It’s “Not-Free-Stuff-Thursday” Thursday

Hey gang, Brad Moore here with a quick update after the Google+ Photographer’s Conference.

After two exciting, fun, crazy days of a whole new experience, I am beat. But, the picture of an attendee evaluation form above says it all!

In the meantime, I will point you to a few places to make sure you’re able to catch up on everything that went on…

Check out the official Google+ Photographer’s Conference G+ page to see pretty much everything that went on during the conference.

RC Concepcion has a great post from Day 1 of the conference up at (and another one coming soon, I believe).

And, if you really want to see everything G+ Photographer’s Conference related… Check out the stream of posts tagged with #gpluspc!

That’s it for today. (I’ll pick giveaway winners next Thursday).

  1. Hi Brad, I’m sure Scott & you are busy running the company and organizing a conference this huge needs a lot of help. Can you share with me how you organize trade shows, conference and workshops around the world in such an effective manner? Thanks

  2. I am curious, what’s the big deal about google plus? I signed up for it at the very beginning and it’s still a ghost town. Now my Facebook is is rocking along. I just feel google joined the party too late.

  3. Glad to hear things went so well, so we’ll forgive you for having a “not free stuff Thursday”, just don’t let it happen too often :)

  4. Scott, just watched your interview of Trey Ratcliff on Trey’s site…really good!! Sure wish I could have attended the conference, and despite our comments back n’ forth on G+ a few weeks ago, you and the people you chose to instruct and speak pulled off an amazing event!! How about another one out here in Asia? Cheers, mate….and keep up the outstanding work!!

    Scotty Graham
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  5. Brad, I’m not surprised you’re beat. No matter where I was, it seemed like you where everywhere,and RC too. (I thought maybe there was a Brad clone or two.) It seemed like the two of you were working your butts off non-stop, but having a blast while doing it. You and everyone else did a great job.

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