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Here’s some cool free stuff from me that you might have missed, so I thought I’d share it here in honor of it being ‘Seis de Mayo’ and all. ;-)

(1) Download My FREE Lighting Recipes iPad App
It’s an App dedicated to teaching different lighting set-ups — The cool thing is, it's not just a couple of lighting setups⦠There are 13 lessons in all, showing you the finished image and production shots, a lighting diagram, and my own audio commentary so you can see how each one is set up. It’s been downloaded about a bazillion times — it’s has nearly 700 reviews on the iTunes Store and it’s rated 4-1/2 stars (Whoo hoo!!!). Anyway, it’s free from the App store (or you can use this link).

(2) Take my FREE online class on creating custom photo books in Lightroom
That’s right â” it’s my full-length class on where I take you through the entire Lightroom photo book-making process from beginning to end and you’ll see exactly how it’s all done (and learn lots of helpful tips and hints along the way.

Here's how it works:
Our online classes are also available as downloadable 3-day rentals (just like you'd download a movie rental), and that's the case here, but you'll notice that instead of there being a $6.99 rental fee, the rental button says FREE (well, technically it says “RENT NOW” but you’ll see that the rental price is actually $0.00, and $0 means F-R-Double-E Free!).

Here's a link to the free online class, and I hope you find it helpful (photo books are easy to get hooked on â” make one and you'll fall in love).

(3) Watch my online class called “Crush The Composition” for Free!
This is the free rebroadcast of my talk at the Google+ Photographer’s Conference about why so many of us struggle learning photo composition and I introduced a new way to teach composition that breaks with the traditional methods and it has just really struck a chord with a lot of people. In fact, I probably get more email from fans about this class than any I’ve ever taught. It’s been viewed over 200,000 times and you can watch the entire class free (I’ve embedded it right above).

Well, there ya have it folks â” three free things from me! :)

Hope you find this stuff helpful and if it moves you even just a few more feet down the road, then I’ll be a happy man. Have a great Tuesday everybody. Hope it’s your best one so far this year! :)




First, If you really want to know what it was like to actually be there, watch that video above, created by conference attendee (and Googler) Petra Cross. She captured it perfectly in this short, yet totally amazing 2,000 image stop-motion video!!!!

I met Petra during the conference (she’s very cool) and she even taught an “Un-Conference” session during the event on how she makes these videos. It’s not just the images she captured, its not the great post-processing, it’s not just the technique, or the editing — it’s ALL of it. She is one VERY talented photographer/videographer. Thanks for sharing this with us all. We love it!!!!

It kicked off the day before with photo walks all over San Francisco
I though it would be cool, seeing as this is a social-media based event, so start off with everybody making friends, so the day before the conference kicked off, we organized Photo Walksâ„¢ all over the city, led by the conference instructors themselves (that’s my group below, from our walk in the Golden Gate Park and the Japanese Tea Gardens. Photo by Brandon Ford).

I thought by getting these groups of photographers before the conference, they’d instantly make new friends and connections, and that’s exactly what happened. I tried to spend some time with everyone on my walk. I hardly shot at all, but I met lots of great folks, and then we headed to Park Chow restaurant for yummy food and conversation.

Wining and Cheesing
After the Photo Walks, it was off to the gallery for our Wine & Cheese reception, where we displayed the printed work of some of our most talented attendees. The venue was really cool, and their images looked amazing!  Besides the gorgeous prints, (all printed on Epson’s Exhibition Fiber Paper no less), their images were also displayed on huge screens around the gallery. Very cool nite (that’s Matt Kloskowski with Lindsay Alder), with some cool music, yummy cheese, great wine and lots of folks making new friends. (Photo by Matt Leitholt)

Well, it was a fun night except for this one thing…

That’s me, during the party, with RC’s iPad, running an App you never want to run: Find my iPhone. :( I walked into the gallery and it looked so cool I immediately grabbed for my iPhone to take some shots, and….it was gone. I had just used it in the taxi to give the driver directions from the Photo Walk to the gallery, and I guess it fell out of my pocket in the taxi at some point. RC had his iPad at the gallery (no surprise there, as it’s never less than an arm’s length away), and I logged in and started watching as my iPhone made taxi stops all over San Francisco. (Photo by Matt Leitholt)

I sent messages to the phone offering a reward to the driver for its return; I sent the gallery address, I offered bribes, sent signal tones — you name it. After about an hour, it eventually stopped moving for 30 minutes, and then sadly I made the decision it was time to “Wipe” the iPhone so I sent the “Kill” signal (knowing I would now have to buy a new iPhone. Uggh). I lost all my iPhone photos from Paris, and London, which was a drag, but I got everything else back when I synced my new photo to my laptop. I have to tell you — it’s a weird feeling to have lost your phone (I did have a passcode set, but still…). Well, off to bed — the keynote starts the next morning.

