Google+ Photographer’s Conference
We’re just days away from the Google+ Photographer’s Conference in San Francisco! The Kelby offices are in the midst of all the last-minute preparations, and we’re excited to be heading to the west coast. Don’t miss this opportunity to see your favorite Google+ photographers all in one place! Head over to for the full speaker lineup, schedule, and registration details.

Use GPLUSCOMM to save $50 off registration AND get 2 free months of online training at Or if you're a student, use GPLUSSTUD to register for just $99 (must provide student ID)! These discount codes are valid until tomorrow, May 18.

Plus, leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket to the conference! This will be the last chance to win a free ticket from Free Stuff Thursday, and we’ll be picking a winner in the next 24 hours since we’re so close to the conference.

What’s New In Photoshop CS6 DVD
Win Matt Kloskowski’s new DVD, What’s New in Adobe Photoshop CS6, before you can buy it! This DVD is perfect for people who have experience using a previous version of Photoshop – CS5, CS4, or even CS3 and just want to know all of the “good stuff” in CS6. Leave a comment and we’ll randomly draw for 2 winners.  Full details about this brand new DVD here.

Matt has another DVD out called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Crash Course. This title is designed to have anyone using LR4 up and running at full speed in no time. Leave a comment and we’ll randomly draw for 2 winners. Learn more about this DVD here.

Lightroom 4 Book – Spiral Bound!
Speaking of Lightroom 4, the spiral bound version of Scott’s brand new book, The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers (Spiral Bound Edition), is here and yep, you guessed it - we’re giving away a copy here on Free Stuff Thursday. The spiral bound edition is killer if you plan to use this a lot as a reference because you can keep it flipped open on your desktop while you work. Just leave a comment and we’ll draw for a winner before next week’s installment. Learn more about Scott’s latest title here.

50% Off At The NAPP Store
Most shirts and mugs are 50% off at the Official NAPP Gear Store. Get a great deal on a NAPP shirt or mug by entering GRADSHIRTMUG in the coupon box at checkout. Some exclusions apply. Hurry because the offer ends Thursday, May 17 at 11:59PM Pacific Time.

Kelby Training Live
If you’re in Indianapolis, you’ll want to check out Dave Cross and The Photographer’s Photoshop CS6 Power User Tour on May 23!

Matt Kloskowski is also hitting the road with the Lightroom 4 Live Tour! He’s heading to Washington, DC, Lansing, MI, Richmond, VA, and San Francisco next month.

You can get dates, details, and register at

Drew Gardner Webinar
Today from 2:00p – 3:00p, join Drew Gardner and the Manfrotto School of Xcellence for a free webinar on Celebrity Portraiture! Drew will take you behind the scenes of his celebrity photo shoots in the studio and on location and talk about what he’s learned from his years of experience. You can sign up right here.

Last Week’s Winners
Google+ Photographer’s Conference
– Christopher Johnston

Crush The Composition DVD
– Hollyhockrose

A Day With Jay Maisel DVD
– Doug Evans
– Thomas

That’s it for today. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Thanks for everything and keep it coming
    P.S. Why yes, I’d love to win a copy of your new Lightroom book. 

  2. You guys are great.  Thanks for all the gifts!

  3. Spiral bound version of LR4 for Digital Photographers?  YES, please!

  4. Hey there! LR4 book? me WANT!

  5. I would love to win either the spiral bound book or one of Matt’s DVDs!

  6. I love spiral bound. You guys rock. Hope to see you at gplus conference!

  7. Would love to win the What’s New In Photoshop CS6 DVD! or the Lightroom 4 Book!
    You guys rock!

  8. Going over to renew my Kelby training account, right now.  Thanks, Scott.

  9. Ooo! Stuffs, all learning is good learning! Especially free learning.

  10. Wish I didn’t have to teach summer school and could go to the conference, that would be neat. However, I would be happy to be considered for your Lightroom book. Thanks!

  11. I have busted my rear learning the in’s and out’s of LR 3. I am ready to move up to LR4. The DVD from Matt would be excellent as a gift!

