In Their Words: The Google+ Photographer’s Conference

Last night I was seeing tons of great comments posted on Google+ and on Twitter from people who attended the conference, and I thought I’d share a few with you here, as it really gives you a feel for the amazing vibe of the conference and how it affected the attendees.

“The G+ Photographer’s Conference was a HUGE success!! Truly like a festival of great ideas, inspiration, warmth and good will.”

“I can’t really describe how much fun I had at the +Google+ Photographer’s Conference this week. I met so many amazing people and learned SO much about G+ and how I can use it better. It was kind of sad when I deleted the conference app off my phone earlier tonight… But I’ll be back next year for sure.”

“â¦Before the show had even started I was having the time of my life. Then it continued as I met and connected with even more people and got to hear people like +Trey Ratcliff, +Colby Brown, +Scott Kelby and +Brian Matiash speak about yourselves and how you move this this photographic world we live in. This will definitely be a highlight in my life for sure.”

“I really am at a loss for words for the experiences I have had over the last 2 days.”

“Whether you are a Google+ fan boy/girl or a Google+ hater, there is no denying that +Scott Kelby, his team, and the amazing panelists at the +Google+ Photographer’s Conference worked so tirelessly to make this conference absolute success.”

“I learned so much on these last two days than I ever anticipated I would. I stepped out of comfort zone ant tried things I wouldn’t have been offered the opportunity to do without…”

“Thank you +Scott Kelby for these last few days at the +Google+ Photographer’s Conference. I’m thrilled to have been a part, and I’m even more thrilled for the inspiration to get back to what I love doing.”

“I took a few hours this morning and worked on my Google+ Photographer’s Conference story. I want to share this so you can see the power of this community and of social media in general. When used to their fullest potential. these platforms can be used to facilitate life-changing events. I know Google+ and this event changed mine.”

“The +Google+ Photographer’s Conference was a blast! Day one started with a Photo walk around the Castro with +Matt Kloskowski. The next two days were filled with fun and interesting information not only about photography, but about using Google Plus more effectively. On the final Day, we did a live photo Shoot with Matt, and +Scott Kelby. Overall, the conference was a deluge of information, but very much worth the time.”

“Too many favorites! The +Google+ Photographer’s Conference was a hit. Great thanks!”

 “Favorite part: having so many inspiring photographers around and willing to help.”

 “Day one was amazing, i cannot wait for day 2.”

 “This conference has been more than I’ve paid for!!!”

 “Thanks for all the time and effort spent planning and organizing. It was appreciated :)”

 “As I stand in line at the Oakland airport waiting to be frisked I want to thank +Scott Kelby +RC Concepcion +Trey Ratcliff +Lindsay Adler and the many others for the wonderful experience at the google plus photographers conference. Thank You!!!”

“Great event, Scott! I learned tons.”

“I’m not an attendee, but thanks for producing this event. I got to participate by watching some of the public replays of panel discussions.”

“Awesome conference! Look forward to day 2 tomorrow!”

“I must say I will be following people like +RC Concepcion +Trey Ratcliff and +Scott Kelby a lot more after those two days! I met some great people that really have a passion for creating great photos and got some really honest feedback that I appreciated.”

“After spending as much time as I could watching live webcasts and participating in comment streams, I wanted to take a minute to congratulate +Scott Kelby, +Darth [Dave] Moser and everyone involved with the +Google+ Photographer’s Conference for successfully putting on such an incredible event.”

 “After seeing some of the Google+ Photographers Conference broadcasts I'm inspired…”

“I had such a productive and inspirational two days here thanks to +Scott Kelby and everyone involved in the +Google+ Photographer’s Conference.”

“Leaving San Francisco early this morning after a great +Google+ Photographer’s Conference I was treated to this wonderful sight at SFO Airport awaiting my flight. Thanks again to +Scott Kelby +RC Concepcion +Peter Hurley +Colby Brown +Guy Kawasaki and the entire +Google+ crew for a wonderful conference! “

“Congrats on a spectacular conference. Everyone did a brilliant job. Kudos!”

“Headed bk east from an amazing #GplusPC Thanks @Google and the entire @ScottKelby team. Great job!”

“Thanks to all the presenters and organizers (+Peter Adams +Peter Hurley +Daniel Milnor +Matt Kloskowski +Guy Kawasaki +Brian Matiash +Trey Ratcliff +Jeremy Cowart +Scott Kelby … and others) for spending your time on shot talk, portfolio reviews, and great great content!!!”

Thanks to every one who took a moment to share your experiences. Putting on a conference like this takes a lot of hard work and dedication from a lot of great people, and hearing comments like these makes it all worthwhile.

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