The Keynote kicks it off in style!
Here’s a shot of the theater where we held the keynote (photo by RC Concepcion). We kicked off the morning with two videos (both produced by our own Daniel Bryant). One the big dramatic cool graphic opener…and well….then we played this one we produced called:

Great Advice for New Photographer’s on Google+ ;-)

After the video (and all the giggle died down), I brought out our keynote speaker, Google VP Bradley Horowitz who gave us some insights into his role at Google and Google+ in general, and he did a great job kicking things off.

That’s Bradley on stage during the keynote. Really cool guy and very comfortable speaking in front of big crowd. (Photo by Brad Moore).

Off to Classes
After the keynote, it was off to one of our five classes going on at any given time:

(1) A big class in the Main Theater (same place where the keynote was held).
(2) The Forum (smaller classroom holding around 400 people
(3) The Screening Room (shown below) for more intimate talks
(4) Our FJ Westcott Shooting Lounge (where we held lots of interactive live shoots)
(5) Our One-on-one Portfolio Reviews room

My first class was a session on Shooting Sports, held in the Screening room, and it was totally filled to capacity before I even arrived to teach the session.

The following day, I was part of a panel discussion on the future of Photography Book publishing hosted by Nancy Ruenzel of Peachpit Press.  That’s the panel above (in the Screening Room): L to R that’s Colby Brown, Jeremy Cowart, Me, Peachpit Press Editor Ted Waitt, Dan Milnor from photography book publisher, and Nancy Ruenzel seated on the edge of the stage (photo by Sara Jane Todd). It was a fantastic panel with some real insights for people wanting to get their book published (and at least four people pitched some cool book deals during the conference).

Live Blind Critiques Done Live
Matt and I took our popular segment from “The Grid” and added Trey Ratcliff and Jeremy Cowart to what turned out to be a fantastic live session as we critiqued images submitted by G+ Conference attendees. Lots of great feedback on these sessions (the following day RC Concepcion sat it for me as I was on the Peachpit Panel during that time slot). (Photo by Matt Leitholt)

Live Shoots Everywhere!
This conference was packed with live shoots, many of them interactive, where the instructor starts the session and then turns it over to the crowd to do their own shoots. Here’s a session on product photography with Alex Koloskov and he totally rocked it. People were just blown away at the stuff he was doing, and as you can see, they got really up close to the action. (Photo by Matt Leitholt)

On Location Shoots
At the end of each day, we boarded buses and headed out to a cool location about 2 miles from the conference center to do location lighting shoots, with strobes, Spyderlites, and natural light and everybody gets to shoot at four different stations.  Matt did this motorcycle shoot with a large Westcott Spyder light — it’s continuous light so lots of folks could shoot simultaneously. We also shot a BMW (I did that shoot), then Erik Valind had a model with Spiderlights, and Jeremy Cowart did portraits and Natural Lights (that’s him above right with his crew). We did this both days and it was a blast! (Photo by Matt Kloskowski)

Above: Here’s a behind-the-scenes photo by Leonid Malashenok

The Missing Motorcycle Story
The first day, we had rented the green Harley you see above, but on the 2nd day, as I’m in a taxi on the way to the shoot, trying to beat the two buses packed full of photographers, and just literally 5 minutes from the location, Brad Moore calls from the location to say the guy can’t get his motorcycle to start and so we won’t have a motorcycle to shoot. I freak out just a little. Matt and I are in the cab, trying to figure out what our back-up plan is as we turn off the freeway, and we see a beautiful motorcycle parked in the street, and then I look and see a guy working on another motorcycle. I yell to the driver, “Can you pull over for a minute?” He does. Matt looks at me and says, “I’ve got this.” He jumps out. He’s gone for three minutes. He jumps back in and says, “He’ll be there with his motorcycle in 6 minutes.” That’s the awesome red bike you see in the first shot. Matt saves the day!