  12. Would love what’s new in cs6 or the Lightroom 4 book

  13. That spiral-bound LR4 book would be a great resource if I was the lucky winner!

  14. Ohh, the LR4 book would be a great win!

  15. If love anything but the tickets. No chance to get top three conference, but I hope someone else enjoys them.

  16. I borrowed your LR 3 book and I loved it, but with the new edition of LR comes the need for a new book (and if I don’t win it, I’ll have to buy it anyway). 

  17. Lightroom 4 Book or the LR 4 DVD by Matt for me please.

  18. Would love The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers (Spiral Bound Edition)!

  19. Newbie here. This looks like a great site with wonderful content! The LR4 spiral book sounds cool.

  20. I’d love to have a copy of the Lightroom 4 book…or the DVD–they both sound awesome. Thanks!

  21. Thanks for the incredible giveaways. I’d love to attend the G+ Photographer’s Conference next week.


  23. Kudos and all the best for the conference. LR4 goodness for me pls.

  24. Would love to have the LR4 book or one of Matt’s DVDs.

  25. I have really enjoyed the last few weeks diving into all of the Photoshop resources that Scott Kelby offers.I can’t wait to start putting them to use on a daily basis.

  26.  You can send one of Matt’s CS6 DVD’s to my house. It will be loved, hugged, and we’ll try not to call it George

  27. Much more of a LR guy then Ps. Would love either of those books.

  28. Love to be the lucky one!

  29. O.O yes please and thank you to a ticket to the conference?
      ^^ have a great weekend Brad

  30. I love the Photoshop People!!!!!  I have followed them for years!!!

  31. Hey Scott I would love to win a copy of your Lightroom 4 Book – Spiral Bound, maybe i could be your first Melbourne Photographer to win? ;-) Going to see your buddy Joe McNally on the 24th, its my birthday present! Cheers Carl AUS.

  32. Would love to be at G+ Conference!  It would be an epic experience.

  33. I’d be perfectly happy to win anything – books, DVDs, signed photos of Scott or Brad…

  34. Oh yes ! The spiral bound is a great idea ! Wish to have one please.

  35. I would love Matt’s Lightroom 4 crash DVD!

  36. Anything free would be amazing!

  37. Love the blog Scott }:0)

  38. If only nikon & adobe had a free stuff Thursday too :)

  39.  well.Your post is so amazing and I like your style very much.I wish to see more articles from you.

    Good day!!!

  40. Need those LR4 tricks!

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    Have a good day and a Great trip to Gplus conference

  42. thanks for all your good advice and introducing us to folks like Jay Maisel and Tim Wallace!

  43. Another free stuff Thursday, happy days :)
    Would love to win a copy of Scott’s new Lightroom 4 book.

  44. Ooh, Lightroom 4 DVD or book. How do I choose?
    Keep up the amazing work. Your name is always the first thing we mention when we hear “phototoshop” or “Lightroom”.

  45. Oh yes i’d love a Spiral bound copy.

  46. let me roll a lucky spiral and win….

  47. I need The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers (Spiral Bound Edition)…

  48. Always up for DVDs and books … unfortunately the courses are a bit far :-)

  49. I would love to win Scott’s LR4 book spiral edition, thanks

  50. Would love a copy of Matt’s new DVD.  Thanks Brad.

  51.  Wish I could join the West Coast fun.  Also wish you could bring some events to the New Orleans area.

  52. I would love that copy of the Lightroom 4 book.

  53. Would love to win Scott’s  The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers (Spiral Bound Edition),

  54. Would love just to win something!

  55. Have just upgraded to both CS6 and Lightroom 4, both mega upgrades, need to know much more about both so hope your going to do a doing a good deal for the pair!

  56. Would love the LR4 book! Or one of the DVD’s. :)

  57. LR 4 Book – Whoo Hoo!

  58. Spiral bound, what a great idea.

  59. Got Scotts LR 1, 2 & 3 books…. The LR4 book would look damn good next to the others :)

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  66. This is SPARTA!!!!  LR4 please

  67. Greetings from the Emerald isle! – Met Scott at his LISIRI seminar in London, fantastic day! Would love to win a copy of lightroom 4 book or Matts dvd! Love your training guys….you are an inspiration……

  68. Just gor LR 4 and this book would be great to have, especially given the usually NAPP quality.

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  70. Thank you for what you do I like lightroom 4 the crash course dvd would be good

  71. Hello. The Lightroom 4 DVD or spiral book would be great.

  72. Thanks Brad, Scott, and Kelby Training for nice giveaways and for the always awesome site.

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  74. Ooh, hope I win and that it tells me how to get LR4 to export EXIF data, something I never had a problem with in LR3.

