If you missed seeing my “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it” tour live, today we have something very special to announce.

(NOTE: If you watch this one-minute long video above now, you can skip all the way down to the last lne of text for details). 

If you missed my “Light it, Shoot it, Retouch it” LIVE tour, you can now finally experience the entire seminar, from start to finish, and get the same tour workbook (in color no less), plus all freebies I gave out for attendees, starting today no matter where you live as we are making the day available as a digital download (just like you’d buy a movie online to download).

Although I was able to visit many major cities in the US, Canada, and even three cities in Europe, there were just so many places we didn’t get to visit with the tour. But now no matter where you are, you can attend the entire event, just as it happened, live from beginning to end. You’ll learn all the techniques, all the lighting, all the retouching, and you’ll absolutely have the best seat in the house, but at literally half the price.

We are SO excited to bring this to you our friends around the world —- our first-ever start-to-finish full day seminar available now anywhere you are.

Here’s the link to download the full digital seminar today (it’s just $49.99 US).

  1. Wow,what a great idea…offering up the complete seminar to the people that couldn’t attend it live. I had a blast at the very first one in Boston last year. I learned a lot and had a lot of laughs.

    Scott, I’m assuming this recording is from the last seminar in London, and has all the tweaks and suggestions from attendees of the previous seminars?

    Do you think this can be done for any of the other tours in the future?

    BTW, Matt’s LR4 class in Boston last week was excellent! I’ve started working on a photo book for the cruise I took with my wife last month (even took some food photos per your suggestion). :-)


  2. OK, I’m a dope… I should have watched the video before I posted. It answered my question on where it was shot. Still hope you do this for other tours!


    1. DP – the original three light It classes are still on Kelby Training, this is more the live concert version of the studio album. This time is Scott interacting with an audience which is what I think he does best which is why I’d like to see this. I missed the London seminar so it’d be great to see it ‘Live’ even though I’ve seen the original classes and got the book. Hey Scott, maybe make the seminar class notes from the seminar available online with a purchase ? :0)

      1. The Live version from Tampa was on kelby training for about 1 month ago. I watched about 1 hour of it and the next day it was removed, i am not talking about the other classes. I contacted kelby training why the class was removed and got the excuse that there was sound problems with the files and that they would come online once that was fixed.

    2. So sorry for the confusion — the class was posted by accident (totally our fault) — it was never intended to be a part of the Kelby Training Online subscription, which is why it was pulled down as soon as we realized it had been posted. The class production wasn’t finished when it was posted either, which is why it’s now just going live.

    3. So sorry for the confusion Dp. The class was posted by accident (totally our fault); it was never intended to be part of the Kelby Training Online Subscription, and as soon as we learned it had been posted, we immediately pulled it down. Also, the class wasn’t even ready for posting (the production had not been fully finished), which is why the class is just now going live, a month later. Again, my apologies for the screw up. 

      1. While I understand that the content is a “little more” than a typical Kelby Training class, so it makes sense that it’s an above and beyond deal — I do hope that this is a very unique case and not part of a new trend.  I’m hoping that the great quality we get on Kelby Training continues to come, and clases such as “Day in Paris with Jay Maisel” are still included with KT membership.

      2. I also got to watch only half of it before it was pulled. My inquiry to KT resulted in an email (4 days later) saying it was pulled due to “problems with the video” – no indication that it was never intended to . 

        Seems like the way to delight your customers (as your several rants about bad customer experience, e.g. Drobo, indicates is your standard) would be to put it back and chalk it up to making a good experience for your customers out of a mistake.
        Or at least make it free/discounted to those who attended one of the classes live (which I did). It would be great to have it for review. 

        If a training by Scott himself isn’t going to be made available on KT, then I’m starting to wonder what the criteria for the videos that are – only those you couldn’t sell otherwise? The ones that aren’t the best? I’d love to know the way those decisions are made so I can decide if I want to renew or just by ala carte when you get one you feel is good enough. (Not trying to be facetious, this is what this instance is making me feel).

    4. I agree with Dp1979dk. I was watching it and then poof it was gone. How could it be such an accident when it was advertised on the site for weeks in advance before it went live?

  3. Way to go Scott; great idea to have the tour available to everyone in this way.
    Just experiencing the reaction from the London audience shows how popular the tour was.

    Way to go!
    All the best to you,

  4. Is there a discount for NAPP members?  It seems to suggest that there is one.  When you select it, it ask you login to your account and see the special pricing, but the only pricing I see is the regular pricing…..

  5. Hi Scott Great idea is right.  I would love to see the Lightroom 4 tour with this.  That is the one I will not be able to get to.  I have seen you and Dave Cross live.  These seminars are awesome.

  6. When I followed a link it said click here to get NAPP memeber (and I guess Kelby Training) pricing – as a member of both I was a tiny bit disappointed that the price that came up 40,95 was exactly the same as the proce for non members? I don’t have a problem that it costs extra outside the memberships, but some discount for loyal customers, maybe?

  7. Thanks for making this available. I really wanted to attend the seminar and could not. The tour workbook is in BLACK & WHITE, not COLOR. There are NO FREEBIES either, unless they are emailed later. There is also no discount for NAPP members. I wish there was an option to have it on a disk instead of a 5GB download file. Considering everything I am still very happy with my purchase.

  8. Well, it is unfortunate that the video was released and then removed from KelbyTraining. I was one of the fortunate few who stumbled upon it before it was removed.

    Definitely worthwhile; I’ll be buying it so I can rematch. It’s worth the price, although the email that I got announcing it led to a link that did in fact suggest that there was a discount for NAPP members, which does not seem to be the case.

    A pretty rare gaff for KelbyTraining. Still a great value.

  9. As much as I enjoy my Kelby Training membership, I will not be renewing for reasons such as this. It seems more and more of his training is going above and beyond the membership fees.. Am I the only one that thinks that this should be included in a Kelby Training membership? Heck even someone in their production studio thinks so as they posted it temporarily on the site.. 

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