Retouching Brides with Scott Kelby
Learn new ways to retouch brides with Scott Kelby! In this class Scott demonstrates techniques targeted at helping photographers who have to do their own retouching to make the job quicker, easier, and more efficient. Dealing with skin tends to be the most important and most time consuming aspect of retouching brides, so Scott takes you step-by-step through a series of techniques that you can apply to a variety of situations, and he even shows you how to automate the techniques using Photoshop actions. It’s not all about skin though, Scott has techniques for color corrections, enhancing eyes, reducing noses, performing all kinds of repairs, and even conversions to black and white. There’s even a technique for giving grooms a cleaner shave. If you’re a wedding photographer who has to retouch your own photos, then this class is for you.

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  1. I’d love to win a month of training from KelbyOne! Thanks :)

  2. I wish I had seen this video a month ago. I did my first paid wedding shoot, and ended up editing over 500 pictures. at least 300 of those were the bride, and needed to remove certain tattoos from most of the pictures

  3. I’m in for a win. Fingers crossed!

  4. I need some good luck! Please pick me pick me! Motivation booster!

  5. I could use this membership. Thanks.

  6. Thank’s to all instructors for the sharing their knowledge.

    Nowadays a true sharing like this one is to their credit .

    All the best to the whole team Kelby

  7. Love the new blog design. Thanks for showing the importance of updating design across your platforms!

  8. i’d love a month to expand my education!

  9. A month of free KelbyOne would be awesome!!!!

  10. Wow, awesome a month!!!

  11. Used Kelby training in the past … awesome stuff.

  12. I got little time to look to photography stuff between work, life and school, but Scott’s stuff is the photographer that I prefer, along with Joe McNally. You are genious!

  13. Hey Scott, I’ve got my UNenhanced eyes on you :P

  14. awesome giveaway!!! ??????????????

  15. Yes, please! What a great giveaway…thanks! :)

  16. KelbyOne is the only one for me :)

  17. Awesome, would love to win.

  18. That is so cool for some lucky person. If you pick this one pay it forward to another that isn’t a member yet!

  19. I’d love to have a free month on KelbyOne…

  20. I love KelbyOne! And I love free stuff! Seriously though, I have learned tons from Scott, RC, Joe McNally and rest the awesome peeps at KelbyOne.

  21. My Kelby subscription just ran out,,, I would love to have another month.

  22. A free month of KelbyOne would be great.

  23. Would love to give KelbyOne a try

  24. Free Stuff Thursday is great! Would LOVE to win a month of KelbyOne!

  25. It will be awesome to win a one month of KelbyOne to watch Scott’s class

  26. Retouching Brides, Scotts new Kelby One class, is excellent. Watched it this weekend and have been practicing the techniques on portraits. While I’m not a Wedding photographer, nor a Professional, I LOVE learning how to take an image to the next level. Class had a good pace, easy to follow, terrifically effective techniques…and it has Scott so that’s a plus too!

  27. great tutorials

  28. Wow I want that class

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