  75. Put me down for a spiral bound Lightroom book, please!  Although from looking at the comments, the chances of winning one are slim, because EVERYONE wants one! :-)


  76. Thanks for another great post and the DVD or spiral bound book would be an awesome win.

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  78. Thanks for the contests. I’d love the Lightroom 4 Book or DVD to help me get my head around using Catalogs and Libraries with external hard drives.

  79. It would be awesome to win a copy of your spiral bound LR4 book Scott :)

  80. It would be awesome to win a copy of your spiral bound LR4 book Scott :)

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    FYI — this is one of the few blogs I check daily!!! 

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  102. I would love the book or DVD!  Need to get up to speed on LR4. 

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  105. It good to see that you are geared to help photographers

  106. I would love to get one of the books! By the way, I think Matt’s Lightroom class should come to NY sometime soon…

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  109. I love all things spiral bound.

  110. Love the spiral bound book, it’s like never ending fun.

  111. I have soooo much to learn and Matt’s Lightroom would be very helpful, especially since I live in a very remote area of Pennsylvania.  I haven’t been able to find any photo classes locally or even a photo club.  So I am on my own and any of your materials would be very useful.

  112. Have LR2 book – excellent reference. Would love to get LR4 book now, especially if spiral bound.

  113. Once again great giveaways that will only make us better!

  114. Nothing more sexy then a spiral bound book on LR4

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  116. Would love to be spiral bound.

  117. I have the LR3 book and would love to win The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers (Spiral Bound Edition).

  118. Wish I could make it to the G+ conference…the LR4 book would be great though! Thanks as always…

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  120. Love all the free stuff you’ve been giving out. I’d take any of it in a heartbeat:)

  121. Enjoy your insight and info. Thanks

  122. Spiral bound YAH! and i will give my not spiral bound, just started reading it, copy to my daughter.

  123. I would love to have a copy of the LR4 book.  My 14yo daughter is beginning to use LR and she & I could use a good reference.

    P.S. Still lovin the Jay Maisel DVD

  124. Spiral bound Lr4 book! Woot!! But I’m not picky and will gladly take anything! :)

  125. Hi, great giveaways! I would love to win any
    Of it. It could only help me get better. Thanks

  126. +Would be nice to have. My youngest son (10) has developed an eye for shooting landscapes

  127. S.B.E. that’s for me! YAY! Lightroom! (c:

  128. Mr. Kelby I’m amazed at how you still make time to give back with your busy schedule. Your Lightroom 4 book would make my guessing work a lot easier. Thank you.

  129. Have the LR3 standard edition, but a spiral bound LR4 edition would be so much nicer!

  130. That Lightroom 4 book would be awesome!

  131. I’m using Aperture but played with the thought of giving LR a shot some day – so the book would be a nice prize to win :)

  132. Very nice, lightroom 4 spiral bound. Great idea.

  133. Haven’t upgraded to LR4 —— yet. :o)

  134. G+! I am not to far away to attend! Or CS6! Love Thursday’s!

  135. Ooh ooh ooh, spiral bound LR4 book, yes please!!!

  136. I make a promise to myself now not to upgrade any software without also buying Scotts book on the subject, as without it I’m at a total loss! 
    And theres no way Im upgrading to Lightroom 4 without your LR4 book! Thanks Scott

  137. I’d really love to win the LR4 Spiral Edition!

  138. Love the new binding !

  139. SInce I just saw Matt in Chicago for the LR tour.  Can I put my hat in for the LR 4 spiral book.

    Thx, Glenn N

  140. I would love a copy of your Lightroom 4 book.  Just got it and would love to learn more!

  141. Not greedy – I’d be happy with anything here.

  142. Spiral it in…

  143. Wow, that spiral bound book would be really nice! Of course, everything that is up for grabs looks really nice.

  144. I’d like to get the new book.

  145. spiral bound, how brilliant!  all reference books should be spiral bound.

