Scott Kelby’s Photoshop CC Book for Photographers
Yes, Scott already mentioned that his new book, The Photoshop CC Book for Photographers, is hitting bookstores soon, but… Today we’re giving away a free copy of it to three lucky commenters! Just leave a comment for your chance to win, or you can go ahead and order yours right here. If you want to check it out first, you can get a free excerpt from the book right here.

Cyber Weekend
Yes.. It’s that time again… Time for Cyber Weekend! This year we have a number of great deals and discounts AND some very special, Limited Edition DVDs and numbered Prints. Cyber Weekend starts Nov 26th but if you sign up today, you will get Early-Bird notification (and beat the rush). You can sign up for early-bird access to all the deals before they sell out at

KelbyOne Live
Want to spend a day with Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, or Ben Willmore? Check out these seminar tours!

Shoot Like A Pro with Scott Kelby
Dec 1 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL

The Power of One Flash with Joe McNally
Dec 9 - San Diego, CA

The Photoshop Creativity Tour with Ben Willmore
Dec 12 - Phoenix, AZ

You can check out the full schedule for seminars through the end of the year. Leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to one of these events!

Moving To Mirrorless by Brian Matiash
If you’re interested in using mirrorless cameras, you’ll want to check out Brian Matiash’s brand new (and free!) ebook, Moving To Mirrorless. All you have to do is sign up for Brian’s newsletter, and you’ll be able to download the free eBook. And check out some of his great work too so you can see what he’s been able to do since transitioning to a mirrorless system.

Last Week’s Winners
KelbyOne Live Ticket
– J Brinkman

Light, Gesture, & Color by Jay Maisel
– Gaxify

If you're on of the lucky winners, we'll be in touch soon. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Awesome, would love a book!

  2. Scott, congrats on the release of the new book. I have purchased two prior versions and enjoyed them tremendously. Hopefully I’ll be fortunate to be selected for a new copy, but if not, maybe I’ll find one under the tree this Christmas. Look forward to seeing you again next time you are in town for a workshop, as I really enjoyed the one I did earlier this year. Happy Thanksgiving to you, and an early Merry Christmas.

  3. Looking forward to reading the book, whether I win it or buy it.

  4. Wow – what an opportunity! Thanks!

  5. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

  6. Another great Kelby Book. Can’t wait to see it.

  7. Seriously looking forward to reading the book so I can brush up my skills with the new CC.

  8. Love the Kelby Books. I have all of them

  9. Would love a copy of that book. I’m doing fairly well with LR (with the help of Scott’s past two books), but with PS, hmm, I could use some help.

  10. Yes, would love to win Scott’s Photoshop CC book. Thanks

  11. hope i win the book! btw, one of the hyperlinks is wrong. it goes to not

  12. I love your books and would like to win it :)

  13. Would like to get the book. Yours are my go-to books whenever I am stuck anywhere in my flow. Also would love to see Joe in my town.

  14. Finally (!) moving from Elements to the real thing and the book would be a welcome support.

  15. I enjoyed your shows with Matt. Thanks.

  16. Thanks for making photoshop come alive since before Macs were cool. :)

  17. Really like your books and would like to win this one :)

  18. Love your books! Please consider me!

  19. Wish I could get one :D

  20. Congrats in advance on what will be yet another #1 bestseller. I’m hoping Christmas comes early!

  21. Excellent excerpt, very enjoyable as all your books. Still half way through the lightroom book

  22. I expect that it is up to the usual highest standard of learning

  23. Scott congrads on the Book. There is a need for an update, with all the new stuff in CC.

  24. your link to cyber weekend is missing the ‘l’ ;) just thought you might want to know.

  25. I want to thank Scott and everyone at KelbyOne for giving me the tools and confidence to improve my photographic and Photoshop skills. I look back at my work over the past few years and am deeply impressed and gladdened by the improvement. Thank you all.

  26. Always look forward to your next book, Scott! Thanks!

  27. The cyberweekend url isn’t working. I think there’s a missing L on kelby ;)

    Btw, I would love to win the book!!

  28. I would love to win a copy of Scott’s new book!

  29. Hi all. It’s cold up here in northern Michigan. Would like to sit by the fireplace and enjoy Scott’s new book!

  30. Would love to win your book.

  31. If it’s buy 10 Kelby books, get one free I’m due!! Love em all.

  32. I would love to add the book to my collection.

  33. I could really use Scott’s new book. Thanks.

  34. I’ve preordered Scott’s book, but I would love to win one and gift it to a friend!

  35. Time to upgrade to Scott’s new CC book!! It would be amazing to win it…

  36. With the 20″ of snow that just dumped on us here in Upper Michigan, Scott’s new book would be a great way to forget about what’s piled up outside my windows!

  37. I use Lightroom, have CC for photographers and want to learn Photoshop. Scott’s new book would be fantastic, if I don’t win it, I will buy it. Thanks much for all you guys do!! :)

  38. I just got your most recent book prior to this new one. Hmmm, will skim through it before purchasing. My best always.

  39. Congratulations on another top book Scott. Destined for the best sellers list I think !

  40. “Today we’re giving away _a_ free copy of it to three lucky commenters” – so we time-share it or rip it into three pieces? ;-) kidding, would love win one.

  41. I tried to open the early bird notice link and was brought to a page of related choices for “kebyone”. Anyway, please add me to the list of peolple who would love to win the new book.

  42. Another best seller! Thank you for the offer of a free copy.

  43. Comment + Luck of the Irish = Free Book :)

  44. Congrats on another awesome book!

  45. I’d love a free copy of Scott’s Book. I have a spot reserved in my book case to go next to my other best seller Scott books.

