It’s Free Stuff Thursday!

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It’s An All-New
Yesterday we launched a whole new website designed from the ground up to give you the best KelbyOne experience yet. There’s an all-new member dashboard, all-new navigation, and just all new everything! If you’re already a KelbyOne member, log in now to check it all out. And if you’ve never been a KelbyOne member, you can take it for a spin for FREE (click here and scroll to the bottom of the page for info)!

And to celebrate the launch of the brand new site, we’re going to give away a free 1-month membership to five lucky people… Just leave a comment for your chance to win!

Last Week’s Winners
Shoot Like A Pro Reloaded Tickets
– Nicole Miller
– jeburkezoo
– Mitch Kloorfain
– Michael Glover

If any of those is you, we’ll be in touch soon. Have a great Thursday!

  1. I like the new format, BUT can you make the color of the title (at least courses and instructors) a darker gold color. Its just too light to read easily (at least on my screen).

  2. Big surprise, I can’t log on. Just for giggles, I tried the forgot password option, it says “invalid user name or email”, even though my membership is current and expires in 2017. Why promote a new website roll out when it’s obviously broken?

  3. I already have a one month subscription but am unable to actually watch videos as the new site refuses to load. So sure, another month would be a nice consolation.

  4. Home from work, had hoped the new site would be operational, but can’t even get the home page to load :(
    I want my kelbyone (sing to the sound of “I want my mtv” chorus on Dire Straits – Money for Nothing).

  5. I’d love a free month! I’m already a member and I use it all the time. It was mostly working yesterday. Must be many new people trying it today. I’ll wait until it’s fixed to try.

  6. Great looking new website, I’m glad you all updated it. I will be buying a members ship this year where you all anounnce the cyber week deals. I would love to win an extra month though.

  7. Great looking new website, I’m glad you all updated it. I will be buying a membership this year when you all announce the cyber week deals. I would love to win an extra month though.

  8. Heya folks. I discovered you thru Mark Rodriguez’s recent appearance on The Grid. Since then I have been addicted to your blind critiques – keep it up, good stuff!

  9. Hey Scott. The website that bears your name, the one with all the cool training stuff and discounts… that one. Well, how to put this, performance is pretty bad. Slow to glacial at times. If you can login, you can’t stay logged in. Plenty of discounts that lead nowhere… Very un-Kelbyone like. And now we’re going on a week with things still broken. Worse, the thing that would make folks feel a bit better, information&communication are in short supply. Folks can and do forgive much – but the feeling of being taken for granted because a vendor won’t tell them what is going on (“we’re working on it” isn’t sufficient) – that tends to stick with us. Not something we would have expected from Kelbyone. Not sure who’s in charge or how all this happened, but sure would like to know… Same as you would if rolls were reversed. Stay true. Stay blessed… –Rich

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