The Mixer Brush Tool with Pete Collins
Join Pete Collins as he takes you on a walk through of the incredibly powerful Mixer Brush Tool. The key to getting the most out of the Mixer Brush is in understanding the four key settings that determine just how your strokes will look. Pete takes you through all of the options, shows you how each option works in concert with the others, how to leverage the built-in tool presets, and how to customize them to make your own brushes. Once you get the hang of the Mixer Brush you'll find that you can create strokes, details, and looks that you just can't get any other way.

We don’t currently have a way to give you a chance to watch this for free, but how about this… Leave a comment for your chance to win a free copy of Scott Kelby’s The Lightroom 5 Book for Photographers!

Frank Doorhof and Mastering The Light Meter
If you’ve watched any of Frank Doorhof’s classes on KelbyOne, you know he’s all about using a light meter. If this is something you’ve wanted to master as well, check out this new class that Frank has released on just that topic! It’s over an hour long, and Frank covers everything you’ll need to know in order to master the light meter.

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  1. I would love to add Scott’s Lightroom 5 book to my collection of his books!

  2. I know Frank for being a talented Kelby 1 Teacher and I would love to see is class about the lightmeter!

  3. Would be honored to have either item to learn from.

  4. Would love a free Doorhof download 👍😀

  5. I’m just beginning to get my head around Lightroom 5, especially as I have thousands of photos that I need to organise, so winning the Lightroom 5 Book for Photographers would be really cool!

  6. Would love the definitive LR book

  7. You guys are spoiling us with your free stuff. Would love to win a copy of Scott’s book or Frank’s class about metering.

  8. The Lightroom book is on my Amazon wish list! I’ve been waiting for a chance to get it. Your books are the best resources out there!

  9. I would love to win Frank’s new video, I’m getting very frustrated with having rest knackered knees, just had to turn down my first commission since damaging both medial ligaments last week. #bored #angryphotographer

  10. I would love the lightroom 5 book

  11. I would be very pleased to get the lightroom book!

  12. Lightroom 5 book! Por favor

  13. I’d love a copy of Frank’s new video on the lightmeter. Time to own that tool!

  14. Having learnt everything I needed to start my photography career beginning with Scott’s Digital Photography books along with Light it, shoot it…., would love to get my hands on a copy of the Lightroom 5 one :)

  15. I’m making the move from Aperture to LR so this book would be super helpful. Pick me! Pick me! ;)

  16. It would be great to add Scott’s Lightroom 5 Book to the rest of his other books I own.

  17. I just ‘can’t’ get into Lightroom! I think I need this book to push me :)

  18. It would be great to have Scott’s lightroom book. Also nice to habe Frank’s class on light meters

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  21. OK- I’ll admit it — I’m still using the Lightroom 4 book — bad me!!

  22. I am loving the Mixing Brush training…

  23. I’d love the lightroom 5 book…would force me to upgrade ;-)

  24. thanks to give us a chance to win this LR5 book.

  25. I love the beard Brad, as much as I would love to win the book and/or Frank’s video

  26. Thanks for all the give always each Thursday Brad!

  27. Scotts book would always be good. Thanks!

  28. For Christmas I bought myself a Sekonic L-478DR. I would love to have Frank’s video to learn how to use it.

  29. It would be awesome to win Scott’s Lightroom book! Just watched Pete’s course on the mixer brush the other day and it’s fantastic!

  30. I bought Frank’s video over the weekend and he does a great job explaining how to use a light meter and the benefits that come from it. Definitely worth having as a resource.

  31. Whow, the MBT looks real nice and fun!

  32. The Lightroom book would work a treat

  33. Scott’s book will be awesome to win

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  36. Scott’s Lightroom book would be awesome – Thanks!

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  38. Loved Lightroom 4 book, but it would be great to have the latest Lightroom 5 book! Has to be a lot of gems in it!

  39. I love Lightroom 5 and I would love to learn more through Scott´s The Lightroom 5 Book for Photographers. I would also love to learn how to use a lightmeter through Frank Doorhof´s class.

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  53. Always Fun and Great Stuff! :)

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  55. Would love to have a copy of the book

  56. Scotts series of books are great but I don’t have no.5 so would love that.

  57. Loving my kelbyone subscriptions, and would love a copy of this book to learn more about Lightroom

  58. I love the Mixer Brush. Making a painting, as does Fay Sirkis, is extremely Zen to me. I spend hours blending away with a photograph to make a great piece of art. Thanks for the Brush tutorial Pete!

  59. Can’t wait to see the Mixer Brush Tool vid – definately new for me. I’ve also learned a ton from Frank Doorhof! Love how he answers every question I have asked over social media – a real inspiration!

  60. I am learning Photoshop and Lightroom to help me start my photography business, and I need all the tips and tricks I can get! A copy of this book would really help propel me into better edits!

  61. If you haven’t yet checked out Frank Doorhof’s Lightmeter classes – DO SO NOW. They are grrrrrrrrreat! :) I especially liked his “Why fake it when you can create it” (… His latest MDM – Lightmeter video is great too. Takes all the “anxiety” out of using an external meter! Love it.

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