Honorable Mentions from my 7th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk

Although we’ve already announced the 10 finalists and the Grand Prize Winner from this year’s Worldwide Photo Walk, there are some other images that, while they didn’t wind up being a finalist or Grand Prize Winner, were still so good that I thought they needed some recognition.

Any of these could have been a finalist (in fact, all of these were in the running and on my short list at one point to make the final cut â” and this gives you an idea of how hard it is making the final decisions. There’s just so many wonderful images).

Congratulations to all these photographers below who created such wonderful images during the walk and are officially receiving an Honorable Mention:

Guangzhou Guangdong, China
Photo By: Luz Kanapi

Stuttgart, Germany
Photo By: Ben

Trondheim S¸r Tr¸ndelag, Norway
Photo By: Gunnar

Shinjuku Tokyo, Japan
Photo By: C E

Ras al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
Photo By: Shyam

Porto, Portugal
Photo By: Nuno

Nagano. Japan
Photo By: Tomohiro

Mumbai, India
Photo By: Bobby

Manila, Philippines
Photo By: Nathan

Manchester, United Kingdom
Photo By: Lisa

Luna Ilocos Region, Philippines
Photo By: Josefino Jr

Bath, United Kingdom
Photo By Linda Enfield

Lasi, Romania
Photo By: Iulia

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain
Photo by Mary Heloisa

Lancaster, PA United States
Photo By: Merle

Kallang, Singapore
Photo By: Andy

Johannesburg, South Africa
Photo By: Victor Meyer

Isfahan, Iran
Photo By: Mehrdad

Guadalajara, M©xico
Photo By: Raul

Fife, Saint Andrews, United Kingdom
Photo By: Steve

Edmonton, AB Canada
Photo By: Gina

DuPont, Washington, USA
Photo By: Ed Adams

Colonia Tovar, Aragua, Venezuela
Photo By: Emil

Doha, Qatar
Photo By: Medel

Dallas, Texas, USA
Photo By: Tom

Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines
Photo By: Oliver

Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines
Photo By: Lucil

Caxias do Sul, RS Repºblica Federativa do Brasil
Photo By: Luis Barp

Canberra, Australia
Photo By: Amy

Cairo, Egypt
Photo By: Heba

Cairo, Egypt
Photo By: Sherif

Brownwood, Texas, United States
Photo By: Jim

Damietta, Egypt
Photo By: Malek

Brattleboro, Vermont, United States
Photo By: Donald

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Photo By: John

Athens, Georgia, United States
Photo By: Busara

Angeles, Central Luzon, Philippines
Photo By: Archielou Romero

Again, my congratuations to all these entrants on having such great images that they deserved special recognition. Later this week we have the winner of our Leaders Competition (lots of amazing shots — it’s another tough one to judge).

Hope you all have a fantastic Monday!

All my best,


  1. Well done to everyone! A wonderful selection from all around the world :D
    A Big Thank You Scott for featuring my photograph of Bath Weir :) I’m absolutely over the moon :D

  2. Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions. If I may make a suggestion, it would be to use the last names of these distinguished photographers. Using only the first names of some alongside others whose surnames are listed, seems a bit of a slight.

  3. My hats off to all these photographers! Stunning vision and work! Gotta host a walk one day!
    Great idea Scott, what a great cause and a cool way to bring shooters together!

  4. wow!! Those are fantastic!! I don’t know how you can possibly choose winners, Scott….seems like an impossible task….any one of these could have been the grand prize winner!!

  5. Hate to be the Scrooge, but the vast majority of these images are derivative. That doesn’t mean they’re not good. It means I’ve seen the same or better images hundreds of times before. It may be why they are honorable mention. They are technically well done but few show any true originality in composition or thought

  6. I really appreciate that my photo is included in the honorable mentions… millions of people participated in this contest to be one of the honorable mention i can consider that still a winner ;) Galing ng Pinoy!

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