  46. Hey Brad, the Cyber Weekend link isn’t working man. The link takes you to a generic looking site that looks like spam. Just thought I would let you know.

  47. I really appreciate all the work KelbyOne has done for photography, great job and I would love to have a copy of your book.

  48. Would love to receive your book!! Signed up for a two year subscription of National Association of Photoshop Professionals with the promise of your book and never got it. This would be great if I could get it through winning it :)

  49. I buy all your books. Looking forward to this one.

  50. I would like to win the book!

  51. I’d love to add your new CC book to my Kelby library!

  52. I’d love to win the book! I’m still working thru the Lr 5 book and need to move into using Photoshop.

  53. I’d love to win the book!!! KelbyOne has been a great place for me to learn Photoshop, LR, and general photography stuff!

  54. Any chance to get more knowledge on Photoshop is a great chance!

  55. would love to win this book… thanks KelbyOne for the opportunity!

  56. Scott’s book would be awesome!

  57. Congrats on the new book and the start of your second decade as the best selling photo book author. I would love one of your “spare” books if my name comes up in the draw.

  58. Already pre-ordered one but what the heck, if I won another one it could make a great Christmas present!

  59. I’ll take a free book, please

  60. Scott’s new book would be nice to have!!

  61. I’d love to have a copy of Scott’s new book!

  62. The sample looks good…looks like another SK winner!

  63. I wouldn’t mind a copy of Scott’s new book.

  64. Would love a copy of Scott’s new book

  65. Scott Book would be great.

  66. Scott, your books have been hands-down the most helpful instructional books I’ve owned. I’d LOVE to have the newest edition. Please, please please! ;-)

  67. That book sounds great, I’m in!

  68. Looking forward to see what new features are included in Scott’s new book.

  69. The book looks great. I’m enjoying the free sample you provided. Thanks!

  70. These books are really exceptional and I look forward to seeing this new edition. I have recommended them to other novice photographers because of their simple but yet very informative tips and techniques.

  71. Scott needs to come to Dublin, NH and bring a couple of copies of his books. Enjoy the natural beauty and inspire some local boarding school students who love photography.

  72. The book is great, thanks for sharing it with 3 lucky winners!!

  73. If this book is as informative as the others, plus the downloadable images to practice….. I’m sure it’s a great book!!!

  74. Would love to win a ticket to spend the day with Scott learning how to Shoot Like a Pro!!!

  75. Would love a copy of the new book

  76. Well, I suppose if I don’t win a copy, I will certainly purchase one. Thanks for the opportunity.

  77. Enjoy all your books and tips

  78. Yes, need a fresh copy of the Photoshop book. My several copies are for older versions.

    And, I might send it to my daughter.

  79. NEW Photoshop CC Book, yes!

  80. Would love the have the new book!

  81. I’d love to win this book

  82. Looks like an awesome book & would love to win it!

  83. Scott while your here picking winners… could you tell me what the title of your very first book is and year? I want to see if I have it….. I’m not in contention for the free book I already pre-ordered

  84. Would love to be a lucky winner , a new book looks cool.

  85. Cool, love your books!

  86. The book looks great! Would love to win a copy

  87. Winning would be such a great new experience for me! ;-)

  88. I’d love to win the book!

  89. Free is always a good thing..!!!

  90. Scott always love your blogs, I would love to win the book.

  91. Would love love love to get this book! YES!

  92. Entering for the draw. Thanks for the offer. Love Scott’s new CC book.

  93. Yes please. Thanks for all your great work!

  94. Hey Scott! I’d love a copy of your book! It would take my mind off the Falcons’ dismal season. Did we win both games you shot? If so, come to more!

  95. Ive been in bed sick with the flu all week. Wish I had a copy of Scott’s new book to keep me busy!! :-)

  96. Better than the book would be to see Scott live in Ft Lauderdale,

  97. Would love a copy of Scott’s new book :-)

  98. I have enjoyed your other books! I would love to check this one out!

  99. that book would rock! i need help :)

  100. It would be great to receive #Scottkelby new book about Photoshop CC. It will help me immensely so I can absorb as much as I can (like a sponge) since I have a lot of extra time recovering from my recent surgery…

  101. Kelley books are the gold standard for Photoshop and photography. Looking forward to reading your new “Photoshop CC Book for Photographers” even if I don’t win!

  102. I’m in! Would really love to have a copy. Thanks for the chance.

  103. I gotta keep up with the latest and greatest Scott Kelby book. Hit me!

  104. Long time a read a book by Scott but I sure love to read one more.

  105. Scott, you’re an excellent teacher and I’d love to win this book.

  106. I’d love to win the book!!

  107. Scott, thank you for your openness about photography and it’s processes.
    I like your no-fear, self-asured approach to knowledge. Thank you.

  108. Can’t wait to discover what’s new in your new book. At, we love photo and Scott Kelby unique touch on teaching photography technics and making all being so simple !

  109. I don’t remember the first Photoshop book written by Scott that I bought. I will, indeed, buy this one too because Scott’s books are second to none. If you pick my name, put it back and pick another. You guys have a great weekend!!!

  110. I’d like to have one, please!

  111. Scott, I love your blog, tutorials, and sense of humor! Looking forward to reading your new book!

  112. Since this is the day you talk about training at least some, can I ask who will be taking Matt Kloskowski’s place as your Lightroom Trainer? I realize maybe you cannot discuss this yet, but in my opinion, he is the best trainer you at least had (other than yourself). He is very clear spoken and was very helpful when I attended a class he taught in my area. He will be hard to replace as his talent truly lies as a educator.

  113. I am a self taught photographer and I’m now learning LR & PS. I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from my Scott Kelby books! Thank you!

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