into the rest of the Adobe products, especially Premiere. With the excellent video team Kelby 1 employs to do the great video training, I would like to hear some tips from them.

    1. Thinking of buying some at Target? Or from Apple? Or from Microsoft? Or Neiman Marcus? Or Hilton, Marriott, Sheraton and Westin hotels? Or from anywhere online? They’ve all been targets (no pun intended) of similar hacks. It seems a new one gets hacked everyday. It’s not an Adobe thing, as you’re portraying it here —- it’s an online shopping thing.

  3. Hi Scott, I’m a former member and an Adobe Cloud member – Do you have a current Muse Tutorial which includes latest Nov 13 updates? Thinking of joining your great service again if my budget stretches – well worth it! Best

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