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New Lightroom Classes from Scott Kelby
Over on KelbyOne, we just released four brand new Lightroom courses from Scott Kelby! Whether you’re wondering why you should start using Lightroom and are curious what the advantages of it are over just using Bridge and Photoshop, a current user who wants to know more about sharpening, a sports photographer looking for the best way to integrate Lightroom into your workflow, or are just looking for some cool layout ideas, Scott has you covered.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a free copy of Scott’s Lightroom 5 Book for Photographers!

Moose Peterson’s Trip To Africa in BT Journal
The latest issue of Moose Peterson’s BT Journal is out, and it’s all about his trip to South Africa! At 70 pages featuring 200 photos and plenty of video footage, it’s one of the largest issues they’ve ever produced. If you want to check it out, you can find out more right here.

Last Week’s Winner
-Bill Hardman

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  1. Beginning to use Lightroom, and it has already helped me begin to bring uninspiring photos to life!

    The Lightroom 5 Book for Photographers would not only help my own learning process, it would also help me produce photos that not only have life, but longevity to!

  2. I tried Light room a few years ago (before I had a camera that could shot RAW) and just didn’t get it. Now I have an SLR (and shot in RAW) and with the help of Kelby One I’m making better images than ever. Thanks Scott. 📷

  3. I do a lot of sports photography for kids, particularly tennis, squash and soccer – would love to be able to do some slide shows and montages for them – is this something Lightroom can help with?? Love the British accent by the way :-)

  4. My photography business is going to be picking up speed soon and I know I really need to upgrade my skills with Lightroom 5 and would love to win this book

  5. Just started following Scott Kelby on Twitter. I have an account with Adobe CC and always end of using Adobe Photoshop. Lightroom has always baffled me. Scott’s book looks like it could be a great help to me!

  6. I studied computer graphics in school. Kelby books should be required reading. They are fantastic and you learn so much from them. I would love his lightroom 5 to help increase my knowledge of the program.

  7. I’ve just started using Lightroom and the tips from the entire Kelby empire (not to be confused with the other empire that likes to kill jedi) have made it an easy transition from my old software.

  8. As a Nikon shooter I had to be dragged kicking and screaming from CNX2 to Lightroom. After getting over the initial shock I absolutely love LR5 CC at $9.99 a month. Can’t beat that with a stick! Would love the book!

  9. What can I say about the books that Scott Kelby writes.…Just FANATIC! He takes you step by step through the process and makes it so much fun! Would LOVE to have this book on Lightroom.

  10. Since its launch, I have spent more time in LR and have almost, just about abandoned CR. Only Time I am in Photoshop now is when I am creating a composition. I loved your latest class on the 3 types of Sharpening and how & when they are to be used!!!! Great class!!! looking for more secrets & capabilities tucked away in LR!!!!!

  11. I would love to learn Lightroom, i have it on my Mac, but have only used Photoshop. I have heard a lot of good stuff about Lightroom and I am sure your book could get me up and going.

  12. I love your writing style (which is basically your speaking style, as I learned from your “Shoot Like a Pro seminar yesterday in Richmond) I have “The Digital Photography Book” and just got “The Adobe Photoshop CC Book for Digital Photographers”. I need your Lightroom book, as I have learned mostly by hunt and peck and now need to learn what I’m doing wrong or could do better.

  13. I wanted that book for Christmas but Santa apparently didn’t get the message. I really enjoy your videos on KelbyOne so I’m sure I’d learn much from the book as well.

  14. Hey Scott & Brad! Went to your Richmond seminar yesterday & am still on a high from it! Loved every second! I would love this book to support my homework that I need to do before you all come back next April!! Thanks!!

  15. Hello gentlemen… used LR 4…computer got hit with a virus and corrupted my LR…nothing else was destroyed…so actually starting out with about 3500 images–and a clean slate of LR5. I’m thinking your book would help me get it right this time !!!

  16. If this book is half as awesome as your seminar in Richmond was yesterday, I just can’t live without it! Thanks for a great time and hurry back, please!

  17. Now I am paying a monthly subscription for it, I need to know how to use it over Photoshop! Disappointed to learn that my Mac will not work with future versions though ;-(

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