Above: Here’s Erik Valind and a professional model during his location shoot (behind the motorcycle shooting area). He’s using Spyderlites too, so everybody gets to shoot the whole time. Erik was fantastic and made LOTS of new fans during the event. (Photo by Matt Leitholt)

The Google Lounge
Google set up their own lounge in-between the classrooms, with free wi-fi, cool round chairs, and fun stuff (like a Google Photo Booth), and it became the hangout throughout the whole conference and the meeting place for business and fun. They themed the whole area with furniture, logos, pillows, it was just really cool (and very Googly). ;-)

Above: that’s a like 19-second video I shot with my iPhone from the 2nd floor overlooking the Google lounge (classes are in session so there’s not much going on at this point, but check out the impromptu photo shoot going on, on the stairs. The whole conference was like that — instant shoots and photo walks and people just shooting everything the whole time. Very inspiring and an awful lot of fun around every corner.

Above: RC during one of his live shoots in the Shooting lounge. (Photo by Leonid Malashenok)

Above: Google co-founder Sergey Brin holds a secret Photo Walk with some of the instructors and conference attendees to try out the revolutionary, but not seen in person before, Google Glass camera mounted to a pair of eyeglasses. Nobody expected this! (Photo by Brad Moore).

Above: RC gets to try on the Google Glass as Peter Hurley looks on. Hey, RC’s lunch look tasty! (Photo by Brian Matiash).

Sergey shocked the conference (and the whole tech world in general) by making an unannounced appearance on stage during the “What do you want next from Google+” panel where he showed shots made during his secret photo walk, and he demoed and explained the whole concept to a VERY receptive (and blown away) audience. (Photo by Brad Moore). 

Above: Peter Hurley so ROCKED his “The Art of the Headshot” session. He was a huge megabit!!! (and a super nice, fun, genuine guy in person). (Photo by Matt Leitholt)

Above: Here’s my grainy, blurry, kind of lame iPhone shot of a fantastic class! It was Fashion Photographer Lindsay Adler’s session on 5 new lighting set-ups and I sat in on the class and man did it rock! I learned a lot (and Lindsay is a fantastic presenter. She was five minutes into her presentation and the guy sitting next to me leans over and says, “She’s gooooooooooooddddddd!!!!” Great class, and I learned A LOT!!!

Above: That’s me during an updated version of my “Crush The Composition” Class. I absolutely loved teaching the class, because the audience was so “getting it” and really into it, and from a teacher’s perspective, it’s as fun and exciting as it gets. I totally loved it!!! (Photo by Leonid Malashenok)

The Bottomline
We’ve produced more than 25 Photoshop World conferences, and each one gets better and better, but I have to say of all the events we’ve ever produced, I honestly think this one was the best yet. Ask anyone who has been to a Photoshop World Conference, and they’ll tell you about the vibe and energy of the event. Believe it or not, the vibe and energy here was even higher. Through the roof. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

Everyone was fully immersed — fully engaged — from the Google crew, to the instructors to the vendors and the attendees. it was an amazing experience to be a part of, and I’m grateful to our sponsors, vendors, instructors, participants, and a BIG BIG BIG thanks to Google, our main sponsor, and without whom we never would have, or could have, done a conference like this. Thank you Francois, Jenny, Allen, Mike, Brian, Cathy, Vincent, Bradley, Sergey and all the great folks at Google who helped to turn our vision into a reality. And of course to my home team here at Kelby Media Group: Julie, Kathy, Dave, Erik, RC, Matt, Pete, Brad, Tom, and a special thanks to Kalebra who dreamed up some of the cool stuff we did but didn’t get to attend in person (but hey, our son rocked all his final exams, so she said it was totally worth it). :-)

It’s seriously cool to be a part of a history-making event like this, and I’m grateful to everyone who came out to join in the learning and the fun.





Hi Gang: Sorry for the late post today —- I got in off a red-eye and I’m still blurry-eyed this morning, but I wanted to share some images from the conference out in San Francisco this week.

What an incredible event! The sold-out conference had an energy and vibe perhaps even beyond that of Photoshop World, and the photographers there were engaged at a level that had a smile on everybody’s face the whole time.

My thanks to everyone at Google who made the event happen (big shout out to Francois, Jenny, Mike, Brian and Vincent), to all the incredible instructors who gave their time, expertise and heart; to my crew here at Kelby Media Group (high-fives to Dave, Kathy, Julie, Tom, the Photoshop Guys, and a special thanks to my wife Kalebra who came up with a lot of the ideas for the conference, but sadly didn’t get to be there to see the “birth” of this new conference (even though she wasn’t there, her presence was felt throughout). Here’s why she couldn’t be there.

