Dave Black’s Lightpainting: Illuminating Models
“Light will set you apart.” That’s what Dave Black said when I asked what advice he had for up and coming photographers a few months ago. Fittingly, he was in town to film his latest Kelby Training class, Lightpainting: Illuminating Models.

In his latest class, Dave walks you through the steps and technical details of lightpainting with people to help you avoid common mistakes and create unique, captivating images!

Photoshop World Las Vegas
Starting this Sunday, look out for the NAPP/Photoshop World “Big Bang Blowout Deals!” We can’t divulge too much yet, but we’ll have some great offers related to NAPP and Photoshop World Las Vegas.

Also, just in time for the 4th of July, we’ll be bringing back our Gimme 4! promotion, with four great registration offers for Photoshop World!

Joe McNally’s One Light, Two Light Tour
Look out Canada, the magical unicorn of lighting is invading! That’s right, Joe McNally is bringing his One Light, Two Light seminar tour to Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal next week.

Leave a comment for your chance to win a ticket to one of these seminars!

GoingPro with Scott Bourne & Skip Cohen – Coming To DVD!
For a limited time, you can pre-order GoingPro – The Podcasts with Scott Bourne and Skip Cohen for just $29.95 (plus $8.50 S&H)! Scott and Skip have put over 28 hours of their popular podcast with guests like Matthew Jordan Smith, Tamara Lackey, Joe Brady and more on DVD.

The DVD should be ready to ship on or before August 1. After the special intro price, it’ll be $49.95 (plus $8.50 S&H), so order your copy now! Or, leave a comment for your chance to win a free copy :)

Last Week’s Winners
These lucky five people won copies of Ben Willmore’s The Fine Art of Painting with Light:
- R. Ruiz
– Allen Butte
– Scott Purdin
– Marilyn Jeffers
-  Crangel02

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  1. Man, I wished I could win something….

  2. I can’t drive north to Canada, or West to WPPA….but I could surely watch a DVD!

  3. Wow the DVD would be amazing

  4. I’d be thrilled to death with Scott Bourne’s DVD… 

  5. Since I live in las Vegas where Scott Bourne is from and I watch a ton I would love the DVDs!!!

  6. Sure would love to win something!

  7. Free Stuff!! I like that.. :D

  8. Just starting to really get into photography.  I’m such a sponge right now.  I can’t stop reading anything I can get my hands on!  Would love to win something!

  9. Looking forward to the Photoshop World Deals!!

  10. I would love to win the goingpro dvd

  11. Just purchased a subscription and eager to learn about Painting with Light with Dave Black! thanks for all the good you do, Scott!

  12. I would love to win the Going Pro DVD. I loved the podcast and am regretting not downloading all of the episodes before they pulled the feed.

  13. Hey Scott, thanks for the great website and weekly prizes. Would love to attend Joe McNally’s seminar in Calgary. Cheers 

  14. Free stuff Thirsdays are awesome when you live out west and feel like you r getting a jump on the replies. Would love to see a copy come my way Brad. Cheers, Ed.

  15. A  magical unicorn in Vancouver… I’d love to see it!

  16. Winning the GoingPro set would be cool

  17. Brad, I want to win!!. Please.

  18. Although it’s a 3 hour drive, I’d love to attend Joe McNally’s seminar in Calgary next Wednesday. Thanks!

  19. Love what you are doing Scott!! I would love the GoingPro DVD.

  20. Loved the going pro podcast.

  21. Need to go pro. Been trying do so for a few years now. Maybe the DVD can give me the push I need

  22. I’d love to win… free stuff is always nice.

  23.  Going Pro DVD looks amazing !

  24. the goingpro dvd sounds good!

  25. Love to win the LightPainting series :)

  26. I like the idea of free stuff but I never win anything, persistence is one of strong points though. ask the wife. :D.

  27. Light painting is so much fun! Really makes you think about what you want to accomplish while shooting.

  28. Would love to see joe in van city!

  29. Would love the DVD! Greeting from Holland!

  30. Hi Scott, Would love the Going Pro DVD :)

  31. Would love to win the DVD!

  32. Would so love to win Dave Blacks DVD. Looks awesome!!!

  33. Great updates Brad.  I look forward to the Free Stuff Thursdays.

  34.  I already have my ticket to Joe McNally’s, One Light, Two Light’, seminar. My first such seminar from Kelby Training, won’t be my last. 

  35. Nice!! Would love to go see Joe in Toronto.

  36. Still likin’ free stuff!

  37. I would love to win tickets for Joe in Toronto! Pretty Please?

  38. I would love to go to Joe’s class next friday in Toronto if only I could win a ticket to go see him. 

  39. My dream of seeing Joe in Toronto…could be realized here!

  40. I would love to win the light painting seminar!! That’s a technique in lighting that I haven’t done yet.. So cool to learn how! 

  41. I want to win! All of these seminars sound fantastic!

  42. I don’t want to win this one, can’t get to Canada next week.

  43. These are some crazy cool giveaways.  Actually I would love to win something for my friend Nicky, whose husband is deployed right now in Afghanistan.  She lives in Vegas and it would be awesome if I could win her a free ticket to PSW!  So Lady Luck be friendly to me!

  44. Just want to thank Scott, Brad and Matt. I won a ticket to Matt’s Lightroom 4 Tour that was in Boston yesterday, had a great time, and learned a lot of new stuff. Thanks so much!!

  45. I never thought I would say, “I wish I lived in Canada”, but I guess I can wait for Joe McNally to come a little further south with his tour…

  46. Would love to see One Light, Two Light seminar in Toronto and really get to know my Nikon D300s DSL utilizing my Nikon SB600 flash. I really enjoyed your Cuba trip post and photos, hope you can post more photos of your trip.

  47. I’d like to go see Joe McNally in Toronto.

  48. oh wow!  I could really benefit from the GoingPro DVD!!  =)

  49. That funny, I was just thinking about that trend of ‘light painting’ that really got big in the 90’s.
    Remember the ‘HoseMaster’ light painting system?

  50. I’d love a chance to win a ticket to go see Joe McNally in Ottawa

  51. The Going Pro or Light Painting DVD would be awesome!

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  58. Just sending my prayers out to Dave Black that he doesn’t lose his home to the fire in Colorado. Enjoyed the light painting video.

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