It’s Free Stuff Thursday!

Free Books from KelbyOne!
Yesterday you saw the video above where Scott and RC made gift suggestions in the way of books from KelbyOne instructors. Well, today is Free Stuff Thursday, so how about we give away a free copy of each of these books! Leave a comment letting us know which one of the following books you’d like for your chance to win!

Last Week’s Winners
1-Month KelbyOne Memberships
– Wendy Rueter
– Justin F
– Luis
– Sue
– JKWidds

If any of those is you, we’ll be in touch soon. Have a great Thursday!

  1. Wow, what a great giveaway! So many good books, I’d be thrilled with any, but in order of priority, The Photoshop Workbook, Scott’s Lightroom CC Book for Digital Photographers, and The Headshot top my list!

  2. While all of the books look great, if I had to choose the one I wanted most (and didn’t already own) it would be The Lightroom CC Book for Digital Photographers. Happy Holidays and good luck everyone!

  3. I’d definitely have to go with ‘Picture Perfect Practice’ – these all sound like awesome books, but at this point focused time spent shooting is really what I think I need to improve my photography, and this book sounds like it would really help!

  4. Talk about an embarrassment of riches! All are great choices, but I’ve recently begun exploring the powerful tool that is Photoshop, so I would have to choose The Photoshop Workbook.

  5. I would love to enter and comment commencing…. Now! The only book above I do not want is The Headshot, I am part of the Hurley Headshot crew and already own that book and I love it ShaBang!!
    Again thanks to your crew for an absolute wonderful year of learning, I am very grateful for all you have given and taught. In life that’s what moves on through generations.
    Semper Fidelis,
    -Chuck Dunmire

  6. PPP! I know you like how I did that, mmm hmmm it’s all about shortcuts baby, the lightroom CC book looks very promising, I think the author still needs to convince me he knows what he is talking about ;P I still the you should rename your other book to “Hows the FU** do I do that in lightroom :)

  7. Tough choices with so many must have titles… But for the joy, wisdom and inspiration, motivation and insight; I’d love “It’s Not About The F Stop” :)) Jay makes me want to shoot, grow, see and learn! Thank you to all the great Holiday themed blogs and fun posts! KelbyOne Christmas Elves, Elfs and Imps Rock!

  8. Sweet give aways!! I would love a copy of The Photoshop Workbook by Glyn Dewis.
    Keep the ideas coming for gifts I want under my tree, I just keep forwarding to my girl friend,

  9. Either the Lightroom CC book or the Peter Hurley book would be wonderful! Although, I wouldn’t turn up my nose at any of the others if it came right down to it. One of the others I own, but I know someone who would love it as a Christmas present!

  10. An updated “cc” version of the Lightroom Book by Scott Kelby would look really nice under the tree this Christmas. Keep doing what you do, we appreciate all the tips and tricks, Kelbygroup.

  11. I’d love any of them but Jay Maisel’s book “Light Gesture and Color”, as I already have that! If I had to pick just one, I’d take his other book!

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