Also, thanks to Google co-founder Sergey Brin who make a surprise appearance at the conference to publicly show the much talked about “Google Glass” project (see the photos below) which totally blew everybody away. Amazing technology!

Here’s a few photos (courtesy of our own RC Concepcion — thanks man!) from the event to give you a glimpse of the going’s on. Lot smote info to come, but for now, here’s a quick peek:


Above: Here’s a shot of the main theater during the opening keynote

Above: Here’s a shot taken during my live “Crush The Composition” class.

Above: Google VP Bradley Horowitz during his opening keynote presentation

Above: Here I’m fielding live questions for Bradley from the audience via an iPad

Above: We had three training rooms, and here’s a panel from the “Forum” classroom. From L to R: Catherine Hall, Nicole Young, Brian Matiash, Colby Brown (holding cute baby), and Matt Kloskowski.

Above: Jeremy Cowart in one of our “one-on-one” portfolio reviews. By the way; we did an after-hours session called “An evening with Jeremy Cowart” that just blew everybody away. It was the talk of the conference!

Above: Here’s a shot of the Registration desk during calmer times. From L to R: Dianne Brisson, Paul Wilder, Victor Garcia, Kathy Siler and hidden is 1/2 of our Conference Director’s head, Julie Stephenson.

Above: Matt Kloskowski on stage during one of his sessions in the Forum.

Above: Guy Kawasaki, an avid photographer himself, during his session on branding in the main theater. Guy rocked it!!!!

Above: A view of the crew backstage.

Above: That’s Frederick Van and the gang from Pixel Corps who were handling the live streaming duties backstage.

Above: Peter Hurley and Catherine Hall hanging out in the audience.

Above: That’s Peter Hurley during his “Art of the Headshot” presentation.

Above: Guy on-stage with a live panel joining him via a Google+ Hangout.

Above: Guy  after his sessions talking with Dave Gales and yours truly.

Above: Alex Kolosov during his live product shoot.

Above: From my live “Crush the Composition” class.

Above: The panel from our live “Blind Critiques” session. From L to R: Trey Ratcliff, Jeremy Cowart, Me, and Matt Kloskowski.

Above: Erik Valind absolutely killed in his live shoot sessions!

Above: Google co-founder Sergey Brin makes a surprise guest appearance at the Conference to demonstrate the Google Glass project. The crowd was just blown away! (Photo by Brad Moore). 

Above: Brad snapped a photo of Sergey and me after his presentation (note Sergey’s Google Glass). Photo by Brad Moore.

Above: Sergey invited a group of conference attendees and instructors to join him for an impromptu Photo Walk and everybody got to try out the Google Glass for themselves. Serious, how cool is that!

I have so much more to share, and I will in the coming days, but I want to once again thank Google for sponsoring the event as a whole, and to thank our participating sponsors whose support make a huge difference, including Peachpit Press, B&H Photo, Smugmug, MPIX, Adobe, Wacom, FJ Westcott, Adorama,, OnOne Software, Bay Photo, and Nik Software. We couldn’t have done it without you!

More to come! :)






Last night I was seeing tons of great comments posted on Google+ and on Twitter from people who attended the conference, and I thought I’d share a few with you here, as it really gives you a feel for the amazing vibe of the conference and how it affected the attendees.

“The G+ Photographer’s Conference was a HUGE success!! Truly like a festival of great ideas, inspiration, warmth and good will.”

“I can’t really describe how much fun I had at the +Google+ Photographer’s Conference this week. I met so many amazing people and learned SO much about G+ and how I can use it better. It was kind of sad when I deleted the conference app off my phone earlier tonight… But I’ll be back next year for sure.”

“â¦Before the show had even started I was having the time of my life. Then it continued as I met and connected with even more people and got to hear people like +Trey Ratcliff, +Colby Brown, +Scott Kelby and +Brian Matiash speak about yourselves and how you move this this photographic world we live in. This will definitely be a highlight in my life for sure.”

“I really am at a loss for words for the experiences I have had over the last 2 days.”

“Whether you are a Google+ fan boy/girl or a Google+ hater, there is no denying that +Scott Kelby, his team, and the amazing panelists at the +Google+ Photographer’s Conference worked so tirelessly to make this conference absolute success.”

“I learned so much on these last two days than I ever anticipated I would. I stepped out of comfort zone ant tried things I wouldn’t have been offered the opportunity to do without…”

“Thank you +Scott Kelby for these last few days at the +Google+ Photographer’s Conference. I’m thrilled to have been a part, and I’m even more thrilled for the inspiration to get back to what I love doing.”