  146. Would love anything on Lightroom 4 and in particular the spiral bound book.

  147. Hook me up with the Lightroom 4 spiral bound book! I’d love a copy of that fella. 

  148. Spiral bound is such a good design for reference type books. so nice to have them lay flat..

  149. I’d love Scott’s spiral bound LR4 book -or- Matt’s LR4 crash course DVD. 

    Save travels to the Google+ Photographer’s Conference!

  150. Love to leard more about LR!

  151. I love spirals!  And sticking a book to it is brilliant!

  152. I would like to learn more about LR please! Thanks Scott.

  153. I’m in need of a LR4 book — I’d love to win one of those!

  154. I would love to have the Lightroom 4!!!

  155. Would l love to get my dirty hands on the LR4 book!  :)

  156. These books look great!

  157. I’m coming up to SF for Jeremy Cowart on Monday and G+ on Tues-Wed, would be amazing to get a free pass!! Thanks for everything!!

  158. I would love to win the LR4 book or Matt’s DVD!

  159. Free stuff-great!!! Pick me! Pick me!

  160. I would LOVE to have any of the freebies…being a newbie, I am trying to learn as much as possible!

  161. I could really use some LR4 help

  162. Free stuff sounds good to me! 

  163.    Scott’s books are the best ! I would love the LR4 book.

  164. Enter me for Scott’s spiral bound Lightroom 4 book – I’m attending Matt’s seminar in DC, so the book would be a great learning help after that.

  165. Brad, the sign up link to Drew Gardner webinar is not working.

  166. Spiral LR4 – count me in.

  167. I would love to put the Spiral LR4 to good use. I think the spiral bound is a great idea so it can lay open always next to my laptop.

  168. The LR4 would be very helpful

  169. Happy you released a spiral bound version of the LR4 book! :D Count me in!

  170. Spiral bound is the way to go. Thanks for bringing it to the LR4 book.

  171. Glad to hear the LR4 book is going spiral. 

  172. Ooh…Spiral bound!!!

  173. Would love the Lightroom book, just picked up LR4 and need to learn how to use it.

  174. Looking forward to checking out the new book! I’m totally new to LR!!

  175. Bought the book but sure could use the spiral bound version!

  176. Lightroom 4 Book – Spiral Bound or Matt’s DVDs would be great. I watching Matt’s Lightroom 4 in depth on Kelby training. Great stuff!! 

  177. The Lr4 book would be my third from Scott and a spiral bound edition sounds awesome!

  178. Would love that spiral bound!

  179. Spiral bound.  Yes!!

  180. Hey the spiral bound book would be great and the DVD would be a veryinformative.  What a great way to learn some new software.  Looking forward to seeing Matt in Richmond.

  181. Yeah! Spiral bound Lightroom 4 book. That’s the one for me.

  182. Spiral bound – love it!

  183. S B E  Thanks Scott Kelby!!!!!!

  184. That spiral bound LR4 book sounds like a great idea.

  185. I am all about the Lightroom freebies.
    Would love to win Scott’s spiral bound book LR4 or Matt’s Lightroom Crash Course.

  186. Would really like to have a shot at Matt’s DVD!  Really enjoy his tips on the Grid, etc.

  187. I would definitely like to have the Spiral Bound book of Lightroom 4.

  188. Anything but the Google +, can’t make it.

    Thanks for the generosity! 

  189. Would love the CS6 DVD.

  190. Would love the Lightroom Crash Course DVD…. although I have I’m getting pretty good at crashing and burning ….  (or maybe a ticket to Matt’s class in Richmond, VA?)….

    Thanks for all the great tutorials and training…

  191. I would love a copy of the spiral bound lightroom 4 book to take along with me to Matt’s seminar in Lansing, MI.

  192. Hi Brad! Hey, count me in on the freebies! Thanks! Larry

  193. I’d love to get my hands on a spiral bound book.
    Have thought of buying one earlier, but have been late to the game and missed out as of yet.
    Keep up the good works guys!!!

  194. wow, I’d love to boost my photography skills at the Google+ conference! and how serendipitous that it’s in my hometown! thanks for the info and for the chance to win a free ticket!

