Last week on ‘The Grid” (our weekly photography show), we had Joe McNally as our in-studio guest, and we had Joe do blind-critiques of portraits submitted by our viewers, and I have to say, I learned more about portrait photography in that one show that I have in a year.

People are absolutely raving about Joe’s critiques, as they were, hands down the most insightful, informative, and just plain brilliant I’ve ever seen. Period. I’m running the free broadcast right here, so if you really want to see portrait photography in a new light, you have got to watch this class. I promise, you will be amazed.

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Scott is a Photographer, bestselling Author, Host of "The Grid" weekly photography show; Editor of Photoshop User magazine; Lightroom Guy; CEO; struggling guitarist. Loves Classic Rock and his arch-enemy is Cilantro. Devoted husband, dad to two super awesome kids, and pro-level babysitter to two crazy doggos.


  1. That was one great show Scott, and he had brilliant insights for us – can’t wait to see Joe in Calgary next week. (I just want to know where you showed him the f-stop off switch in the camera menus…)  

  2. Great show, one of my favourite episodes hands down!!

  3. It was fantastic. Just a whole different way of seeing, totally challenged my perception of what I should be aiming for in a portrait. And Joe has such a nice way of giving feedback too. Make sure you lasso him next time he’s in town and get him back on the show!

    Really like your critique shows on The Grid, they’re so educational.

  4. I agree, Scott….hands down one of the best Grid episodes.  Joe has such a great style of teaching.


  5. Joe McNally  is the only photographer that I know of that can talk to you for 2-3 hours about what he wants from a photograph and then capture everything he just set out to do! I enjoy hearing him spill about pictures because he’s right. Great episode!

  6. Awesome episode, to mister Joe i take my imaginary classy hat off!

  7. Joe really had some great insights.  I was on Twitter commenting to @Mhedstrom:twitter during the show and we both agreed this was some of the best information we’d heard.  Joe didn’t club us over the head, but just revealed his lessons in a subtle way that let us peer into part of his creative mind.  Instead of discussing the technical aspects of working the gear, he showed us how our brains process a photo, revealing the power of shapes and other elements that we need to consider when creating our portraits. I suspect he’s going to be booked up for portfolio reviews at Photoshop World now.

  8. Wonderful show. It was helpful and informative to have Joe McNally be the one to criticize my portrait shots. For those who submit and don’t get chosen, keep trying. I’ve been submitting steadily for 6 or 8 months now.

    I’ve already shown this episode to several other folks.

    Thanks for the help in improving my photography!

  9. “Joe McNulty”?????  How can you introduce one of the most famous photographers on your show and get his name wrong???  Oh well, Joe didn’t seem to be bothered by it….

  10. Absolutely wonderful and inspiring, first time on this site and def. gonna sign up.

  11. Most impressive program. Joe McNally’s critiques are a master class in how to approach photography. That said, I think the photo of the man with a lamb got a bit shortchanged. Not only is the subject incredibly engaging, but look at the lighting! The balance achieved, the impact of showing the whole scene while never distracting from the central subject. Top-flight stuff.

  12. I agree! Wow Joe has such amazing, wonderful insights & good suggestions too. Truly a gifted critique’r

  13. Great show…the critiques were honest and informative. Joe reminds you to be more aware of what you are capturing…

  14. Great show. Learned so much, as always from Joe. It is amazing to see how fast experience can make you and also from someone with such a great eye and taste. Love Joe’s modesty and the fun you guys have together. Scott, love the way you speak for us all as fans when you do these sessions.

  15. If I knew about anything as much as Joe and Scott know about their trade, my head would explode! Excellent video!!

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