Three Free Things From Me (Hey, That Rhymes!)

Here’s some cool free stuff from me that you might have missed, so I thought I’d share it here in honor of it being ‘Seis de Mayo’ and all. ;-)

(1) Download My FREE Lighting Recipes iPad App
It’s an App dedicated to teaching different lighting set-ups — The cool thing is, it's not just a couple of lighting setups⦠There are 13 lessons in all, showing you the finished image and production shots, a lighting diagram, and my own audio commentary so you can see how each one is set up. It’s been downloaded about a bazillion times — it’s has nearly 700 reviews on the iTunes Store and it’s rated 4-1/2 stars (Whoo hoo!!!). Anyway, it’s free from the App store (or you can use this link).

(2) Take my FREE online class on creating custom photo books in Lightroom
That’s right â” it’s my full-length class on where I take you through the entire Lightroom photo book-making process from beginning to end and you’ll see exactly how it’s all done (and learn lots of helpful tips and hints along the way.

Here's how it works:
Our online classes are also available as downloadable 3-day rentals (just like you'd download a movie rental), and that's the case here, but you'll notice that instead of there being a $6.99 rental fee, the rental button says FREE (well, technically it says “RENT NOW” but you’ll see that the rental price is actually $0.00, and $0 means F-R-Double-E Free!).

Here's a link to the free online class, and I hope you find it helpful (photo books are easy to get hooked on â” make one and you'll fall in love).

(3) Watch my online class called “Crush The Composition” for Free!
This is the free rebroadcast of my talk at the Google+ Photographer’s Conference about why so many of us struggle learning photo composition and I introduced a new way to teach composition that breaks with the traditional methods and it has just really struck a chord with a lot of people. In fact, I probably get more email from fans about this class than any I’ve ever taught. It’s been viewed over 200,000 times and you can watch the entire class free (I’ve embedded it right above).

Well, there ya have it folks â” three free things from me! :)

Hope you find this stuff helpful and if it moves you even just a few more feet down the road, then I’ll be a happy man. Have a great Tuesday everybody. Hope it’s your best one so far this year! :)




  1. Scott, you’re a poet and didn’t know it! Your toes must be Longfellows…. :-)

    Good stuff here. I’ve recommended the Composition class many times, and the Photo Book class shows how fun that type of project can be. I’ll be sure to share this post with some of my friends.


  2. I’ve been meaning to watch the composition class for a while. It’s just a case of finding the hour or so where I can sit and watch it AND be able to pay attention and not do 100 other things at once!

  3. Scott Crush the Composition is the most informative Educational and fun photography tutorial I have ever watched Great work my friend

  4. I really enjoyed the GPPC. I wish they would do another one — not because I could go to see it, but because all of their amazing sessions they put on YouTube for free! There were soooo many good presentations (especially yours, Scott!).

  5. Thanks Scott for all the free resources, would love to view the Lighting Recipes, but I don’t have an iPad, hope you will release an app for the Android soon.

  6. I just wanted to say, I’ve had the iOS app for a few months actually, and to me it’s pretty much the best thing since sliced bread! Thanks Scott!

  7. What a wonderful class on composition. Thank you for sharing that. You really are a great photographer, designer and teacher. You seem real, honest and approachable. I am inspired to go out and shoot again. Constantly learning while on the go.

  8. Hi Scott,

    Just want to share this with you. I borrowed your
    Digital Photography book 4 from the library few days ago. Took it with
    me everywhere I go, including the bathroom. And of course, I somehow
    forgot and leaved the book on the sink counter top. The next thing I knew
    was a scream from my wife. I rushed in. The book was in the “clean”
    toilet (seriously! it was clean). Half of it was submerged in clean
    toilet water.

    Well, I dried it in the laundry room for a few
    days. Now it was time to return it to the library. The sinful side
    of me was telling me to just return it without saying anything. On the
    way to the library, my ten year old son, who knew of the incidence, was saying
    “well, if a man is honest, he should tell the librarian what happened to
    the book”. My mind was saying “no way!” But my heart
    agreed with him. So, with some struggling, I returned the book…hoping
    that I would meet a nice gentle sweet librarian who would forgive me and say “it
    is OK”.

    The moment I walked in the library, my heart sank.
    There was only one lady and she did not look friendly. I would say
    99% of the time all librarians I met were friendly and helpful.
    Not this time. Well I was at the point of no return. My son was
    there watching. I had to be a good role model, a man, a daddy who
    would do what he said he would do: yes, be honest.

    So, I told the lady. “Umm…I kind of…umm…sort of, umm… dropped the
    book…urrr…in water…urr…toilet water…”. My voice was getting softer and softer and
    much softer at the end of the sentence. She looked at me, she looked at the book, she
    looked at me again. “You will have to pay for it.”
    “Urr…yes, could you please check how much?” She carefully
    took the book, put it under the scanner, did some typing on the key board, and
    with a “beep” sound, she said with a straight voice, “$37.99”.

    Ok, I thought to myself, I was being honest and now it cost me $38.00 bucks. But hold on, the book only cost $25.99 in Canadian dollars. So, I went back to her and asked why. “Sir, $25.99 plus $12.00 handling fees for re-ordering the book and preparing it for load.”

    …walked out the library feeling a bit “ripped off”…$12.00 handling fees!!!!! Man! I paid taxes. But than a little voice inside me said “It is not between you and them (the world). It
    is between you and God”, a quote from Mother Teresa I read on Facebook just

  9. Scott,
    Thanks so much for the free app. it is extremely helpful. One question however. The finished product in lesson 7 has a very large catchlight that looks like either clamshell or a reflector of some sort. Was this added in post or was there aditional lighting in the original shoot? Thanks

  10. Damn it that G+ Photo Conference was an amazing thing that Google did (with a little help from a certain Kelby Media company). I wish they would help put on another one. Those were some awesome resources that were given away for free to the online crowd once the conference was finished.

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