  195. Would love one of the dvds or book!!   Thanks.

  196. A spiral-bound LR4 book would be awesome!

  197. Nice stuff, watch you guys all the time, the LR4 book would be increadable

  198. Would love to win the Lightroom 4 Book – Spiral Bound. My version 2 book just can’t keep up any more… 

  199. Scott, you and the crew are awesome.  The spiral bound book would be awesome.

  200. I need the Lightroom 4 book. Need to make sure I am using the latest stuff…

  201. I’m looking forward to Matt’s class in San Francisco next month.  In the meantime I’d love to win either the book or the DVD

  202. Hey there, Brad! Would LOVE to have a copy of the LR4 book with a spiral binding!

  203. Would love either the CS6 dvd or LR4 book… both are great programs!

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  205. Yea, I’ll take a DVD too

  206. The spiral bound LR4 book would be incredibly helpful

  207. I’ll take “What’s New in Adobe Photoshop CS6”.

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  211. would love “whats new in adobe photoshop cs6″  :)

  212. Lots of good stuff there. See you next week at the conference!

  213. Thanks Brad,
    Really enjoy being a NAPP member. I would like to have either of Matt’s DVD’s, What’s new in Photoshop CS6 or Lightroom 4 Crash Course.

  214. Love Lightroom 4, but this CS6 looks intersting…..

  215. Great Site Scott!!!!

  216. Can not make it to the G+ seminar but would love anything on Lightroom 4.

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  222. Love Thursday with Scott Kelby and crew!

  223. i would love the lr4 sprial bound book

  224. Hi Brad, I would love to get a copy of the spiral bound version of Scott’s LR4 book. Check back on the original posting on 5/4/2012 and you will see I was the first to ask about the availability of this item.

  225. Enter me in the draw for the Lightroom 4 book

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  228. Lots of free sruff today.  Count me in!  Would love to win

  229. Awesomesauce – I’d love the free tickets to G+ conference!!

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  232. Would love to win the LR4 Crash course

  233. I would love to win Photoshop Lightroom 4 Book for Digital Photographers (Spiral Bound Edition), because I know to little about lightroom since I just started using it.

  234. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Crash Course is what i think i need, since I’m new to Lightroom.

  235. I would love the lightroom 4 book

  236. its my turn to win…LOL

  237. Hoping to win something, anything, but since I live in the SF area I’d love the conference ticket.  Thanks for the contest.

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  239. I look forward to winning the LR4 spiral-bound book!

  240. I can visualize my name on that LR4 spiral-bound book – Beautiful!

  241. I’d love to win either the Lightroom 4 DVD or spiral bound book. Check out my concert photography at I recently photographed Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Chris Young and more!

  242. LR4 spiral-bound book would be a great resource for me to take my LR4 skills up a notch!

  243. I would love to get anything LR4-related.

  244. would like to win the lightroom 4 book

  245. like to win lightroom 4 crash course cd

  246. Awesome that you are giving away Matt’s dvd about Photoshop cs6. I would enjoy winning one.

  247. i would love to have a copy of Matt’s Lightroom book!

  248. I’m feeling lucky and would love to learn Lightroom from Matt’s book.

  249. I haven’t upgraded to either Lightroom 4 or CS6.  I’m debating a system switch before I replace my computer.  But learning a little beforehand never hurt anyone.  Please put my name in the hat for the CS6 dvd, the Lightroom 4 Spiral book, or the Lightroom 4 Crash Course dvd.  Thanks guys!

  250. the Lightroom 4 book or DVD woud be great!

  251. I’d really love a copy of the lightroom 4 book!

  252. Keep up the great CS6 info!  Love the coverage in the new issue of photoshop user!

  253. I can’t go to San Francisco but I’d love to win a DVD or a copy of the new Lightroom 4 book! :) Thanks!!

  254. Would love to win that Spiralbound Lightroom four book

  255. I’d go for a DVD or the Lightroom 4 book. :)

  256. Would love to win Matt’s CS6 DVD!  Love his training videos!

  257. Enjoying Lightroom 4 but could use another Scott Kelby book in the house. ;)
    Wondering when you might visit Saskatoon SK…..

  258. Enjoying Lightroom 4 but could use another Scott Kelby book in the house. ;)
    Wondering when you might visit Saskatoon SK…..

