It’s Free Stuff Thursday!

Bonjour! Brad Moore here with the latest news and updates, live from Paris (well, as live as you can get on a non-live blog anyway)… :-)

Google+ Photographer’s Conference
We’re just a couple of weeks away from the Google+ Photographer’s Conference on May 22-23 in San Francisco! Register now for your chance to participate in photo walks, live shoots, and sessions with great instructors like Guy KawasakiTrey RatcliffPeter HurleyAlex Koloskov, and tons of others. Here are a couple of discount codes to use for registration…

Use GPLUSCOMM to save $50 off registration AND get 2 free months of online training at Or if you’re a student, use GPLUSSTUD to register for just $99 (must provide student ID)! These discount codes are valid until May 18.

Leave a comment for your chance to win one free ticket to the conference!
Right on the heels of last week’s new class, What’s New in Photoshop CS6, we just added a slew of new Photoshop CS6 classes from RC Concepcion, Corey Barker, and Pete Collins! These guys go into detail on the latest improvements on Design Features, HDR, Video, 3D, and more.

Not only that, but the highly anticipated debut of Lindsay Adler’s class, Fashion Flair Photography is now available as well! Join Lindsay on location and in the studio to see her unique take on classic stories with a twist of fashion and glamour.

Check out these classes and more at

If you’re in the Dallas area, you absolutely have to check out the launch of an awesome new photo studio, WELD. They’re having a launch party tomorrow night, May 11, from 8-11pm, where you can tour the space and enjoy free pizza and drinks!

WELD isn’t just a normal photo studio. It’s a community of photographers who share a space for meetings, work, and photo shoots rather than working alone in an expensive, lonely space. It’s the brainchild of our buddy Austin Mann, who gave us a preview of the space when we were in Dallas for the Light It. Shoot It. Retouch It seminar, and we were blown away!

So, make sure you swing by Friday night for some free food, network with other photographers, and see if the WELD community is something you’d like to be a part of!

Crush The Composition DVD
We’re currently in Paris filming Scott’s upcoming Travel Photography class for Kelby Training, and man is it going to rock! He’s even said that he’s just as excited (if not more so) about this class as his Crush The Composition class. So, why not give away a couple copies of the DVD?

Leave a comment for your chance to win one of two copies of Scott’s Crush The Composition DVD!

Heck, Why Not?
Let’s give away a couple more of those A Day With Jay Maisel DVDs while we’re at it. You know what to do!

Last Week’s Winners
Here are the lucky winners of last week’s giveaways…

Google+ For Photographers Conference
– PrototypeM

The Photographer’s Photoshop CS6 Power User Tour
– Doug A

A Day With Jay Maisel DVD
– M. Davis
– Peter Lawton
– Brian Parchim

The Digital Photo Workshops with Dave Black
– Lorri Eastin

That’s it for this today. Have a great Thursday!

  1. Ah Paris, can’t wait to see the new DVD Scott it may be the closest I ever get to the Eiffel tower. Would love a chance to learn from two talented artists. 1st ever tweet.

  2. Would love the Jay Maisel material or anything you would consider. Just a note of thanks to Matt for his instruction on Lightroom, I have learned so much through your instructional media.

  3. Would still love to go to the Google+ conference, Just wasn’t able to afford the ticket and hotel both one or the other but not both. So near yet so far…

  4. Loved the Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it Seminar live in London.  Pity you guys are so far away as I would love to attend more live training and seminars!!!

  5. Thursday’s fast becoming the best day of the week. Not only is it the last day of the week over here but now I might win some free stuff. Shot a dot Mr Kelby

  6. Hey Brad!  Hope you’re having a blast in Paris!

    Put me down for the Jay DVD or Scott’s DVD.  Would love to have either one of them.


  7. Like It, Love It, Gotta Have It from All Things Kelby!  If you were based out of Orlando, you’d be the Magic Kingdom of Photoshop!

  8. You guys have the best contests, the prizes sound fantastic.  Now if only I could win one of those DVD’s.
    And if I don’t win, I still win by reading this great Blog and by belonging to

  9. Gee I should have waited to register for the Google+ Photographer’s Conference then I would have received 50 bucks off and the two hours of Kelby Training. 

  10. Jay Maisel has been an inspiration to me since first seeing his images in the mid 70’s – I would truly appreciate receiving his DVD’s.

  11. I love Jay Maisel’s work. After the Another Day with Jay Maisel installment on Kelby Training I went out to do some street photography using all that I’d learned from the video. I even found Mr. Maisel’s studio in NYC and took a photo (from the outside) and felt a great sense of pride in what I was doing for the remainder of the day and every day afterwards. Thanks for imparting such wonderful tips on photography and people.

  12. Longing to Crush the Composition with the help of Kelby Training.  Every book and DVD I’ve purchased from you are the best in education for Photoshop and photography!

  13. Hello. A ‘Day With Jay Maisel’ DVD or Scott’s ‘Crush The Composition DVD!’ would be really great.
    Thank you for Free Thursdays
    All the best to everyone

  14. Crush the Composition was one of the most outstanding classes on KT. Some of the stuff we naturally do, if just without thinking, but Scott put it all together, simple to understand, hard to forget (now). Should make a 100% improvement in most people’s photography.

  15. What a awesome list of goodies.  Thanks Scott for being so awesome to us readers.  And how awesome but to spend time in Paris with Jay.  What a treat.  Winning any of the above is a serious score.

  16. Would love to have any of the DVDs. I’ll also have to go check out WELD. It’s a little bit of drive but it would be nice to connect with other “Dallas Creatives”.

  17. I wish my work would let me go to that g+ conference.  San Francisco is my favorite place on earth.  

    I would love that Crush the Composition book.  I have seen quite a lot of good reviews about it

  18. Love to win the “Crush the Composition” DVD since I had the privilege of being on the front row of the live audience that night it was shot!

  19. Happy to see that Lindsay Adler’s Kelby Training class is available now.  She was super at Photoshop World DC.  Either of the DVDs would be a great prize to receive.

  20. Loved attending Scott Kelby’s classes at PSW DC this year, and have several of his books.  Would LOVE to have “Crush the Composition”!  Thanks a bunch!!

  21. Hi Brad, nice to see you are looking after things in Scott’s absence and giving away a few goodies. I would love to received the Jay Maisel DVD’s.
    Don J J C

  22. Well, congrats on WELDS opening!
      On the usual note, I’d love tickets to the G+ conference or Scotts’ “Crush the Composition” DVD pretty please, thank you, and good luck to all!
      Have an excellent weekend Brad & all

  23. Scott I hope you’re getting a good amount of change for pimping out Google+.  It’s pretty obvious you’re getting paid to promote.  

  24. Thanks for all the free information in these blogs.  Some of us really appreciate it.
    I’d like to win anything.  It’s my birthday next Thursday – does that merit extra weighting in the selection process ?


  25. I’d love to Crush the Competition with the DVD and spend spend a couple more days with Jay!…  Those classes are AWESOME! so much info to absorb. The DVD’s are an awesome addition especially if you find yourself in “a Dead zone” I’d love to add either one to my collection!

  26. CRUSH that Composition! Although a day with Jay Maisel would be invaluable….I’d be over the moon with either one! No, literally…secret Russian space launch headed to over the moon. ;)

  27. WOW, I would love a DVD by Scott Kelby as his Crush The Composition DVD! or A Day With Jay Maisel DVD.  Thanks for all you wisdom sharing, Scott. 

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