What The Plus! from Guy Kawasaki
Our friend Guy Kawasaki has made his latest book, What The Plus!, available as a free download for 500 people! Just click this link and grab your copy for free until supplies run out. If you don’t get it in time, you can get it in your preferred e-book format for under $3 from Guy’s website.

Douglas Sonders Nik Webinar
Douglas Sonders will be presenting a free live webinar on Using Nik Software To Step Up Your On-Location Photoshoots on Tuesday, April 10 at 1:00pm EDT. If you’ve seen Douglas’ Kelby Training class, or if you happened to catch one of his classes at Photoshop World a few days ago, you know this is something you won’t want to miss. This webinar is limited to 1,000 people, so make sure you sign up soon!

Check out Bill Fortney’s latest class, Learning To Shoot Photographically, over at KelbyTraining.com! In this class, Bill takes on photography from an artist’s point of view and covers some of the basics of shooting to get you thinking differently about creating photographs.

David Ziser 5 Day Digital Master Class
David Ziser’s 5-Day Digital Master Class will be held April 16-20 in the Greater Cincinnati area. This class covers everything from flash techniques and posing, to marketing and print critiques. You can get all the info on schedule, registration and pricing at DavidZiser.com. And leave a comment for your chance to win one of three copies of David’s Captured By The Light DVD!

Kelby Training Live
We’ve got dates for Matt Kloskowski’s Lightroom 4 Live seminar tour up over at KelbyTraining.com! You can register for the seminars in Minneapolis, Los Angeles, and Chicago, all happening near the end of April.

And, you can sign up for the finale of Scott Kelby’s Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! Tour in Islington, London, UK on April 28!

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket to these seminars (make sure you say which one)!

Last Week’s Winners
Here are the lucky winners of last week’s DVD giveaways:

Scott Kelby’s Crush The Composition DVD
Tom Shoopman

Drew Gardner’s Location Lighting DVD
Bob Cooley
Andrew Petti
John Adkinson
Bob Burns
Steve Wetzel
Bill Munder
Vivian Frerichs
Nicole W
Don Townsend

Congratulations everyone! We’ll be in touch soon.

That’s it for today. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. hey Scott! Wish I could have been at PSW! Sounded like t was awesome! I’d love the David Ziser DVD!! Before I shoot next weddings!

  2. Love Ziser’s work! Even though I don’t shoot weddings, his information is easily transferable.

  3. Scott Kelby…. the most generous man in photography!  What a guy!

  4. Fun stuff – Love to see Matt in Chicago.

  5. Looks like one of the book links has already reached its download limit, there is a second link that still has some copies though :-)


  6. Awesome, thank you for the freebie, I was too late, but got it via the second link which has been mentioned by Shawn Welch – Thank you Shawn!!

    I’d love to win: David Ziser 5 Day Digital Master Class 

  7. I’d love to see Matt in LA!

  8. Thanks for the shout out! I miss the team already. Aw man!

  9. I’d love a copy of David Ziser’s “Captured by the Light” DVD :)

  10. Wow that is an amazing Thursday giveaway! Would love to attend the UK Light It Shoot it Retouch it :) :0 Darren @darrenhouse_:twitter 

  11. Hi! I’d like to sing up for a ticke to the Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It. Live! Tour. Cheers from Spain =)

  12. Always up for the DVDs! Too bad the closest seminars are still too far from Germany ;-)

  13. Don’t you just love Free Stuff Thursday!
    I’ll take any freebie you’d like to throw in my direction.

  14. I’m still trying to talk my wife into letting me go to Matt’s LR4 session in Chicago. I bet a free pass to the event would do the trick…”but I HAVE to go now…”

  15. I have seen the light!!! But Mr Ziser’s dvd would certainly help a little more.

  16. Great post. Would love a copy of the dvds.

  17. I had a blast a PSW.  A David Ziser DVD would make my week.  Get me a ticket to the seminar, and you could make my entire year!

  18. David’s Master Class would be great!

  19. I would like to win a ticket Lightroom 4 in Minneapolis – thanks!

  20. David Ziser is the Scott Kelby of wedding photography. I would love a copy of his book.

  21. David Ziser’s “Captured by the light” dvd would be wonderful.

  22. I would love to win the David Ziser DVD. Thanks.

  23. I too would love to win a copy of David’s Captured By The Light DVD!

  24. Thanks for the Day with Jay Maisel DVD.  I am really enjoying watching Jay work around NYC.

  25. Would love the DVD or a ticket for the Chicago Lightroom 4 class.  Do you guys have any Photoshop World class books left over that  you would be willing to do a giveaway?  I think I’m having withdraw since my company couldn’t send us this year!  Thanks!

  26. I’m in for David Ziser’s DVD.  I’d love to go to the class, but it is too far from me. The DVD would be perfect however.

  27. Comment for the Ziser DVD.

  28. I would love a DVD of David Ziser’s Captured by the Light.  I attended one of David’s seminar a long time ago at Triangle Inst.

  29. Always great stuff!  I would enjoy a copy of the Ziser DVD.

  30. Captured by Light DVD would be great! 

  31. I would love the DVD.

  32. David Ziser, Captured by the Light DVD would be my choice. Thanks

  33. Would love to win a copy of David Ziser’s Captured by the light DVD.

  34. WIN WIN love to get a copy of David Ziser’s “Captured by the light” DVD :)))

  35. Speaking of your concert photos Brad…..Loved seeing them presented by Scott at PSW! Would also love to win David Ziser’s DVD.
    Jan Gemeinhardt

  36. I would very much like a copy of David Ziser’s DVD. 

  37. Saw the freebies last night and got the Kawasaki pdf. But I was going to pass on the Los Angeles Lightroom 4 Live seminar due to saving for LR4 and PSCS6. But free is free. Now if I had the winning Mega numbers for Friday…..

  38. Thanks for the opportunity to win something! Seeing Matt’s Lightroom 4 Live seminar in Los Angeles would be terrific!

  39. Would find the David Zizer DVD very helpfu.l

  40. I can’t get to Cincinnati, so maybe I can win Davids’ book!!

  41. David Ziser  dvd would be awesome ! 

  42. Ziser totally rocks!!! The Wedding whisperer!

  43. Finally something happening in Minneapolis! I’d love to win a ticket for the LR 4 seminar.

  44. David Ziser’s Workshop is AWESOME. It is terrific week and he opens his home up two nights to host dinner parties. I think this is his last 5-day class so you really want to try and attend. I learned more in this one week than I did in years of on-hands experience.

  45. I’ll take the Captured by light DVD. thanks! :)

  46. Awesome! First time I’ve seen my name on the “winners” list! Let me know how I can collect my Drew Gardner DVD. Thank you all so very much!

  47. Dang…I missed winning by that much.

  48. Free is even better!

  49. I would love  to have  lightroom 4 seminar ticket for TORONTO Ontario, waiting on the announcement for that stop on the tour!  I went to the last two seminars by train and they were amazing, I now own all of your books! And have learned so much! I am running CS5 , CS6 Beta, One on One software full version,  Nik software complete edition. Light Room 4. I am a Napp member and about to renew for Scott kelby training on line!

  50. I would love to win David Ziser DVD “Captured By The Light” 
    Thanks for hosting Free Stuff Thursday !

  51. I would love to win captured by the light!

  52. I would LOVE to win a ticket to the Lightroom 4 Live seminar in Los Angeles!

  53. Would love a ticket to the Lightroom 4 workshop in Minneapolis – need to up my skills in that area! Thanks!

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