“I took a few hours this morning and worked on my Google+ Photographer’s Conference story. I want to share this so you can see the power of this community and of social media in general. When used to their fullest potential. these platforms can be used to facilitate life-changing events. I know Google+ and this event changed mine.”

“The +Google+ Photographer’s Conference was a blast! Day one started with a Photo walk around the Castro with +Matt Kloskowski. The next two days were filled with fun and interesting information not only about photography, but about using Google Plus more effectively. On the final Day, we did a live photo Shoot with Matt, and +Scott Kelby. Overall, the conference was a deluge of information, but very much worth the time.”

“Too many favorites! The +Google+ Photographer’s Conference was a hit. Great thanks!”

 “Favorite part: having so many inspiring photographers around and willing to help.”

 “Day one was amazing, i cannot wait for day 2.”

 “This conference has been more than I’ve paid for!!!”

 “Thanks for all the time and effort spent planning and organizing. It was appreciated :)”

 “As I stand in line at the Oakland airport waiting to be frisked I want to thank +Scott Kelby +RC Concepcion +Trey Ratcliff +Lindsay Adler and the many others for the wonderful experience at the google plus photographers conference. Thank You!!!”

“Great event, Scott! I learned tons.”

“I’m not an attendee, but thanks for producing this event. I got to participate by watching some of the public replays of panel discussions.”

“Awesome conference! Look forward to day 2 tomorrow!”

“I must say I will be following people like +RC Concepcion +Trey Ratcliff and +Scott Kelby a lot more after those two days! I met some great people that really have a passion for creating great photos and got some really honest feedback that I appreciated.”

“After spending as much time as I could watching live webcasts and participating in comment streams, I wanted to take a minute to congratulate +Scott Kelby, +Darth [Dave] Moser and everyone involved with the +Google+ Photographer’s Conference for successfully putting on such an incredible event.”

 “After seeing some of the Google+ Photographers Conference broadcasts I'm inspired…”

“I had such a productive and inspirational two days here thanks to +Scott Kelby and everyone involved in the +Google+ Photographer’s Conference.”

“Leaving San Francisco early this morning after a great +Google+ Photographer’s Conference I was treated to this wonderful sight at SFO Airport awaiting my flight. Thanks again to +Scott Kelby +RC Concepcion +Peter Hurley +Colby Brown +Guy Kawasaki and the entire +Google+ crew for a wonderful conference! “

“Congrats on a spectacular conference. Everyone did a brilliant job. Kudos!”

“Headed bk east from an amazing #GplusPC Thanks @Google and the entire @ScottKelby team. Great job!”

“Thanks to all the presenters and organizers (+Peter Adams +Peter Hurley +Daniel Milnor +Matt Kloskowski +Guy Kawasaki +Brian Matiash +Trey Ratcliff +Jeremy Cowart +Scott Kelby … and others) for spending your time on shot talk, portfolio reviews, and great great content!!!”

Thanks to every one who took a moment to share your experiences. Putting on a conference like this takes a lot of hard work and dedication from a lot of great people, and hearing comments like these makes it all worthwhile.

Hey gang, Brad Moore here with a quick update after the Google+ Photographer’s Conference.

After two exciting, fun, crazy days of a whole new experience, I am beat. But, the picture of an attendee evaluation form above says it all!

In the meantime, I will point you to a few places to make sure you’re able to catch up on everything that went on…

Check out the official Google+ Photographer’s Conference G+ page to see pretty much everything that went on during the conference.

RC Concepcion has a great post from Day 1 of the conference up at (and another one coming soon, I believe).

And, if you really want to see everything G+ Photographer’s Conference related… Check out the stream of posts tagged with #gpluspc!

That’s it for today. (I’ll pick giveaway winners next Thursday).

We’re minutes away from the keynote at the Google+ Photographer’s Conference! Brad Moore here with some quick updates so you all know the latest of what’s going on.

First, as it turns out, Google will not be streaming the keynote, but it will be be re-broadcast later. More details on that when we have them.

If you would like to submit questions for Bradley Horowitz and Scott Kelby to answer during the keynote, head over to the Conference page on Google+ and leave a comment on the latest post there.

Keep an eye on that page throughout the conference to ask questions for other sessions as well!

Also, make sure you download the Google+ Photographer’s Conference App (Android | iPhone) if you’re using your mobile device. That will be the most convenient way to keep up with everything that’s happening while you’re away from your computer.