  259. Would be great to get the Lightroom 4 spiral bound book.  Thanks!

  260. oooooo . . . I’d love the spiral-bound Lightroom 4 book! Thanks much!

  261. Ahhh… a spiral bound copy of Kelby’s Lightroom 4 book?  It’s exactly what I’ve been waiting for!

  262. Going for spiral bound LR4 so I can use it as a reference when I see Matt live.

  263. You people rock. ffm

  264. Love to have a copy of the Lightroom 4 book…

  265. You guys are the best, always giving out free stuff. 

  266. You guys always amaze me with the giveaways. I’d love to win the LR4 book. 

  267. looking for that lovely spiral bound LR4 book!

  268. LR4 book spiral-bound? Awesome!

  269. What would be better than a copy of Scott’s spiral bound LR4 book.  Nothing!!  But maybe a business card and Swedish Fish is just the ticket to win…….

    Yup that was me at PSWDC.

    Luis Morales
    DLWS Acadia NP, 2005

  270. I’ve been using LR4 for a bit and just installed CS6. Looking forward to processing my first wedding with the software this weekend. 

  271. Lightroom 4 book would be awesome. Just got LR4.

  272. LR4 spiral bound? Awesome!


  273. The Lightroom 4 book or dvd sound excellent. I’m just about to move up from LR2 and am expecting quiet a learning curve.

  274. Would love a spiral bound LR 4 book!

  275. The Lightroom 4 book would be great.

  276. I would love to go to that conference!

  277. I need the spiral bound book.

  278. I have the Lightroom 3 book, love to have the Lightroom 4 one!

  279. I hope I win the LR4 book too.

  280. Please pick me for LR4 book. Thanks :)

  281. The spiral-bound LR4 book would be of great help to me. Oh, and please thank Matt for a wonderful LR4 workshop in LA last month!

  282. Would love the What’s New in CS6 DVD.

  283. Just Curious: What microphones do you use in filiming “The Grid”? Also, would love the Lightroom 4 Crash Course…  

    Thanks for everything! 

  284. I would love to go to the conference.

  285. Spiral Bound version of the book…. How cool is that!

  286. Would love the Lightroom book or DVD. Thanks for the chance to win them!

  287. I’d love the LR DVD or book! Awesome!

  288. Love the blog & would love any of the prizes too!

  289. I enjoy your blog.  Thank you for the chance to win.

  290. I always learn something new here.  thank you for that.  And I’d love to win the PS6 book or DVD.

  291. Thanks for the post Brad. Love the Lightroom 4 stuff!

  292. When is your new Photoshop CS6 for digital photographers due out? Love all your books they make learning fun and easy. Your a inspiration to us all, Rgds Stephen

  293. Bring on the Lightroom 4 spiral book :D

  294. I’d love to win a spiral LR 4 book, fingers crossed…

  295. Knowledge is power…  What’s New in Adobe Photoshop CS6 or  Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 Crash Course would be awesome win.  

  296. Would love to win the new LR book. So much to learn to help me in my yet really bad editing

  297. Could use either the LR book or CS6 DVD.

  298. I so enjoyed Scott’s LR3 book. Having the LR4 “update” would be great!

  299. Wow, I’ve about wore out my Lightroom 3 book and to have the next version spiral bound . . . That’s the best idea ever !!

  300. Just upgraded to LR4 and lookin’ for some book – Scott’s would be great :)

  301. Trying to learn more about photography and photo editing.  A DVD explaining Lightroom would be most appreciated!

  302. Would love to win your LR4 book! Still getting by with your LR3 book.

  303. Spiral Bound. That would rock. I always love Scott’s books for getting to the heart of the matter.

  304. thank you very much. I’m looking foreword to good news as usual :)

  305. LR4 Spiral Bound…. Any chance of getting it signed… Great Stuff as always

  306. Be great to see if the LR 4 spiral bound would work w/ my class.

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  309. Just yesterday got LR4. Desperately in need of a quick start/leg up on how best to use it. Your new LR DVD would certainly do the trick and free is very good.

  310. I am seriously not using my Lightroom to full potential. I really need a crash course to update myself. I would love to win the give away for Matt’s course because I find him very easy to follow.

    Hats off to Scott for doing a spiral backed book. That’s excitingly useful. !!

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