Lindsay Adler’s Fashion Flair Photography
Lindsay Adler has been getting rave reviews on her Fashion Flair Photography class…

“One of the best courses on Kelby Training!”

“Fantastic teacher!”

“It’s amazing how effective she was with simple lighting.”

“She makes you want to run to your camera and put into practice what she showed in her course.”

If you haven’t seen this class yet, head over to Kelby Training and see what everyone is loving about Lindsay!

Kelby Media on YouTube
Did you know that we have a YouTube channel? It’s packed with full episodes of our free podcasts, promos for Kelby Training classes, lessons on Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4, and sessions from the Google+ Photographer’s Conference are still being added! Find it all at

Lightroom 4 Live
Coming soon to a city near you, Matt Kloskowski and the Lightroom 4 Live Tour! Check out the latest updates and features in Lightroom 4 that will make your images look great, save you time behind the computer, and get you back behind the camera creating more images. You can get all the info and dates at

And… Leave a comment for your chance to win a free ticket to the city of your choice!

The All New
Our friend and Kelby Training instructor Jeremy Cowart just launched his brand new website! It’s a new design, new work, new blog, and lots more info about Jeremy and all of his projects.

Head over to to check it out, and leave a comment for your chance to win a free copy of Jeremy’s Lifefinder DVD!

Last Week’s Winners
One-Year NAPP Membership
– David Wilkinson

Lightroom 4 Book
– Jim Diedrich

What’s New In CS6 DVD
– Daisy

Lightroom 4 Live Seminar
– Photomagic247

One Light, Two Light Seminar
– Michael Scott

That’s it for this week. Have a great Thursday!

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  1. Would love to go to the Houston Lightroom seminar.

  2. I would love to win that Lifefinder DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The DVD would be awesome

  4. DVDs!!! :-)

    Too bad you guys rarely come to Europe …

  5. A DVD would be great!!

  6. Jeremy’s new site is so awesome!
    Would love to have his DVD. :-)

  7. Hi Scott, thanks for your , I bought whole 3 parts and they reached me a lot, I also watched your DVD, I must say thank you because I am finally know how to use my DSLR and how to made photo more beautiful,hope  you will have show in China or Hongkong so I will here your class. Thanks.

  8. Lightroom Live in Lansing, MI please!

  9. I really hope to see the Lightroom 4 seminar come to Toronto at some point. 

  10. Put me down for a LifeFinder DVD, Brad!  I’ve already got my ticket to Matt’s Boston seminar. :-)


  11. Would love a copy of the Lifefinder DVD!

  12. I’d really love to win the LifeFinder DVD.  Thanks for the opportunity!

  13. Absolutely adore all the work of Jeremy Cowart, must have watched all his videos on Kelby training at least 5 times each…would LOVE a copy of LifeFinder DVD! (fingers crossed :D) 

  14. How about some Florida dates for the Lightroom 4 tour.  Or did I miss them.

  15. I would love any of the prizes.

  16. I would like the lifefinder dvd

  17. Enter me in for the DVD please.

  18. Free stuff Thursday is the best. I would love Fashion Flair Class

  19. You have to love Free Stuff Thursday! 

  20. Very cool, will definitely have to check out Lindsay’s class!! Free stuff Thurs!!~

  21. Free stuff = :-) . Sign me up for the  Fashion Flair Photography class. Thanks for the chance.

  22. I am still interested in seeing Matt when he comes to Boston.

  23. No Lightroom 4 seminar in my town, but the Litefinder DVD can go anywhere!

  24. Winning the Lifefinder DVD is good.

  25. yes, the dvd sounds good :)

  26. I thought Jeremy’s new site was great.  Lots of different facets to the man.   I also really liked the large photos on the home page.  His Lifefinder DVD would be much appreciated.

  27. Lifefinder DVD – Would be nice to have.

  28. I am going to check out your YouTube channel right now. Would love to win the DVD.

  29. Thanks for the chance to win Jeremy’s DVD– you rock! (and that’s my comment)

  30. Thanks for the one year NAPP membership! I’ve been a member for at least 7 years and consider NAPP an indispensable resource. The discounts really do “pay” for the membership and the education/training is top notch. Thanks again, you’ve made my week!

  31. Jeremy Cowart new website is great, not only the images, but layout is clean and easy to navigate. Put me in to win one of this DVD’s please! It would be great to learn from a master. 

  32. Lightroom 4 live in Boston would be great…

  33. Scott, you and your team are the best thing to hit Thursdays since 4-day weekends. Having written that down, it made much more sense in my head. In any event, thanks for putting out the free stuff each week.

  34. So San Diego anyone, or even Phoenix….. ones 2 hours away and the other 4 but i’ll drive to either…. just let us know when :) 

  35. Cowarts new site is awesome! 

  36. Got 6 months of NAPP free when I renewed. Thats almost as good as free stuff!

  37. Thank you, Scott for these Thursday posts!  And thank you for introducing me to Jeremy…I was so impressed with him as a photographer and as a person.  I’d love to see his Lifefinder DVD.

  38. I’d love to win a copy of the Lifefinder DVD!

  39. Jeremy’s new site looks great!  Wonder what the ap is going to be :D

  40. Lifefinder seeker here !  :)

    Nice stuff – good posts.

  41. free stuff thursday…yippee.

  42. Lifefinder will be mine :)

  43. Lightroom 4 tour in Boston please

  44. Life finder woul be a great gift.

  45. Lifefinder DVD as a prize would be great :-)

  46. I’ve never been to a Kelby seminar, I’d love to learn Lightroom from Matt in Boston!! Thanks!

  47. Thanks for these news :)

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