$50 Off Kelby Training Online — THIS WEEKEND ONLY Killer Deal!

Hi Gang: I asked our team for as good a deal as we’ve EVER offered on our annual online training subscription plan and this weekend only (until this Sunday night, July 1st at 12:00 Midnight ET), you can take $50.00 off.

That’s right — hundreds of online classes on Photoshop, Photography, Lightroom and Lighting taught by the best instructors in the world (from Joe McNally to Ben Willmore; from Joel Grimes to Cliff Mautner, from “The Photoshop Guys” to Jeremy Cowart and a who’s who of the industry’s best teachers), all for around .50¢ a class. That is just insane!!!

Here’s the link with all the details and where you can get started learning online.

Just use the code KTSKB712 at the checkout to subscribe for only $149.00.

Psst… Hey NAPP members… You still get an extra $20 off, so you can subscribe or renew for just $129.00!! Remember — this is one of  my blog’s “This weekend only deals” so….it’s for this weekend only! 

      1. I’m getting old and senile, plus I always wait up to post first…..never mind, I didn’t read it all. :)

  1. Thanks to everyone at NAPP! Mine expired last month and I was waiting for a good deal…I got a great one! I’m sure you knew that my birthday is this weekend…;-) no candles required.

  2. This is the best deal they offer on an incredible service.  You can bet I will be upping my membership for a year this weekend.  Almost crazy to not to at that price

  3. Hey Guys,
    This is a great deal.  I just watched Matt’s CS6 Camera Raw yesterday and was floored by what I learned. 
    I will renew my subscription later today.  This is like college-level classes at a fraction of the cost!
    Thanks a lot

  4. Wow, great deal!  I renewed a few weeks ago for $159 (with NAPP membership) and got your Lightroom 4 book thrown in for free.  This is really tempting for a renewal, but my wallet’s tapped out this month, after re-upping my NAPP membership for 2 years, and going to Matt’s LR4 class.  Best to stay out of the wife’s doghouse at this point! :-)   Thanks for the offer, Scott!  Maybe it will roll around again in the future.

    Have a great weekend.


  5. I´ve subscribed eleven months ago for 179 dolars, of course I´ve just renewed my subscription in advance in order to get this discount!

  6. I think all of these great classes is worth whatever price, especially since i dont have neither the time or opportunity to go to live workshops all over the world where a few of these instructors travel. :)
    Keep it up!

  7. Argh! Just missed it. Had a busy weekend and only noticed this while having breakfast on Monday. Was hoping we were 9 hours ahead of you in the UK but it must only be 8 or less and the code has expired.

  8. The longer you wait for deals at Kelby the sweeter they make the pot. #Fact Otherwise, just call and threaten to cancel. You’ll get whatever you want. LOL

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